Sinclair Law

Hello Everyone! What a weekend we had in Brevard County! The bad storms came to an end on Sunday JUST in time for the Vietnam Vets Moving Wall Escort… This day was special to me because I got to drive down to Wickham Park IN THE Escort line for the first time!! Besides the motorcycles there were the Corvette Clubs and the JEEPS! I was honored to ride thru the streets and have people wave… Such a different perspective.

 Thank you to all the Law enforcement officers that worked so hard to keep us safe all the way down! THANK YOU! God Bless!

Met up with friends and chatted about the hail that fell 2 days in a row this weekend… Hope everyone made it thru with minimal damage… 

We will be back to the Wall festivities this week and we hope to see y’all supporting

 the people who made freedom possible… Our Veterans!

Enjoy. Valgal