RAT RODS at the IRON HORSE by Miserable George

       On Saturday, November 26, 2016, ValGal and I attended a big Rat Rod Showing at the good old Iron Horse Bar, in Ormond Beach…just north of Daytona proper…right on US # 1.

We arrived a bit early, and had an opportunity to chat with ace bike builder, Billy Lane. Hopefully, we’ll have more on Billy at a later date. We also had a chat with Willie Jones of Old School Chopper fame…good way to start the day, I’d say!!!

Anyway, before long, the old, sometimes rusty super powered heaps started to roll (roar) onto the grounds. Another show in the area was just ending, as Iron Horses’ show was beginning….(somebody did their homework!!)  The space around the old Daytona landmark was soon over-flowing with some of the most fantastic machines I have ever seen!!

The pictures will show you what I mean…! Hey…the sounds of a live band, the aroma of exotic fuels that powered  those beasts, a host of pretty girls, all added up to a pretty exciting couple of hours, roaming around some of the most unique machines that I’ve seen in quite awhile. We’re gonna keep our eyes open for the next show!!!

Miserable George

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CRITTER RUN 2016 by Miserable George

        November 20, 2016, dawned bright and clear…maybe a bit cool, but definitely a good day for a fairly long run…hey, nearly 100 sign-ins can’t be wrong!!!

Even after sign-in deadline, a fair amount of riders continued to show up for the ride, which began, of course, at the Brevard Co. Humane Society’s center out on Cox Rd., where I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Sunshine State…! Beautiful country setting, across from a large horse farm.

Safety was at an all-time high, as Patches was in charge out front, wielding her brand new, hand-held STOP sign…! You simply DO NOT argue with her…!!!  

Last stop this year, was Jenna’s  Breezeway, on Brevard Ave. in Cocoa Beach. Food, drinks, prizes, awards, all waited for the road-weary riders…!! A hot band out back, added to the fun and frolic, as did a bevy of beautiful babes.

It was a full day of pleasurable activities!! Our thanks to all the sponsors and organizers of this run, designed to help care for our homeless pets. Hey, we hope to see you at the next Critter Run…ride safe, and support our vets…

Miserable George         

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W.V. Penitentiary by Rev Al Paquette

When Sharon and I are on the road we seldom miss an opportunity to visit a  prison. Especially one that has great history to it.

We found out from one of the chaplains that this prison, which was built in 1866 and was closed in 1995, was open to the public for tours. So we just had to go and check it out. There has been some movies filmed in this place like  “Fools Parade” which stared Jimmy Stewart. The tour guide was very informative and  knowledgeable about the prison.

But as many of you know me I am not one to follow the crowd so I went off to places that was not on the tour. The funny part, there were two boys that were just as curious as me and they started to follow me. I guess they found an adult that was as mischievous as they were.

The creepy part was seeing the gallo where they used to hang  people.  The people from the local town would witness the hanging until one day they had a hanging and the guys head popped off.

Their claim to fame is that Charles  Manson’s mom was  incarcerated there for armed robbery. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

The tour guide told us the story of how an inmate walked into anther inmates cell and stabbing him 32 times and then he sat down and played his harmonica. They say at night you can hear the   harmonica   playing. They were getting ready for the Halloween tour.

I can’t imagine being in this place at night. We had a blast and I will say it was well worth the visit.

W.V. Penitentiary

By Rev. Al

Cruisin’ For St. Jude Run by Rev Al Paquette

Cruisin’ For St. Jude Run in Lake County is always a good time.

Today 250 plus bikers showed up to support the St Jude’s Children’s hospital. The ride had 7 stops with 125 miles total .  It ended at Gator HD in Leesburg.

Great food, bands ,bike show and bike games. Everyone was enjoying the awesome weather and the fantastic bands. I would say they really stepped it up a notch this year. The total was not in yet but by what I’m hearing it’s going to be between 15 and 20 K for the kids.

It was great seeing all the different patches hanging and laughing and enjoying the day. Can’t wait until next year.

Rev Al Paquette

Barefoot Designs – Artists Against Cancer at Jenna’s Breezeway

Barefoot Designs along with Forever Freedom Tattoo Club , Jenna’s Breezeway and Endless Summer Tattoo joined together to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

The event – Artist Against Cancer – was held on October 15th at Jenna’s Breezeway in Cocoa Beach.

Several local artists donated their work that was raffled off throughout the day in between the entertainment provided by local musicians Coastal Breed, Harvey Charles and the Red Dragons.

The live auction featured a custom painted electric guitar donated by Mark Longenecker, A custom painted surfboard done by Brian Marchand and a handcrafted surfboard table done by Bob Emerson of Naturally Wood.

There was fun for every one of all ages, Jenna had a special drink made up called Cancer sucks inside her bar, there were vendors lined up along the fence outside as well as a kids zone where the little ones had a chance to win all kinds of prizes.

When the event was over, they ended up sending the Children’s Cancer Research Fund a Check for $3000.00, and have already mailed another check for $400.00 more. It is not too late to donate; they still have shirts for $10.00 to get yours just email for more information.

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