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Well I have Chatted with many of my old Friends from Florida, since I left for Virginia 7 years ago. Val and Miserable George have been doing a great Job with Old School Biker Magazine.

But Drama beyond my control kept me from getting back to writing and Taking part in The Magazine World where I belong. Being a Parts Manager For a Used Harley Parts Store was fun. Doing Swap Meets and meeting Old Friends at Bike Shows in Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania was also part of a Previous Life of Back in the Old Country.

Well as Life tends to go full Circle 2 weeks ago I flew back to my roots. Dispensed the Drama that was bogging me down and now its back to doing Bike Shows and Parties UK Style.

Poole has a long History of being a Biker Town. With Poole Quay being a local haunt for Bikers as long as I can remember. Back in the 70’s Parking was reserved for British Bikes only, with Harley’s being the rare exception. Those foolish or brave to show up on Jap Bikes had there rides taking a drink in the Harbour.

Move forward 40 years very little has changed except now Bikers are a little more Tolerant and Know the Riders of Foreign Makes are more excepted though mostly park on the Other side of the Road for The Jolly Sailor & Lord Nelson lol.

Easter Sunday I took a stroll with a friend Sue (not sure why Wimmin of that name to have a crazy side but that’s another story). Down the Closed to traffic High St. Poole Quay. A great collection of Bikes were parked outside the infamous Harbour Biker Bars enjoying a few beers in the 60 degree afternoon Sun. Locals and Tourist’s walked there Dogs. With everyone enjoying friendly conversation good food, Beer and mixed drinks. A Biker Tradition World Wide.

Poole also has just started its Spring going through Summer its regular Tuesday Night Bike Night were Bikers take over the whole Quay which gets bigger as the Sun gets warmer. Bike Parking only as it should be for a £1.

Thursday Nights is Custom Car Night. Poole also is home to The Poole Pirates at Poole Speedway who race every Wednesday Night. With Greyhound Racing at the same Track 3 nights a week. With of course betting (Gambling) available.

My home Town of Poole in the Beautiful County of Dorset has Plenty Country side to ride an explore. The most famous Biker to have Ridden our fair County being T. E. Lawrence of Arabia who Sadly lost his life near his home on a Brough Superior at Clouds Hill, Bovingdon the home of The Royal Tank Regiment. He was Riding fast as we tend to do when some cyclist got in his way on the blind hill. As as happened way to many times another True Biker ,plus Military hero of the First War was lost.

So what has English Jim been up to. Well you can look forward my future stories in Old School Biker. Or for the More Adventurist of you. My good friend Pete and Guest of mine every year Bike Week in Daytona Own’s a B&B.

Come and join us for a full English Breakfast as we do have a good Laff every morning over a pot of tea & toast.

English Jim

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