DADDY O’s Cars-Bikes-Jeeps by Miserable George

     This was the first of an annual event, and it happened on our first chilly night of the season, Oct. 30, 2020, at Daddy O’s Cafe, 722 West Ave…Cocoa, Fl…just off US#1.  Machines started filing in between 5 and 6 PM, and the crowd started to grow. This being the first event, things were kind of low key, however, there were several eye-catching hot rods and custom cars, and motorcycles. A little later in the evening, the High Road Jeeps came filing in with some really eye-catching machines as well. There was a DJ too, providing some popular tunes, and, if you got hungry, well, Daddy O’s was right there!! I believe that this is a show that’s gonna catch on…!!! Keep your eyes peeled…

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgals Pix-

Unchained Kings…4TH. Anniversary Party by Miserable George

     Under somewhat “iffy” skies, the crowd filed into the Unchained Kings CH on Coconut Dr., on Oct.24, 2020. As luck would have it, there was NO RAIN!!! A DJ kept the tunes coming, as the crowd steadily grew. Inside, a sexy barmaid kept the cold ones coming to help wash down some of the items in that huge food spread, including a 4th. Anniversary cake…and other sweet goodies. Outside, a game of Cornhole was in full swing, and a nice evening bonfire was being prepared. Folks, it was a nice evening get together, with several clubs being represented…oh yeah…babes too…!!! I always enjoy an evening at the “Kings”…you will too. Tell ‘em Old School Biker sent you…! Thanks Kings for your hospitality…!!!

Miserable George

Biketoberfest 2020-OH YEAH by Valgal

Well, I have to tell y’all this year’s Biketoberfest at Cacklebery/Cabbage Patch was the best I have been to in a long time!… Big Daddy and the other bands were awesome… I do know 2 other great Brevard County bands made the stage this year… Shovelhed and Twisted Minds (TMI)… We love to see our friends make it out of town to share their greatness all over!

Camping at Paco’s Corner this year was very quiet without the regulars to spice things up… BUT… over at Doby and Dawns campsite things were Rockin’ & Rollin’… Thank you Dawn B for breakfast and Dawn H. I wouldn’t have made it thru Friday night without that cup of coffee… I owe you one Girl!!

I tried to get to Destination Daytona on Saturday but couldn’t get NEAR the place… Drove by Iron Horse and it was the same thing so I turned right off US1 and went right back to Cacklebery… As usual I had no interest in going to ‘town’ since we are not welcome there anymore… Bikers picked Daytona years ago… we can pick another… Ride Safe Everybody!


Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show…Biketoberfest…2020 by Miserable George and Valgal

     Willie’s Tattoo did it again…another bang-up chopper show on October 15, 2020, and Man…it was hot…the show, AND the weather!! I wish Willie’s were on the opposite side of U.S.#1, so we wouldn’t get that brutal afternoon sun…! BUT, we survived…! The live band…Jacksonville Slim and Express Train were wailing all day in the back yard, and they attracted quite an audience!! There was food and drink back there, along with some large SHADE TREES!!! Lots of places to sit and relax, and maybe enjoy a slight breeze now and then. Plenty of vendors in that area too. Considering it was Biketoberfest, plus the on-going virus threat, the crowd was down a bit, making it easier to walk around and check out the custom machines. A bunch of beauties were judged and prizes awarded. I believe Willie has the winners’ names. Speaking of “beauties”…YES, plenty of beautiful ladies prancing around the grounds as well. Thanks Willie for yet another fabulous show at 825 S. Yonge St. in Ormond Beach…I NEVER miss this one…! Thanks too, to my daughter, ValGal, for all her help!! Thanks to the FWC Officer who administered first aid to my injured wrist…

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgal’s Pics


     What can we say about the weather…hey, it’s FLORIDA…! One minute, the sky is clear…next minute…it’s pouring!! That just about summed up the day…Oct. 10, 2020. But, I’d say we had mostly “not raining”…! The Spacecoast Leathernecks 16th. Annual can be termed a huge success..!! Many of the riders DID run through showers to get to the party…rain will NOT deter real bikers as was proven Oct. 10th. The fabulous band, “Twisted Minds, Inc.” rocked the place all day, stirring up some neat dancing performances among the girls, (and guys too)…!! On the west side, Elle and Kelly, the Bike Wash Girls, were busy all day long, as was Elisha, who was hawking tickets for gift baskets and(I believe) a 50/50 drawing later in the day. Inside, there were scads of good food and drink, as well as a massage person, AND, the AC was blasting too…nice!! Quite a few clubs were represented, I won’t try to name them, ‘cause I’d probably forget 1 or 2, and that’s not good. There were large canopies outside for rain and sun protection, and lots of places to sit. Hey, these guys have their act together!! All in all, a very enjoyable day. My thanks to the whole crew for a job well done…(as always)…!!! Looking forward to their NEXT event…

Miserable George & ValGal


On The Run with Valgal 9/15/2020

After being cooped up for months it sure was awesome to get out and about for a new bike night in the Central Brevard Co. area. The George & Dragon English Pub in Cocoa Village Florida had their first bike night on Tuesday.

