Boobs and more…by Valgal

Well I must say… I take lots of pictures… I put together some shots I have taken over the years of some pretty girls…

I hope y’all like em.  


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Road King VS Triumph Rocket 3 Touring by English Jim

Since I have Had the Rocket 3 Touring from the beginning of December I thought it was about time I stopped teasing Val and gave her a write up on it. As you can only tease wimmin for so long before you get in trouble anyway I digress.

I got hold of the good people at Riders of Bridgewater a short ride into the next county of Somerset(real cider country). I bought my first 2 Harleys from Riders 30 years ago and it would be interesting to compare the to bikes

Triumph originally was hoping to take on Harley with the Rocket 3 in America and styled the Touring model at The Road King.

Well Since I have been Riding Harleys for over 30 years now I can say there is no comparing the 2 Bikes easily. As they are both great Bikes in there own right especially the new Model I rode and pictured.

I have been Lusting after a Rocket 3 ever since Triumph introduced it in 04. Then I saw the Touring model at the Timonium Show in MD a few Years ago. That’s the one l want

Test Rode it at Destination Triumph near Southampton in November and picked up, rode it home on December 4th.

Unlike you lucky People in sunny Florida. England in December is cold an wet. But had a new toy and was happy.

First impressions is yes its big. Manhandling  it stationary and backing up was challenging lol. As any Rocket 3 owner will tell you. Especially if you have a crowd of gawkers.

Once underway it’s like riding a big pick up .with the comfort of a caddy and the parking style of a 1 ton dually.

Ok seat needs some fixing and a local sailing upholstery shop to chop and trim it. Ahh that’s better. Backing up was more pleasurable.

But a bit more was needed, after a call to Long standing Shock maker Hagon. Dave advised me they could custom make me a Shorter set with the correct clearance.

2 days later another parcel arrives out with the spanners and fixed. Rocket is now lowered and I sit low as I am used to

Now for the new Road King.I can honestly The New Road King is the best handling Harley I have ever ridden. Gavin at Riders set me up to go for a Ride with John on 117 cu Heritage and my Road king had the new 107 motor.

Well sitting on a Harley again was like meeting an old friend. We took off  and ficking though country roads at above legal speeds (70plus ish). The Road king acting like a FXR with lots of power on tap

Taking twisty roads at speed and braking hard. Very unharley like compared to my old Wide Glide. Plus felt like sitting on a sportster after the Rocket. Maybe should have taken out the Street Glide.

As you can tell by the side by side pics the Triumph is a tad bigger.

So how do they compare. The Triumph and The New Harley Road King are both great Touring Bikes. Handle Great ride comfortable over long distance with plenty of power.

Except With the Triumph you get a 2.3 Litre engine with 100 HP AND 152 ft lbs over torque at 2500 rpm.

The Rocket 3 Touring has 40 HP less than the Roadster or the Classic. Triumph did this but bumped up the Torque, which this Beastie lives on.

Was quite a learning curve as first you have to tame the beast to show it who’s Boss. Winter riding then lowering did that. Know the sun’s out with great riding weather I am have a ball Riding her

Want to stand out from the crowd at a Bike Show Ride a Triumph. Find a local dealer and take one for a Test Ride. I have rode the New Bonnie and Speedmaster. But more of that later.

English Jim

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Taunton Mag My first Bike Rally of the Year by English Jim

After leaving Riders and Back on my Beastie a short ride out of Bridgewater to Taunton MAG, short for Motorcycle Action Group. Run similar to ABATE. Was having their annual Party.

Motorcycle Clubs big and small have their events every weekend across the whole of UK.

With the diehards having a party in the middle of winter called the Dragon Rally, Brrrr in The Welsh Mountains.

Parked close the control as my last experience of a muddy field with the Rocket nearly ended badly.

OSB Press Pass fooled security but I did give a donation to MAG as they looked after my stuff. Not planning on staying I didn’t bring my tent or sleeping bag.

But as we know plans can change. who was I Kidding, Now I am at a real Fun Biker Party. Though the weatherman did predict doom and gloom. The sun was still shining. Life was good

One of the first Bikes I see was a beautiful Original Rocket 3. Made by BSA in 1971. For those in the know, Triumphs Triple was the Trident. But the new Triumph company stole the Rocket 3 name. Even BSA bought Triumph in the early 70’s that turned into NVT and finally went Tits up after the Meriden Strike. Causing the Closure of the old BSA Factory at Small Heath With our best Bikes going with it. The Norton Commando and the Latest T160 Trident.

