Publishers Note to Preview Issue February 2015

Hello, and welcome to our preview issue of Old School Biker Magazine.

Miserable George and his daughter Valgal have been on the motorcycle scene for decades, with Valerie literally growing up in the lifestyle. (Well, growing up may be the wrong phrase, but she has been here all her life!) Recent changes in circumstance and technology have made it possible for them to start this magazine, that hopefu lly, will give them their own voice in the community that they love so much.

We hope that OSB Magazine can provide several things
for the biker community.

First and foremost of course are the pictures that George and Valerie capture at so many great events.

Second, we want to bring you news and stories that matter to you, providing actual information that you can use and enjoy, not just a collection of pictures and ads. (so please drop us an email and let us know what you want to see/hear)

Third we want to let you know about upcoming local and national events. We have lots of other great ideas, too many to list here, that we plan to develop into monthly features for our readers.

george(Miserable) George Guignet has been photographing and reporting the
biker world for decades and his work
has appeared in national and local biker magazines, on book covers, and even on TV. It just doesn’t get any more old school than George.
Hell, he still rides the shovel that he bought new back in ’81!

Miserable George













ValGal (then and now!)

Valerie (Valgal) Guignet was brought up right here in the lifestyle, and is old school biker right down to her road rash! She has followed in George’s footsteps and has worked as a studio photographer for many years, and in recent years, her event photos have
appeared in local and national magazines.





This is our preview issue, SO please forgive us a few typos and the fact that we may be a little rough around the edges. The new tech that I mentioned above has allowed us to publish this digital edition. Testing is going forward, so be prepared for some changes as we refine this and try to find the best system for us, and a system that is the most enjoyable for you, the reader.

George and Valerie are going to be “On the Run” in the east central Florida area with their cameras clicking, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

We also plan to cover stories from around the country (world?) so if you have pictures/stories/news for us, please send it in. We will let the magazine design itself around our readers submissions, so send those pictures and stories and let’s see where this thing goes.

Filling OSB Magazine with pictures is great, but we want to give you more than just a five minute stack of pictures. Plans are in the works for a builder feature each month with pics and details on bikes and builders who have that old school style. Other features will include “Biker Girl” of the month, tips, interviews with people prominent in our community, routes, trips, weapons, bars and restaurants. There may be more, there may be less, it will all depend on you, so please let us know what works for you and what doesn’t.

We have set up a Google calendar and we will be providing EDIT access to it for any group, club, business or organization that wants to add their events to our calendar. lt will be in the magazine and also available on our website, so contact us and let us know that you want to post your events and we will set you up as an admin on the calendar. This may also help you plan your event on days that don ‘t have anything else going on in your area.

Thank you for taking the time to read our preview issue. We worked hard to get it out to you in a hurry, so it’s not perfect, but it is a labor of love.

The main reason we started OSB Magazine is to give Valerie and George a place to express themselves. They will be out there “On the Run” taking pictures with or without the magazine and I think that’s what is going to make this special. Our main goal is to bring you the information, popularity or success would be great, but delivering an image of the fun and passion that we have for this lifestyle is all the reward that we need.

We hope you will enjoy OSB Magazine
as much as we enjoy making it.

George, Valerie
and the Crew at OSB

Ride of the Month – Taylor Creek Rd.

This is one of our favorite rides.

You can do this one from north to south or any way you like.

Our map starts on I95 and SR50 and ends on i95 and SR520.

We personally like to go up SR3 (Courtenay Pkwy) through the space center and out SR405 to SR50.

If you are south, you can come in on Deer park/Nova Rd, folks up north can get it off of SR46 and come in through Christmas.


I suppose most of you know that, but for those who don’t, I really think you will like this one. While you’re on 520 at the St John’s River you have to make the stop at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. Great food, great folks, live bands (sometimes) and a beautiful view. Did I mention lots of bike parking and a real “biker friendly” atmosphere? Hope to see you there.

untitled-2-fwThe OSB crew.

Exit Strategy

What do I know? It’s fucking 2015! Can you believe it? That futuristic movie was titled 2001! 2001 is the OLD days to the kids today.

With all the amazing and horrible changes the world has seen in the last few decades I’m glad that some things remain the same.

fixI know that if i’m broke down on the side of the road with no cell service and I hear a bike coming that I’m gonna get help.

I know if I need anything on the home-front, all I need to do is call a brother and he will be there.

I know that if anyone in the community needs a hand up, the local bikers will be ready to pitch in to provide that hand up.pow

I know that our brothers who never came home from over there will never be forgotten as long as the last old school biker is still drawing breath.

It’s enough, ride safe.

January 2016 Bike of the Month – 1974 Shovelhead at Roscoe’s Chili Challenge

Owner: Chopper Scotty

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