Alexis OSB Babe by Miserable George

Old School Biker Magazine’s 5th anniversary and US Military Vets MC Grand Opening by Valgal

Old School Biker Magazine’s 5th anniversary and US Military Vets MC Grand Opening of their clubhouse was a great success… We need to thank Everyone for coming to support our event… We had a little bike show to show our supporters we love them!… Best of Show went to Julius Carter, he also scored the oldest bike and farthest ridden…He had a 55 Panhead… That is one happy man right there… Rat bike went to Steve Hopkins, he had a nice shovel…Best Trike went to Krissy built by Duke’s Custom Bike Works. Awesome trike in my favorite color! PURPLE!!  Best paint went to Monkey (Sandra Coyer) for her cool red spooky artwork, Loved it! And finally People’s Choice was won by Geronimo (Mike) with his blue flames on white, beautiful bike! Look for all these bikes in the photos… Thank you all for having fun with us at our anniversary party!…  Next time I have a show it will be for awesome choppers like the one with the skulls… Thank you ALL!  

Thanks needs to also go out to Andi’s Law for their support… US Military Vets MC for providing us a place to rock the house with the awesome band SEED!… Thank you for the great music!

My friends and model… Brian Casavant, thank you for helping me set up and tear down, might drag you along more often… Thank you… And last but certainly not least our beautiful model/trophy girl Alexis, Thank you Doll for all your help! I sure will bring you along too next time I venture out!

We had such a great time this weekend… Nothing better than good food, good company and motorcycles… I love all of you, please ride safe and ENJOY!


PS… Honorable mention needs to go out to:

ALL of us at Old School Biker Magazine wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

SCMA Toy Run 2020 by ValGal and Miserable George

SCMA Toy Run 2020 was a great success!… Beautiful weather all day for this event…

Food was awesome and because of YOU some kids won’t go without this Christmas…

This year is going to be hard for everyone at the holidays so helping out is so important… Bikers ALWAYS have each others back when the going gets tough! I love all my friends, family and faithful followers…

Please enjoy these photos… We do it for YOU! 


National Veterans Homeless Support by Miserable George

     It was when a group realized how sad the holiday season could actually be for homeless veterans, that the NVHS was formed. Events such as today’s gathering at American Legion Post #1, just north of Titusville, Fl., helped to raise some of the funds needed to provide for these veterans.  There was a Poker Run, which ended at Post#1, where there was hot food  waiting, plus live entertainment by the TMI (Twisted Minds Inc.) Band. Also on the agenda, were raffles and an auction, which featured some pretty valuable merchandise, plus a 50/50. From what I could see, the sizable crowd was really enjoying themselves, while providing for the homeless vets. Post #1 provides its guests with a huge pavilion, plus a bar and tables, both inside and out…all this plus beautiful weather accounted for the large crowd. Want a fun day…? Keep your eyes peeled for the next event at Post #1…tell ‘em Old School Biker Magazine sent ya…

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgal’s Pics –

Biker Bash 2020 by Valgal

Great night spent at Brevard Warlocks for the annual Biker Bash. Weather seemed to hold off the wet stuff for the night which brought friends from all over.  I saw people I have not seen in many years which warms my heart.  Cheese burgers, pork, sausage and beans was just some of the food available, always good food! I hope everyone had a good time and ride safe y’all… ENJOY!


PRESTON…at Roscoe’s by Miserable George

     I was checking out the custom bikes under the tent, and this little honey said she’d like to pose….so we accommodated her. All I know is, her name is Preston, and she’s beautiful….enjoy!!!!

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE….#35 by Miserable George

     The weather for the BIG # 35 party was absolutely perfect…! My friends, Jay, Donny, and I rolled in about 10:45AM on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, and as always, got a perfect camping spot. Not too perfect for me, however…my new tent turned out to be too SMALL, but we managed. We got set up and kinda toured the grounds, which even on Thursday, were starting to fill up. All the food stands were operating, and if you were thirsty…well, that was available too!! Thursday was kinda quiet, however, Friday was a different story! It seemed that every time I looked at the front gate, there were several riders waiting to sign in. Over in the chili cooking area, Hank and the crew were already preparing ingredients for the big cook-out on the following day. Steve and his gang were getting the electronics all set for the bands and other stage activities. US…? Well, we toured the whole area looking for people we might know. We found them, and quite a few NEW friends. All this taking place under picture-perfect skies. Early evening saw the official welcoming ceremonies, with the presentation of the colors, and singing of the National Anthem…very moving indeed. May we never forget our men and women in the Armed Services, especially those who gave everything to preserve our country and our way of life. GOD bless them. Once the bands started, the crowd gathered in front of the stage and did what they always did…raised hell!!! Things were picking up for the many vendors who ringed the grounds. The ones I talked to, were doing OK. Saturday, I kinda slept in and missed the early morning activities, however, we made it in time for the biker games…weenie bite, slow races, etc. All events had little “twists” this year, which included topless ladies!!! Following that, it was time to eat CHILI, and eat they did! I believe all the cookers were cleaned out, with just a small portion left in Hank’s huge cauldron..!!  Some action in the Burn-out Pit, and the exciting Out-house Races, followed by the Mini-bike races rounded out  the heavy action for the day. Awards were  given out to the arm wrestlers, body painted babes, and chili cookers. Next, the show-girls did their thing up on stage, the bands started up again, people gathered in front of the stage, and the crazy partying commenced in full swing!!! It was good to see Roscoe out and about, and Pogo in his brand new kilt,  complete with all his service decorations…very impressive!!! I made the rounds, seeking out photo-opps, but was rapidly tiring out, which prompted me to curtail my activities for the day. Hey, I’m an old guy…gimme a break!!! As always, Roscoe’s hospitality was second to none. I thank his Son David, the entire crew,  and the GOOD LORD above for the fantastic weather!! We hope to do it all over again next year.

Miserable George…Old School Biker Magazine

DADDY O’s Cars-Bikes-Jeeps by Miserable George

     This was the first of an annual event, and it happened on our first chilly night of the season, Oct. 30, 2020, at Daddy O’s Cafe, 722 West Ave…Cocoa, Fl…just off US#1.  Machines started filing in between 5 and 6 PM, and the crowd started to grow. This being the first event, things were kind of low key, however, there were several eye-catching hot rods and custom cars, and motorcycles. A little later in the evening, the High Road Jeeps came filing in with some really eye-catching machines as well. There was a DJ too, providing some popular tunes, and, if you got hungry, well, Daddy O’s was right there!! I believe that this is a show that’s gonna catch on…!!! Keep your eyes peeled…

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgals Pix-

Unchained Kings…4TH. Anniversary Party by Miserable George

     Under somewhat “iffy” skies, the crowd filed into the Unchained Kings CH on Coconut Dr., on Oct.24, 2020. As luck would have it, there was NO RAIN!!! A DJ kept the tunes coming, as the crowd steadily grew. Inside, a sexy barmaid kept the cold ones coming to help wash down some of the items in that huge food spread, including a 4th. Anniversary cake…and other sweet goodies. Outside, a game of Cornhole was in full swing, and a nice evening bonfire was being prepared. Folks, it was a nice evening get together, with several clubs being represented…oh yeah…babes too…!!! I always enjoy an evening at the “Kings”…you will too. Tell ‘em Old School Biker sent you…! Thanks Kings for your hospitality…!!!

Miserable George