CRITTER RUN…2021 by Miserable George

I’d say the weather for the 2021 Critter Run couldn’t have been more perfect…! We missed the sign-up activities, because Val and I each thought the other was gonna be THERE!!! Sorry folks, dodo happens…!!! Anyway, we WERE at H&D Roadhouse where the run ended!!! I was told that there were 40 riders in the run…we were hoping for more, but, ya can’t win ‘em all…! The winner donated the money back to the Humane Society…thank you so much!!!! H&D owner, Harry Vigliano was awarded a plaque for all the help he has given to this run down through the years…Harry…you’re the BEST. Inside, there was a nice selection of food available, plus, of course, cool ones and more!!!! The H&D House Band…( that’s what I call it) was playing out back on the new stage, and as always, they sounded pretty good!!!  I’d like to personally thank everyone who wished me a “Happy Birthday”…I am officially STOPPING counting birthdays….You do that when you reach my age…!!!

It was a fun day at H&D Roadhouse…best biker bar in Brevard!!!

Thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS you all!!!!

Miserable George

Leesburg BikeFest 2021 by Valgal

Well, I had hundreds of pictures to go thru for Leesburg BikeFest so I picked the best of the best and split the stories up to feature some of the bands. I got some great shots!…

Leesburg this year was AWESOME!!! First thing I need to do is Thank Emily Cook for all her help getting me out there and shooting all weekend… Loves you Girlie!

The weather wanted to be an issue but it turned out to be a pretty nice weekend, Coldish but it IS November.

Met alot of nice people this year. Lots of friends from Brevard came out to enjoy the music, and there was LOTS of music! Funny how you drive 2-3 hours from home to party in another town and end up with your friends from HOME 😀 We had an awesome time !!!  Shout out to SANITY JEWELRY… THANK YOU for the boot knife!

May be an image of knife and saddle-stitched leather

It is AWESOME! GO TO SANITY for all your knife and jewelry needs,

WELL worth it! Please ENJOY the pictures!



     Sat. night, Nov. 13, was “iffy” to say the least. A blob of rain patches blew in about 5PM, BUT, the weatherman said…”not to worry, the rain would pass by.” AND…it actually did, so by around 6PM, starting time for the Unchained Kings’ Fifth Year party, the skies actually started to clear, and bikers started to funnel in to the grounds. I grabbed some of the huge pile of food that they had, and then settled in to do what I do…grab some pictures of the growing crowd. Lots of Brothers, and of course, a bunch of ladies too!! A fire was built to ward off the evening chill, there was recorded music, and, food and drink was available all evening. They set up a burn-out contest, and a slow race…we were unable to capture the slow race because of the darkness. Winners got trophies. As the skies cleared, more riders arrived…the crowd grew  and everyone had a ball. This old man got tired and weary, and left for home about 10:30PM or so. My thanks to the Kings for their un-ending hospitality.  Great bunch of people!!!!  

Hey, ride safe, and thank a VET today!!!

Miserable George

2021 Biker Bash by Valgal

Well the first thing I have to say about this great event for Nana’s House is… IT WAS COLD AF!!! And I bet y’all agreed LOL… Besides the chill in the air, the night was a great success!… As of now over 11K has been raised!  Loved seeing the brothers get together to support such a great cause, all proceeds go to Nana’s House. Ask Big John if you missed the bash but still want to donate to a good cause!… 

The music was awesome!  Of course with Frank O.G playing you KNOW it’s gonna be good!! Thank you to DCF~Dakota, Chris and Frank.

We look forward to this event every year! Next year will be EPIC! Maybe I will even do a Club bike bike show LOL… who knows but you can bet I will be there! See y’all then!

ML&R If you want copies of certain shots let me know by text or call…

Valgal 321-525-0307


November Bike Day at American Legion Post 359 by Valgal

With Miserable George at Roscoe’s y’all were stuck with me this month LOL… I LOVE BIKE DAY!!! The weather was a little chilly but WAY better than melting in the heat… The band was awesome as always, Thank you ! Food ran out quickly and I missed my cheeseburger! Love them…

Please visit American Legion Post 359 when you are in the area… GREAT group of people… See y’all next Bike Day!!