Warlocks Brevard…38 Years Strong by Miserable George

I’ve been a “hang-around” at this Chapter for over 29 years now…I’ve watched it change, move to new quarters, lose Brothers, gain Brothers, and settle into the huge Clubhouse that it presently owns on SR 520 across from the Ford Dealer in Cocoa, Florida. On Sat., Feb. 15th., 2020, Brevard celebrated their 38th. year, along with the Annual Valentine’s Day Massacre!! Despite some sprinkles, a nice crowd rode in to help celebrate with food, cold ones, a hot juke box, and a bunch of even hotter ladies!! I was fortunate enough to meet up with several Brothers and Sisters whom I hadn’t seen for quite a few years.

I’d like to extend my thanks to the Brevard Chapter for all the help they extended when I was doing my free-lancing with several of the now-defunct (paper) Motorcycle publications…it certainly helped me get a good start!!

Please check out their events…you’ll thank me.

Good Luck Brothers…keep up the good work…

Miserable George

Drag Bike at the Broken Spoke – Daytona Bike Week 2017 by Miserable George

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BILLY LANE’S “SONS OF SPEED” Daytona Bike Week 2017 by Miserable George and ValGal


      I’ve always been a great fan of half-mile motorcycle racing…both dirt, and asphalt, but, I had never seen the old “Board Trackers”…

that is until Sat. Mar. 18, at New Smyrna Speedway, in Samsula, Fl. True, they didn’t run on the boards like back in the teens and twenties…BUT…they ran, on the asphalt at New Smyrna.

Although, the old board trackers ran at speeds in excess of 100MPH, the Sons of Speed machines clocked in at between 65 and 70 MPH, but, still gave the nearly packed house of avid fans, a very exciting day of racing!!

Yes, there were a few “first time gliches”, but, this is to be expected for an inaugural event. Despite some minor setbacks with the machines….EVERYONE was given an opportunity to get out on the track…much to the satisfaction of the fans…!!

Those bikes have a sound all their own; it kinda took ya back a few years, to the thrilling days of the Boarders..!! I was high up in the grand-stand, and, ValGal covered the pit area, so, we hope we’ve given you an interesting view of the event…as we saw it…!!

     Brittany Olsen…yes, a lady rider, was the over-all winner. Heat winners were: Billy Lane, Buzz Kanter, Brittany Olsen, and Shelly Rossmeyer. If I missed anyone, I ‘m sorry.

A big THANKS to Billy Lane and the Sons of Speed for a truly outstanding first-time event. Be careful out there…

Miserable George & ValGal

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Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show Bike Week Daytona 2017 by Miserable George and ValGal

     Someone made the statement that this was Willie’s biggest bike week crowd yet, and, I’m inclined to believe it!!

Motorcycles completely engulfed the Tropical Tattoo area, accented this year, by a brand new sign…the former one being taken out by a recent hurricane!!! As always, the fans and the custom bikes out front, became a sea of Bike Week magic, along with vendors, MANY pretty ladies, a few Rat Rods, and…Roadside Marty…doing his best to intimidate the babes, AND, he succeeded !!! All in the spirit of the occasion!!!

Around back…Big Rick and the Troublemakers were rockin, food vendors were busy, keeping the enthusiastic crowd well fed, and the beer girls were…well…BUSY!!!

Many clubs were well represented, as was a large Veteran’s Organization…so nice to see those men enjoying themselves.

Back out front, trophies were presented to all the bike show winners, by the beautiful Trophy Girls…whom, as always, were a sight to behold!!

Thanks to Willie Jones and all his fabulous staff for a job well done…AGAIN!!! Hey…ride safe, and support our Vets and Armed Forces everywhere!!

Miserable George & ValGal

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Lime Green Chopper

1993 Evo Sportster… Power Plant bored 20 over. all head work and machining was done by Wayne at Southern V-Twin.

The frame is a custom built frame I made using a led sled rear , I hand built the rest of the frame myself. I made a frame jig to build the frame on. It was a lot of long nights and crazy measuring to make sure it all came out dead on. All the welding i did myself.

I hand made just about everything on the bike. Handle bars, sissy bar, hand shifter and linkage, spacers, headlight bracket, motor mount these were all made from stainless steel which I fabricated, welded, then had polished from my friend Nickl.

The battery box, forward controls, bungs and fender mounting brackets, foot and passenger pegs I fabricated also. My friend Josh Miller laid  out the wiring. My friend Davey turned down my fork lowers and smoothed them out for me. And the awesome leather work on the seat by Mike Vasey.

I have gotta give mad props to Tom Colando at Rattlekan Kustoms for the killer paint, it came out sick, and Ian for the pin striping.

It has a 21 inch spoolie on front and a 16 old style star hub rear with a 180 on it.

It’s a true garage built death trap. Suicide shift, foot clutch, tiny ass handlebars, rear brake only.

It took me 4 years to build this thing from the ground up and gotta thank my wife for putting up with me during then.

All brand new upgraded charging system so she will run strong. Wiseco 20 over pistons and rings and a Daytona Twin Tech ignition .

The paint says ‘can u dig it’ on left of tank and ‘sucka’ on the right side. As my homage to the great movie the warriors, the bike itself is a tribute to all the great death traps from the NYC streets of the 70s.

I know it’s not an old bike, but she is 24 years old and one bad ass hipster killing sportster!

Putting her in your mag would be sweet!!!



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IMG 4538
IMG 4540
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IMG 4578
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ANNUAL TICO AIRSHOW…2017 by Miserable George

    This is an event I always look forward to every year, and especially, THIS year…it featured the U.S.Air Force Thunderbirds, plus a close-up look at two F-18C Hornets…what a performance!!!

Several stunt teams, and solo flyers, including WWII Corsair and P-51 Mustang….I call them the fighters that won WWII for US!!! If you were a flyer at heart…you could get a ride in a vintage biplane, or maybe a combat helicopter was more your style…an H-1 Huey, or maybe a Cobra gunship. Prices ranged from $85 all the way to $525…AND…the line was LONG, waiting to board!!

There also was a jet powered dragster, and several other drag racing cars…folks, the accent was on  SPEED, and NOISE!!!

Let’s not forget the Grand Old Lady…Miss Tico Belle, a D-Day veteran, C-47 transport, completely refurbished, and, FLYING!  

I was certainly glad for the courtesy carts, hauling folks back and forth from the parking area. I enjoy walking, but, there’s a limit…!

Lest I forget, there were some sky-divers there too. Several attractions for the little ones, and lots of food and drink vendors as well. The crowd was huge, and seemed to be enjoying every minute of the fabulous show…I know I did…!

Miserable George

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