Upsweep Bike Show…Last Resort by Miserable George

Under a very slight threat of rain, ValGal and I ventured to the Last Resort Bar in Harbor Oaks for their Upsweep Bike Show on Sat. Jan. 27, 2018.

I hadn’t been in the Last Resort for quite a spell, but, I can assure you all that it hasn’t lost any of its “old school” look and feel!!!

The pile of Jap Junk out back, may have gotten a bit larger, and a few more names may have been added to the rafters inside the bar room, but, other that that, it remains the way it was back in MY hey-day!!!  We did run into several old friends while there, among them it was a pleasure to see “OJ”, Orange John Marinelli, an old MC drag racing friend, and former national record holder!! Nice to see ol’ Puppy from Outlaw Biker magazine too!! Among the many hand-built motorcycles on display, were several really unique machines with features that I had never seen before…check out the pictures!!! All in all, it was a very enjoyable day, despite the slight drizzle that passed through. Oh yeah, got a damn good hamburger while we were there…thanks Val!!!!!!! Hey, cheer up…Bike Week is almost here!!! Ride safe, and remember our Vets!!!

Miserable George and ValGal

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Val’s View

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Waggin’ Wheels at Titusville Chrysler Jeep Dodge by ValGal

Weather warmed  up just in time for Titusville Chrysler Jeep Dodge to open their doors for the SPCA adoption event… They put on a really good car show for the spectators, cars of all kinds!  Tried to get Miserable George to take a brand new Challenger w/ a Hemi engine for a test drive… He shook his head and said NO, that’s how I ended up with THIS truck!… LOL Always love going places with my Dad.

This Dodge dealership has the kindest most helpful people working there…

I want to thank Danielle for going above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome… I WILL be back.

Valgal and Miserable George

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Remembering Danny Bell by Miserable George

I was quite shocked several weeks ago, when I saw a notice on the internet that a good friend of mine, Danny Bell, had passed away.  He was the Padre for the Melbourne Mob WMC Chapter, and was well liked by everyone, as was evident by the huge crowd that attended his Celebration of Life party on January 20, 2018, at the Mob club grounds. The large back field, used for parking, was completely filled up, as were the grounds surrounding the clubhouse. During the proceedings, several Brothers related stories concerning Danny, and daughter, Sybil gave an emotional talk about her Dad…very moving moments. Rounding out the event, was a tremendous food spread, music by DJ, Chuckles, a huge bonfire, and of course, rubbing elbows inside the clubhouse!! I’m sure Danny was smiling down on the whole event…you’ll be missed, my friend, may GOD rest your soul…

Miserable George

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Looking Back… Part I by Valgal

Hi everybody!… By now y’all should know who I am… I haven’t met everyone yet but I am trying… I have taken a HELL OF A LOT of pictures over the years, before and during my magazine career… We wanted everyone to see some of the photos that may not have ever made it to print…

There are a huge amount of memories contained in the following pages so be prepared to laugh… and cry.

I chose NOT to leave out some of the people who have passed away over the last few years, they are ALL important to our lives in some way. If some are missing it is because this is just the first volume of photos from the past… I have soooo many it will take a couple issues of the magazine to show them all… Some of these photos are Mine, some are my Dad’s (Miserable George) , Richard Reimel, Leslie Spencer and Marilyn Elmore… I sure hope y’all have as much fun looking at these as I did going back in time to gather them for you… Ride Safe  <3


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Holiday Fun at Lou’s Filling Station by Valgal

Well with 2017 gone and a new year ahead I hope by now all my readers have tried Lou’s Filling Station in Downtown Melbourne.  We have so much damn fun there it isn’t funny… The food is excellent and they also have a great selection of draft beers. The pork is smoked on premises by none other than JP, the resident smoke conductor.

Ya never know what you may run into when you visit Lou’s… one night we had a burning of the NFL junk… Yeah and we even made smores! Yummy.

Christmas was an awesome time with the gift exchange and karaoke fun with Tony Karaoke. And every year Lou drops the ‘BALL’,  The LFS version of the New Years Eve ball that drops in Time Square.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Lou’s make a day of it soon and keep your eyes open for poker runs and other events going on at Lou’s.


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Boycotting the NFL

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After about a week of frigid weather in our area, it got warm again, just in time for us to celebrate the big 62 for Harry Vigliano, (with wife Debbie), the owner of our favorite Biker Bar, H&D Roadhouse. The crowd was greeted by a live band, and one of the most fabulous spreads of Italian foods that I’ve seen in a long time!! As most people know, in this area, Harry is known for helping people in need, by providing a place for charitable events, fund raisers, and, poker run destinations…his hospitality knows no bounds!!! His expertise as a business man and host, has transformed a once failing establishment into an active, thriving place for fun and entertainment!! Plus, the large area out back, provides a pleasant, shady place to relax. Harry…you’re the MAN!!!! Happy Birthday, my friend, and may you have many, many, more!! I know Rachel was smiling down on your special day!! May GOD continue to bless you, sir…as well as Deb, and the entire staff…

Miserable George & ValGal

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Well, 2017 went out with a miserable cold spell, which did reduce the number of bikes on the road…maybe this was a good thing…considering…!!! This, not withstanding, a nice festive crowd gathered at H&D Roadhouse on Sunday night, Dec. 31st., to usher in 2018!! The live band, “Undercover”, whipped the revelers into dancin’ shape in no time at all, and, Harry whipped up some very tasty food to fuel up the crowd, and keep them going till the magic hour!! Out back, they got a nice bonfire going, to keep warm while watching the area fireworks. Finally, the count-down began…the magic hour was here…it was the long-awaited 2018!!! Everybody sipped free champagne, blew horns, and did the customary hugging and kissing. We sincerely hope that everyone has a happy and prosperous 2018…God Bless you all…

Miserable George, ValGal & JC

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