Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Bike Show 2022

     ValGal and I drove in the rain nearly all the way to Chopper Time at Willie’s on Thursday morning, March 10, 2022. When we pulled into the huge Publix parking lot, there were patches of blue sky showing, and the rain had stopped. It was the first time I had ever seen that big parking area….FULL UP…!!! 

Missed my friend, Jackman, he was not able to make it this time, so I went right to work…solo. Just after 1PM, the breeze turned cold, dark clouds formed up, and the rain returned…not heavy, but, things did NOT look good, so Val and I decided to call it a day…!!!

On our drive to Pappas Restaurant, the sky opened up…nasty…!! We had our traditional Bike Week supper, (Val treated), and headed for home in off and on showers all the way…!

But, it was a fun day…tremendous crowd at Willie’s, many good pictures!!! Ran into Billy Lane…that’s always nice!

Hey, see ya all next time…

Miserable & ValGal

Miserable George’s Pics

Valgal’s Pix

Walking the Pits with Valgal at Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed!

What a beautiful day THIS turned out to be… I missed the motorcycle world lately and had to just get away from reality and hit this event! As most of you know I love ‘old school’ everything so I sure was feeling at home at Billy’s race today…
Thank you Daddy for getting me out of my head for a while I needed it! I hope y’all enjoy my take on the day 😀



Billy Lane’s SONS OF SPEED…BIKE WEEK-2022 by Miserable George

Well, I gotta say one thing, the weather at New Smyrna Beach Speedway on 3-5-22, was picture perfect for Billy Lane’s SONS OF SPEED, and when chief flagman Bubba Blackwell dropped the green…well, the action just never stopped…!!! It took over 15 heats to reach the finals, which were run after a short breather for both fans and racers.

Plenty of food and drink was available to the rear of the grandstands.

The finals were, as always, pretty exciting. Watching those old machines run the way they do, gets you wondering just how well they were designed and built…!!! Several of them were 100 years old…!!!! I’m wondering if today’s machines will last THAT long…???

Anyway, the:

Hot 45 class was won by #13, E-Bay Jake,

stock 45 …won by #26,

Stock 61, won by Michael Lang,#25,

Hot 61, won by (who else)…E-Bay Jake,

and the Singles class by #46…check me on that one. One rider in the 45 Class went down on the 4th. Turn…he also had the #13.

All in all, it was an exciting day at the races. ValGal covered the pit action, and I stayed high up in the grandstand…gettin’ too old to wander in the pit area all day…Val did a fabulous job.

Thanks to Billy Lane and the whole crew for their hospitality…hope to see ya next time..!!!

Miserable George & ValGal…Old School Biker Magazine

Beaver Bar FUN! by Valgal

I can not describe how much FUN it is to go and see your friends play music at such an awesome bar and event! Twisted Minds has done it AGAIN! Their show at the Beaver Bar after Midwest Cycles bike show was EPIC!!!  I managed to get a few bikes shot from the show!  The people were leaving the show only to pass MORE people coming IN to see Twisted Minds, Inc.! 

We here in Brevard County are so proud to share with you our Twisted Minds,Inc with you… They make family everywhere they go! Please go see them if you come to Cacklebery Campground this Bike Week They will also be at the Beaver Bar in Myrtle Beach Bike Rally! Make sure to stop in and tell them OSB sent ya! ENJOY! 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from TMI!