But more on that sweet Rocket 3 later when I track down the owner

A walk around the campsite enjoying the view with around 200 bikes, Tents & riders from all over England with some Riding all the way from Germany and not a Trailer in sight (we don’t do that here) except for vendors of course.

Somerset is renown for its cider as is most of the west country down south. Very Alcoholic still and as smooth as apple Juice. Except it will hurt you!!!

This gives me a dilemma lol. I do likes me Cider, A nice young member of the Band then told me, No worries you can crash at my place ( not literally I hope). Dilemma solved.

This plan was working good till the good band was ready to kick in on stage. When young fellow confesses his sins that his ol lady was bent outa shape. Of not letting her in on the secret of having me as a House guest. Really and I wasn’t even starting to misbehave yet Honest.

Then before I could I put Plan B into action MAG had a nice leather couch in there spot, Hay I have slept in a lot worse, Think Miserable George might even have evidence of that stashed… grin grin.

The very kinda embarrassed lad offer to get me a Hotel B&B, how cool is that.

After a great party and very good Band. Video Editing to do, at drunk 30 had to mount the Beastie ride out of a Muddy field. Oh yea we had a good couple of Storms role in. Ride Back into Bridgewater hoping this place was still open if I could find it.

With my cell phone battery in the red a local drunk couple staggering back home helped me find the place.

Thanks to Taunton MAG for a Great time and taking care of this world traveling lunatic

English Jim

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Air Cleaner conversion Ram Air by English Jim

As the manual stated I need to Change the air filter at 20,000 miles. I looked online and found this kit. My options were simple for a few more $$ than stock I could go with a K&N drop in filter which is tried and true. Or alternative do away with all the plumbing under the tank and get a free tool box under the seat. Plus extra Horses only for a bit extra.

Then was a link to Youtube. Ah ha time for another Capt morgan and watch the video, Kit comes with easy instruction I am told

Ordered it straight from my phone and 2 days later postman is knocking at my door. Had it fitted later that day.

A picture says a thousands words as the old saying goes. So not going to bore ya with the step by step instructions.

Results are the Triumph Rocket 3 has more throttle response for an hours work with simple tools. Sounds great under acceleration . Plus no dealer costs of a ECU Tune. Run the Bike till the fan kicks in and run for another 12 minutes and it maps itself.

English Jim

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BIKE WEEK BABE at Willie’s by Miserable George

Just my opinion now, but of all the “special events” at Daytona’s Bike Week, I think Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show attracts the prettiest of the pretty when it comes to females.

While doing our “thing” there back in 2011, we noticed this lovely lady checking out the custom scoots, and, she agreed to pose with one of the machines. Getting these shots was NOT an easy task, because of how tightly the bikes are parked out front, but, she was game, so, we did it.  I kinda overlooked these shots down through the years, but came across them just today, and figured…hey…why not…?

I never did get her name, nor any data on the motorcycle, but thought our readers might enjoy the pictures.

So, through the process of spontaneous photography…here they are…!!!

Hey, ride safe, and stand up for your country…

Miserable George

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Benefit for JP at Lou’s Filling Station by Valgal

Although the weather was nasty for most of the day people STILL showed up at Lou’s Filling Station in Downtown Melbourne in support of a great friend…

On his way to see the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall a few weeks ago our friend JP was in an accident… While in the hospital for broken ribs he then got an infection and was moved to ICU with a lot of complications… He is still in ICU and in fear of losing a lot… We all came together, as biker families do, to see if we can help a brother out!

Awesome pulled pork and chicken done on the smoker for all to enjoy…  Raffle tickets and donations came pouring in to help!… Thank you to Lou for the food and fun…

JP we want to see you back in the backyard soon! GET BETTER WE MISS YOU!!!


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WMC-The MOB- Kids’ Benefit by Miserable George

Well, the Weatherman and the 4th. Annual Benefit for the Haven House For Children simply could not strike up a deal, as rain dominated the entire day, shutting down the Biker Games and the Bike Show. The PARTY however…DID go on…(as parties do!!)

A nice crowd gathered at the WMC south (the MOB)

clubhouse where a very tasty spread of food was available, as well as all the cold ones you wanted, plus a live band…Space Coast HD All-American Band, AND DJ…Chuckles..!

