Man, I tell ya, the weather on Feb. 27, was perfect for a car show, and there was a really good one on the grounds of the Valiant Air Command just beside Tico Airport. Plenty of real classics to drool over, with a scattering of military jet aircraft and prop jobs as well. There were food stands and two old school DJ’s playing songs I haven’t heard for quite awhile. Never did get their names…sorry. There was activity on the North-South runway at Tico too…something else to pique your interest. It really was a fun time, but this old guy can only hustle around for…not too long a time!!!!! It’s always an interesting visit at Valiant Air Command museum too…which we did…!!! Stand up for your country, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George

POST 359 BIKE DAY AT THE TIKI by Miserable George

     Under very cloudy skies, I rolled in to Post 359 at my usual time, and had to really scrounge around for a parking spot…I tell ya folks…the place was JAMMED!!

The band, “Hypersona” was wailing away, folks were dancing, and several people told me…”Check out the chick with the purple hair”…so, I did, and you can see the rather pleasant results…!! The food area was crowded, as were the 2 bars…one at each end of the huge Tiki Patio Deck..!!

The rain held off till around 3:30, but then, we got dumped on!! It moved out about 45 minutes later. There was a drawing for a Booze Basket, and of course, the 50/50, of which a large portion was donated back to 359. Folks, it was a fabulous day among friends!! The membership drive is in full swing, so, think about THAT!!!

Thank a VET today, stand up for your country, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA..!!

Yeah, this old man is thankful to live in a country like the U.S.A….!!!

Miserable George

PROJECT VET RELIEF by Miserable George

      We finally caught a warm day on Jan. 31, 2021 for the Project Vet Relief, held at American Legion Post 359 on US#1, just north of Cocoa, Fl. When I arrived, there was a LONG line at the food table, a hot combo was playing, folks were dancing, and it had all the promises of  a pretty successful event. Hot food…cold drinks…and a bunch of attractive ladies added to that promise..! The raffle tickets for the customized AR-15 were SOLD OUT…!!! Motorcycle activity in the main parking area was hot all day long, with several well known clubs represented. I hadn’t been out much because of the COLD weather, so, this party felt GOOD!!! Nice to bump into several old friends too. All in all, a pleasant way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for more up-coming events at 359. Stand up for your country, thank a vet, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

Brent in the beginning…

I would like to introduce a good friend of mine… Brent Dwyer, he is an up and coming bike builder… Keep your eyes on him, he is learning from some REAL old school men…


So I kinda like motorcycles .I’m guessing you do also or you wouldn’t be reading this..I won’t take up a bunch of your time so I’ll get straight to the point… BUILDING MOTORCYCLES! Really is there anything else ? Shhhhh don’t say a big ass cause that’s a given….

One of my very best friends Valgal gave me an opportunity to Introduce you to my long bike build so that’s what you’re gonna get to read about right here in Old School Biker mag… each month from now till the bikes finished. ..

I had built a 1970 ironhead years ago that was stretched 4″ with 40 deg rake and 15 over front end…I always dug the way it looked and wanted another long bike in my stable so when RoadSide marty told me he had a title ,frame ,trans and motor 1976 .That needed a good home.I said the time is now…..

I quickly flipped a motor I had stashed away and me n Gus were off to Pensacola to get the pile marty had for me..I had been stashing parts for just such a build for years..A 21″ round spoke spool invader along with a 25″ over springer ..I was off to a good start..I got an old OEM star hub and laced it to a 18″ NOS Dixie rim..Wrapped in a 400 Champion tire … We’re gonna use a Knucklehead oil tank and the reason why will be revealed in the next few months. Internal throttle and riser less bars , foot clutch and foot breaks because in my worthless opinion no chopper should have clutter on the handlebars. We have already started divorcing the rockers and hand shaping the heads..This will be a complete motor build from the crank pin up and were going to be doing all the machine work right here in the garage..Matter of fact other than paint and chrome were going to be doing all the work ourselves.. Custom controls, frenched in seat, tank and tail light..

We’re going to be hardtailing the OEM frame then stretching and raking it..We will be showing you how to rebuild a motor from the pin up and a complete 4 speed tear down and rebuild. Maybe we will even get into making a glass pan for your ass and some pipe building 101..Short story, stay tuned each month to see the progress and share in learning some cool shit along with me from the grandmaster himself Gus Karnes.

Thank u you Val and everyone else at OSB for all the love .. 

Till next month beat pavement and remind your friends how much you value them..

Kisses fuckers.

We Love You Teppi by Valgal

We Love You Teppi… American Legion Post 117 in Palm Bay graciously allowed their post to be used for the benefit for our close friend Teppi who is fighting C AGAIN!

Prayers sent out for her!..

If you want to donate to this benefit contact me and I will see she gets the donation! 


ANIMAL…..A PATCH BURNING by Miserable George

     January 16, 2021 was a sad day…it was the day that the Warlock MC burned yet another patch of a departed Brother…this time, Animal…taken from us in a motorcycle accident. But, as they say…he died doing what he loved.

The Melbourne Mob  hosted what I believe was their biggest crowd ever for the burning of a huge cross, crested with Animal’s patch. It being a very chilly evening, the fire DID provide some much needed warmth. Brothers attended from far and wide, despite the weather. There was a lot of fabulous food and drink, and recorded music, thanks to our friend, Chuckles.

Brothers, friends, all you people who ride…please be careful out there, and, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

George & Dragon English Pub’s Bike Night by Valgal

Let’s welcome The George & Dragon English Pub to OSB’s list of GREAT Advertisers… Their bike night is the 3rd Tuesday of the month… Great bands, corn hole and a food truck to keep everyone full and happy!…

This month they had a prize for the best bike there! $250 went to Danielle for her ‘92 teal and cream beauty… A gift from her Daddy, may he RIP. 

We look forward to seeing a bigger crowd next month! It will be close to my birthday! We will come up with something special for Valentine’s Day!…

Ride Safe ENJOY! 


WARLOCKS of BREVARD…38th. Anniversary

     Thirty-eight years may not sound like too large a number, however, for some of us, that’s over half a lifetime, and for this span of time, the Warlocks of Brevard have existed. They have progressed from a small clubhouse in the West Cocoa area, to a huge complex near downtown Cocoa, on SR 520, and it was here that they, along with many of their friends gathered on Jan. 9, 2021 to celebrate. It was a COLD night, but a fire outside near the cooking area made it a bit more bearable, while inside, hot food and cold drinks hit the spot!! As with every organization, there were sad times along with the happy ones, but the club along with their friends, perciviered and progressed to where they are today. Their several major events during the year provide entertainment and times for nostalgia for their many friends…myself included. Meeting newer members, and remembering those departed…all part of the “plan”…It’s been an enlightening 38 years, and OSB Magazine wishes the WARLOCKS of Brevard all the best in the coming years.

Miserable George