TOY RUN….2018 by Miserable George

Merritt Square Mall Starting point

Dec. 2, 2018 dawned bright and mostly clear…a bit cool in the early hours, but, warming up FAST…perfect riding weather. AND, ride they did…

well over 500 machines…laden with goodies for the less fortunate kids of Brevard County.

They assembled at Merritt Square Mall, right in front of Macy’s huge store…we thank you Macy’s for THAT!!! We made the rounds to the strains of some old-time country music, provided by a mobile DJ.

I left a few minutes ahead of the main body, to secure a spot along the route to the ending point…Post #1, just north of Titusville.

There was no police escort this year, so I had to capture increments of the column as it was broken up by traffic lights along the way. I got my shots from almost ½ mile away, with my long lens, on a high spot on 405 near US#1. The column came into view as it topped the 405 Draw Bridge.

Then, it was on to American Legion Post #1…! By the time I got there, the bikes were all parked…on just about every available square foot of property at #1…a fabulous sight indeed!!

Many vendors of all kinds, 2 live bands, Doc Holiday, and the friendliness of the staff at Post #1. Many toys were collected, so a bunch of kids will have a Merry Christmas!! There was an auction, and of course…the 50/50 drawing.

Folks, by this time, this old boy was bushed!! We’d like to offer our thanks to the entire staff of Post #1…you people are 2nd. to none, and to all the countless folks who pitched in. Special thanks go to Space Coast Motorcycle Alliance and Robin Bailey for a flawless day. Maybe this was “step #1” to getting things back to where they were in the “old days”. As long as we keep getting the cooperation we got on Toy Run Sunday this year…this event will thrive, as it certainly must, to keep our future leaders(the kids) happy.

We thank GOD for a safe day, and for the fabulous weather.

Hey, remember our vets and fighting men and women all over the world, and…stand up for your country!!!

GOD bless you all….
Miserable George & ValGal

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Space Coast Harley Davidson DIRT TRACK RACES by Miserable George

Sat., Dec. 1, 2018, was the inaugural race on Space Coast Harley Davidson’s brand new dirt racing course, situated just across from the main showroom and stage, on their huge venue off I.95 in Palm Bay.

There were 3 classes:
Kids (up to 100CC)
-Adults(100CC and above)
-and HD(Sportsters).

OK, not the classes that the hard-core dirt racers are familiar with, but, a good start for this competition. One stand-out, was an 8 year-old girl, named Ella Dreher, a member of the Dreher Racing Family. Hey, here’s a little girl with possibilities….that kid could RIDE!!

Yes, the racing area DOES need a few up-grades, and I’m sure these will come in time, but, the action today was loud and dusty, with a few spills, (nobody was hurt), and winners did receive trophies and other prizes. There was a regular “riders meeting”, the usual forms to sign, and, mandatory helmets, plus an ambulance standing by… I really enjoyed the competition.

Also on the grounds, were many vendors, bands, and a toy collection center, plus free food and drinks. Hey…something to keep an eye on folks…I’m gonna!!!

Race results:
1st. Avery Dreher,
2nd. Ella Dreher,
3rd. Carter Dreher….

1st. Richie K.,
2nd. Dustin,
3rd. Jim Smyth, and

1st. Chris Crash,
2nd. Franco,
3rd. Jack the Ripper.

Miserable George & ValGal

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Veteran’s Day at American Legion Post 1 by Valgal

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WARM-FULL-SAFE by Miserable George

……..National Veterans Homeless Support…protecting and aiding our Vets….

The weather for the 9th. Annual Warm-Full-Safe Run, could not have been better, helping to get over 200 riders on the road to aid our Veterans!! I caught up with a large group of the riders out at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, and I believe the scenery out there alone, was enough to really get them “spirited” for the ride ahead.  I returned home for a quick bite to eat, then on up to Post #1, just north of Titusville, on US#1, to capture the ending of the run.

I understand there was a minor mishap on the road, but, I was unable to get any details…hoping everyone was OK. The aroma of food cooking, plus the sounds of the Spanks Band, greeted me as I arrived, a witness to a huge throng of brothers and sisters…there to help the Homeless Vets, and help they did to the tune of over $10,000…well done folks!!! Door prizes, a raffle, and the 50/50 drawing, kind of rounded out the day. A big THANKS to all who contributed…you will not be forgotten!! GOD BLESS our Vets…and hey…Stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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Critter Run….2018 by Miserable George

Despite the “Cold Spell” that hit Brevard County recently, turn-out for the 2018 Critter Run was pretty good…they told me 91 riders signed up!!! Starting point  was the Brevard County Animal Shelter out on Cox Rd. Riders were asked to bring much needed supplies for our furry friends, and, that they did!!!