Did I mention food…ah yes, Sandra’s legendary chicken & dumplings, plus fried chicken, veggies, cake & cookies, salad…you name it!!!! There were door prizes, a silent auction, and of course, a 50/50. Too bad the competitive events didn’t happen, because I noticed some nice handmade trophies.

Despite the nasty weather, the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves, I know, I did!!! Ran into 3 old friends whom I hadn’t seen for quite a spell. Big THANKS to WMC(MOB) for doing their best, as they always do..! Mr. Weatherman….maybe NEXT time…OK…?

Hey, ride safe, and stand up for your country…

Miserable George

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One of the hardest things you will ever do is stop living life for yourself. No matter our trials, we all have a purpose and mine, well I have been blessed to have found it and it may not be what everyone may feel is purpose but I found mine when I was told in July 2017 that I had very aggressive stage 3 breast cancer.
After being on a bike trip to beautiful Eureka Springs Arkansas… I found a large lump in my right breast and by a couple of weeks was on hard chemotherapy. As I lost my long black hair, to being bald, being Apache it was part of me, part of my heritage, crawling from my bed to the bathroom 20 times a day for weeks, I begin to change. I was alone. No one to drive me, except for my best friend of almost 25 years who would come in from Colorado as much as she could to drive me. I begin to watch those that was taking treatments as well as myself… I could only pray for them. More than myself. Some I would walk in to give my big hello to only find they were no longer in my life and no longer on this earth. I still did not stop my love to them even knowing I may never see them again. It made for me what I was going through easier as I tried to help those also alone.
From a woman that rode almost daily trusted old Harley or my beautiful horses who are my only family to being in bed after 14 rounds of hard chemo then surgery onto 34 rounds of radiation. Depression definitely set in and I tried as I may to ride only to find out that would be my first bike wreck in my life of riding. So I had to rely on my trusted horses to give my medicine of therapy being upon their backs as if they knew that they had to take care of me. While I was down I meet four of the most amazing men that took on the battle of working on my 2001 Fatboy. I had always dreamed of having one of the most badass bikes that in my eyes was perfect. She got a new paint job new 20 in apes along with a beautiful custom one of a kind made just for me bobber seat with hand tooled work. Then to have custom paint job just for me as well for a ride I was wanting to take for my cancer ride after the aftermath of what I had just gone through. I could not have been more proud to ride a bike as this one. It was done just for me. I have found out that I have had to become a little more of a badass to ride her like I ride…lol which is alot. But I love her. Both my horses and my Harley saved my life.
My message to you brother and sisters is never ever give up on life. You take the good with the bad and ride this life the best you can. As I was told even though I am cancer free my type of cancer has a 90 percent chance of coming back. I made choices in life for myself to never take anything for granted. To love all you can. To care for those less fortunate. To smile even though you feel you can’t because it may changed the day of someone who may have wanted to give up. As I did myself. I am a loner and I have always been…. my given Indian name given to me  was Ba’cho.. which means wolf in apache…so therefore my name given is Lone Ba’cho…. so as I write this having just finished my cancer ride to Colorado mountains I will leave my favorite sayings …. Always stay humble and kind. Even the most hurt people can give more love than even imaginable.
Never give up on your dreams….

Stephanie Woolsey from Oklahoma
A special thank you to Nick Floyd owner of Nutbuster Cycle David Hanson with Hanobles Chop Shop Kustoms and Mick Eason with Inner City Customs
And my dear and best friend Barbara for being by my side through hell and back and never complained… I love you all

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A BENEFIT FOR RANDY PEPE by Miserable George

Although the Weatherman didn’t exactly cooperate with Jenna’s Breezeway on Sat. May 19th., a benefit for Randy Pepe went on as scheduled!!

Randy recently suffered a heart attack…

, and with no insurance, and now, no work, things got a bit tight. That’s when Jenna’s Breezeway stepped in to lend a hand, and organized a benefit party for Randy…(present with girlfriend Celeste).There were raffles, silent auction, 50/50, all the events to help him along.

Josh, the One-Man Entertainer started the show for the day, with other acts to follow.

Randy, by the way, is a former biker, who once owned 12 Harleys…!!! Unfortunately, due to a prior commitment, I had to leave early, but, I understand that

…the event was a smashing success!!

We certainly wish Randy and Celeste all the best…with friends like his…he can’t miss…!!

Miserable George

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Jerry Gayle’s 1961 Panhead by ValGal

Jerry Gayle’s 1961 Panhead

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