Because it was such a great success they decided to keep doing it on the first Tuesday of the month… This place is awesome! A vendor food truck was there with some good food too! If you haven’t been there yet, stop in and have a brew and make sure to tell them I sent ya!…

Hypersona played music from 6-10pm and had everyone dancing to all KINDS of music, from rock to country, they sure have what it takes to keep people on the floor… EVEN ME!

So I hope to see you at George & Dragon next month! Keep your eyes open for a possible Red White & Blue bike show for the next awesome night!


US Military Vets 17th Annual by Valgal

What a great day this was… Hot as hell but the rain at least held off until it was over… After being stuck inside for MONTHS this event was a blessing for us bikers that have been cooped up for way too long… We got to see friends and celebrate and support an awesome group of gentlemen!!!

The band, Twisted Minds, Inc. was melting faces as only they can do! They kept us all singing along and dancing our butts off…

Meesh, Thank you for taking those pictures while I let off some stream… 

Thank you Jasper and all the band for making this an unforgettable day! I love you all so much!…WE ALL MISSED YOU!!! 

I am not sure where the pork bbq came from but it was the best I’ve had in a long time…

I even won a raffle prize! A beautiful wood carving plaque made by Tank aka Keith Salay, Sr. 

 Thank you to everyone for making this day a success…


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The HokaHey Motorcycle Challenge

Have you ever thought about doing a long distance ride?

Well The HokaHey Motorcycle Challenge started in Panama City Aug 9th with Dustin [Diesel]Arledge of Edgewater Florida  as one of the riders doing the 10,000 mile challenge with stops in New Mexico ,Vermont and back to Panama City in 10 days

He rode to raise money for the non profit Honor Our Veterans

 He is a retired USMC medically discharged due to injuries during his time in Afghanistan.

He was  given written directions when he  left  the start and without the help of GPS it was only Him, his bike and the open road.

This tested his fortitude and determination 

His goal was to raise 25,000 dollars for the Charity that helped him when he came back from Afghanistan.As part of the Challenge he did funding raising for his charity.

So he left on his Road Glide with everything he needed for this journey 

9 days and a few hours he returned to Panama City.

This is not a race but,out of all the riders he returned first winning the HokaHey Challenge this year.

So Sunday Aug 30th we Welcomed him home to the First Turn bar with a party.

 Many friends Supporters and Sponsors attended.

I attended the party with the Bad Apple Nation as one of his sponsors and had a little talk with Diesel .

So some of the things I wanted to know were,Where did you stay,what did you eat , how much time did you ride everyday.

Well he said you stop when you’re tired ,you sleep next to your bike and as far as food ,you eat whatever it takes to keep your energy level up.

His Average speed was somewhere around 58 miles per hour and riding some days 22 hours.a day.

A set of tires ,a full brake job and an oil change all done during the trip ,he still was the first across the finish line . All 1xbet promotional code offers come together with very important terms and conditions that are crucial for redeeming them. We have listed some of the most important ones for taking advantage of the promo code 1xbet welcome offer below. However, make sure to visit the brand’s website and find all the T&Cs there.Yes 1xbet is legal in India though, we have to say that both betting and gambling are illegal in this country. However, online betting is not regulated by law. For this reason, many offshore operators offer their services to Indian players. So just use the 1xbet code for registration and start betting.

If you would like to donate go to to help other Veterans for Honor our Veterans Charity 

Congrats to you Diesel see you on the road in the wind with your brothers from the Booze Fighters .

Robin Bailey

UNCHAINED KINGS…Breaking out…!!!!


     The weather on the evening of Aug. 29th. was gloomy, to say the least, however, there was only a brief splash of rain at the Unchained Kings official “Breakout Party” , held at their CH on Coconut Drive, in Cocoa, Fl. Ol’ 305 saw to it that there was plenty of music all night long, and the flashes of lightning seemed to add an “artistic” touch!!! There was a good crowd, eager to partake of the biggest food spread I’ve seen in quite awhile, plus a commemorative cake, artistically carved by ol’ 305 himself. Now, I’m not a “cake eater”…BUT…I was tempted!!! All the little “dumplings” prancing around the premises were tempting too….Oh my!!! I believe I was cooped up too long!!! It certainly was a FUN evening, and I wanna thank the KINGS for their on-going hospitality. Several other clubs including WMC were present as well. Take my advice….look in on the next KINGS event…Thanks again, Brothers…

Miserable George

MOB 19th Anniversary by ValGal

MOB 19th Anniversary

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