The run covered scenic Brevard Co. countrysides, and ended at H&D Roadhouse, SR 520, on Merritt Island.

By this time, the temps had risen a bit, and everyone was a lot more comfortable, ready to indulge in a drink or two, and some of Harry’s fabulous food. Live entertainment all day, by some of the Roadhouses’ best musicians…I even saw some people DANCING!!! Awards were presented to riders for first place(best hand), worst hand, and a mystery hand.

We certainly did miss Sally, but I believe she was watching from up there on the Golden Road…RIP, Sal.

Hey, remember our Vets, and, stand up for the U.S.A….

Miserable and ValGal

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H&D ROADHOUSE…BBQ NIGHT by Miserable George

OK folks…here’s an item to put on your calendar….every 3rd Saturday of the month, H&D Roadhouse, SR 520 on Merritt Island, right across from the Lincoln Dealer, will be having a BBQ Night. We popped in on Nov. 17, 2018, the Bullet Dodger’s Band was playing, people were eating, and having a ball…dancing, maybe a drink or two…a fun night. Give ‘em a call:321-449-1110…

Brevard’s BEST biker bar. Hey, ol’ Harry’s a pretty damn good cook!!! Maybe we’ll see YOU there, and snap yer picture!!!  

Ride safe…remember our Vets…GOD Bless America…

Miserable George

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WARBIRD AIR MUSEUM by Miserable George

Right next to Tyco Air Field, just south of Titusville, Fl., stands the Warbird Air Museum, which once a year, opens its doors for free, to all vets and Brevard County residents.

This year, I visited the Museum, which consists of a large gift shop, a huge room, filled with just about anything pertaining to military flight, from mess kits to parachutes, and boots to jet engines!!!PLUS, many actual aircraft, both jets and piston powered, including Tyco Belle, a DC-3 which participated in the Normandy Invasion…a REAL part of military history.

The restoration hanger now contains an F-14 Tomcat, being completely rebuilt, plus 2 small piston powered recon-type bi-planes. Over in the Nam era hanger, lives the queen of the skies…the mighty F-4 Phantom…! Plus several other Vietnam era fighters, and an array of models of everything you ever saw pertaining to military flight…very interesting. If you’d like to know something about any of the planes, there are personnel there who will answer all your questions! It was a very enjoyable visit. Food was available as were concessions for the kiddies…A few hours well spent…

Miserable George

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COCOA BEACH BIKER BASH by Miserable George and Valgal

I can hardly believe that it’s been 21 years for this event, held this year at the beautiful Sunset Waterfront Grill & Bar on SR 520, Cocoa Beach, FL.

Two live bands: Hypersona, and the SCHD All American Band, belted out some fabulous entertainment. Waterfront’s large parking area was soon filled with motorcycles, as one of the biggest crowds to date filed in for an evening of just plain FUN.

Many clubs were represented, including:WMC, Fallen Few, Spirit Riders, Dicipal Christians, Remnant Sons, Sinners, Enforcers, Sons of GOD, Legion Riders, Leathernecks, Armed Forces, and Dragon Slayers. Folks, if we missed any club…please forgive us, we tried our best to get them all.

This year’s event was for the benefit of Nana’s House, where Neglected, Abused, Needy, or Abandoned children are taken in and properly cared for.

Funding is all volunteer donations. For more information, and how to donate, call 321-724-5111…thank you…!!  

Later in the day, we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the Banana River. Speaking of “beautiful”…did I mention the ladies present…? WOW!!! Gotta thank them all, as well as WMC Cocoa Chapter, Tim Bishop, from SCHD, and all who helped make this years’ event a complete success. Nice little “after party” at the Cocoa CH after the Bash, to round out a perfect day. Ride Safe…

And don’t forget our Vets, and fighting men and women all over the world. Be proud…stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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JAZZY…at ROSCOE’S Chili Challenge by Miserable George

This little darling was helping with parking at one of Roscoe’s neighbors yards.

I said we’d love to feature her with a bike…she said…OK.

With all the running we, and she did, this was about all we could muster up. If anyone out there happens to know Jazzy, please tell her we did our best to get her a feature. She’s a Sweetheart!!!

Thanks to Chopper Dave for the use of his machine…