Bruno’s ’53 Pan Best of Show at Chop-A-Billy Show by Valgal

Turner Cycles Chop-A-Billy Bike Show by Valgal

Best Bagger-Joe Henley1
Best Bagger-Joe Henley2
Best Bobber-Miles1
Best Bobber-Miles2
Best Chopper- Shaun1
Best Chopper- Shaun2
Best Custom-Tim Banks1
Best Custom-Tim Banks2
Best Evo-Marcus1
Best Evo-Marcus2
Best of Show - Bruno
Best Panhead-Frank1
Best Panhead-Frank2
Best Rat-Cochise1
Best Rat-Cochise2
Best Rat-Cochise3
Best Shovelhead-Jack
Best Sportster-Gina 'Chckadee'1
Best Sportster-Gina 'Chckadee'2
Best Sportster-Gina 'Chckadee'3
IMG 6253
IMG 6256
IMG 6259
Poor Star Cloth pick Todd Duval.
Twisted Tea Choice- Pete


2019 has come and is almost gone already… Biketoberfest always means the beginning of fall… we here in Florida wish the weather would remember that…. Hot as Hell this year but at least it didn’t rain on us til late Friday night…

Turner’s Cycles had a GREAT turnout for their Chop-A-Billy Bike Show that OSB Magazine sponsored on Friday afternoon… Bruno Guillory took Best of Show with his 1953 Pan head… His beautiful bike will be featured this month in the web site issue AND in the next print copy!… Check out the pictures of all the winning bikes, like and share too… they worked hard on these bikes and it shows!… Thank you to everyone for showing your support for both Wendell Turner and Me (Valgal) we work hard to bring you the events and fun going on around Brevard county and surrounding areas…



US Military Vets Party by Valgal

US Military Vets… Another awesome party… Sorry these pictures are late… This day was a fabulous day… great people, loved the venue at Camp Holly on 192… We saw a snake enjoying the music… Thank you Twisted Minds Inc. for being our snake charmers !!! And Frank for saving the day… We look forward to next year!



Lake Poinsett Save the Boobies 2019 by Valgal

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month… Lake Poinsett in West Cocoa has a great poker run every year to help support the TATA’s… This year it was bigger than ever… I was told that over 200 bikes participated… My best friend Cherie came down from Pennsylvania to visit me and came along… She is a breast cancer survivor too!

Thank you all for showing up and spending time to help us save our favorite things! BOOBIES!!!



Leatherneck’s Annual Party by Miserable George

The weather on October 26, 2019, went from good, to bad, to worse, to thunderstorm, then, around 4PM, the clouds seemed to be breaking slightly, and I decided to boogie down to the Leatherneck’s CH on Forrest Ave. Well, the party was going, full swing…!!! The skies were actually clearing, the band, “Shovelhed” was playing, the ribs were on the BBQ…things looked good, and, they got better…no more rain all night long!!!The beautiful Elisha was washing bikes, and was busy all night long!!! There were games, drawings, etc…the usual…and the food was fantastic and yes…I did eat too much…couldn’t stop…those ribs were about the best I ever ate!! Pumpkin pie too, in keeping with the season!! As always, friendly Brothers, pretty girls, music, good food…the make-up of a damn good party…the Leatherneck’s had it all. Thank you Brothers for your hospitality…looking forward to the NEXT one!!!

Hey, stand up for your country, and, thank a vet today…without THEM, there would be no parties!!

GOD bless you all…

Miserable George

Biketoberfest with Twisted Minds at Cacklebery Campground by Valgal

This Biketoberfest has been the BEST I have ever attended… In a melancholy way I had the time of my life with my friends… Always the ones missing in my thoughts… But I have been adopted by FOUR young men that I now consider family… My Brothers from the band Twisted Minds, Inc. They somehow have been able to fill a hole in my heart I never thought would ever get full again, YET here they are, Jason, Chris, Rags and of course Jasper… You guys mean more to me than you will EVER KNOW… You constantly show your love for music and friends and family with every moment you are on stage. I will be up y’all’s ass on my birthday so just plan something fun for that fateful day and let’s make good memories… I love you TMI and their Queens with all my heart…. Here are some pictures of that fun night… ENJOY!


BIN 2019 10th Anniversary by Valgal

Another awesome year at the BIN 2019 10th Anniversary Party!… Ten years of helping bikers make ends meet during hard times! We love you Mama! The food was excellent and the weather was HOT!… 

Twisted Minds played the music we all love and was Awesome as always! Thank you to everyone that came and donated time and food for the pantry… Ya never know who will need them next…

Love Valgal… ENJOY!

If you want to donate… contact Mama here…

P.S. Everywhere I go thoughts of you will always follow… RIP Jay Grose <3




Margarita Mendez ARTIST

Margarita Mendez


Margarita Mendez is a Florida artist whose paintings celebrate biker culture, choppers, bike parts, motorcycles, bikers, female bikers, bikers and their dogs, bike aficionados, etc…

Considered “the biker world’s artist-in-residence,” by her peers,  her images are ubiquitous in biker clubhouses and garages, on motorcycle gas tanks, tattoos, and on T-shirts and other memorabilia associated with biker culture.

Margarita’s motorcycle paintings are often set against surreal backgrounds, and distorted skylines. Her colourful images celebrate the artistic beauty of a motorcycle and the freedom of the open road … Many of his images capture the ‘Easyrider’ ethos – speed, the open road, long flowing hair – freedom.” …And there is more to come from this prolific large scale and small scale painter and her endless fascination and inspiration of all that is MOTORCYCLE.

Born: May 10, 1967  Miami, Florida

Artworks: Oil Paintings and Mixed Media of Motorcycles, Motorcycle parts, Bikers, Abstract Motorcycles, Commissioned and Gallery pieces

Education: University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana   and School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois

Award: Fine Art Gallery Exhibitions


Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show by Miserable George

Like almost every other Chopper Show at Willie’s….the weather was perfect…maybe even a bit cooler…!!!  Our featured model of the day-Renea Hicks- was already hard at work when I got there, posing with a preselected bike, and, it seemed that every time you’d look at her, she had on a different outfit!!! Kudos to her….she worked super hard that day!! Usually, Biketoberfest features a slightly smaller crowd than Bike Week. Well, it started out that way, but as the day wore on, that crowd really grew!! As always too, lots of lovely ladies gracing the grounds in all sorts of eye-catching outfits, and speaking of “eye-catching” , our friend, Ellie, made the scene a little later in the day. Also on the grounds, were Dave Perewitz and daughter, Jody, holder of the womans’ motorcycle speed record…she raced at the Sons of Speed Races the following evening. We ran into “Orange John” Marinelli , former National Record holder in MC Drags, and lady drag racer Lily Padd…very exciting to see all these “fast” people!!! Rev. Al gave the invocation, and the awards for bike show winners were given out. Nice to see ol’ Roadside Marty again, AND, his Dad was there too. They also had a chopper in the competition. Oh yeah, I also ran into Lulu, my old boss!!! I tell ya….Willie runs one hell of a show…always the Thursday of Bike Week(s)…make it if you can. Nice to see all the Vets there again too…GOD BLESS ‘EM. Until next time…stand up for your country, and support our troops…God Bless America…

Miserable George