Looking Back… Part I by Valgal

Hi everybody!… By now y’all should know who I am… I haven’t met everyone yet but I am trying… I have taken a HELL OF A LOT of pictures over the years, before and during my magazine career… We wanted everyone to see some of the photos that may not have ever made it to print…

There are a huge amount of memories contained in the following pages so be prepared to laugh… and cry.

I chose NOT to leave out some of the people who have passed away over the last few years, they are ALL important to our lives in some way. If some are missing it is because this is just the first volume of photos from the past… I have soooo many it will take a couple issues of the magazine to show them all… Some of these photos are Mine, some are my Dad’s (Miserable George) , Richard Reimel, Leslie Spencer and Marilyn Elmore… I sure hope y’all have as much fun looking at these as I did going back in time to gather them for you… Ride Safe  <3


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ValGal….The Early Years

 Who would have EVER believed that this little hoodlum would someday be the owner/editor of her own Florida based motorcycle magazine.

BUT…it’s true!! I am so proud of this lady….God Bless You, Sweetheart…

Miserable George

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ANNUAL TICO AIRSHOW…2017 by Miserable George

    This is an event I always look forward to every year, and especially, THIS year…it featured the U.S.Air Force Thunderbirds, plus a close-up look at two F-18C Hornets…what a performance!!!

Several stunt teams, and solo flyers, including WWII Corsair and P-51 Mustang….I call them the fighters that won WWII for US!!! If you were a flyer at heart…you could get a ride in a vintage biplane, or maybe a combat helicopter was more your style…an H-1 Huey, or maybe a Cobra gunship. Prices ranged from $85 all the way to $525…AND…the line was LONG, waiting to board!!

There also was a jet powered dragster, and several other drag racing cars…folks, the accent was on  SPEED, and NOISE!!!

Let’s not forget the Grand Old Lady…Miss Tico Belle, a D-Day veteran, C-47 transport, completely refurbished, and, FLYING!  

I was certainly glad for the courtesy carts, hauling folks back and forth from the parking area. I enjoy walking, but, there’s a limit…!

Lest I forget, there were some sky-divers there too. Several attractions for the little ones, and lots of food and drink vendors as well. The crowd was huge, and seemed to be enjoying every minute of the fabulous show…I know I did…!

Miserable George

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DADDY-O PARTIES by Miserable George

Several years ago, out on Merritt Island, there lived a man we’ll call Daddy-O.

He’s gone now (RIP), but when he lived, he was a great friend of ABATE, and indeed, all bikers.

Once a year, he threw a tremendous party at his digs…I should say, “estate”, on Merritt Is. There was beer, soda, food, like you wouldn’t believe…sometimes a whole pig…!!!  Many…and I mean…MANY riders attended, not only to eat and drink, but, to admire his “toys”…antique cars, Corvettes, motorcycles, trikes, the spacious grounds…everything to make an ordinary day a very special one.

Sad to say, some of the people pictured here are gone now, and I hope you will all bear with me…They were good times back then…Please enjoy the pictures, and the memories…

Miserable George

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PULSATING PAULA by Miserable George

    There are a lot of biker events’ photographers out there…I fancy myself as (a half-assed) one of them…true, most of them are male. However, there are a select few females in the trade as well…one of the most outstanding being a lady known as PULSATING PAULA!

She started ‘way back in 1982, a few years before I jumped in!! If you have read any of the leading biker rags out there, I’m sure you are familiar with her (excellent) work, some of which is pictured here…other shots of her, were taken by myself, and, friends of hers.

She was, and still is, an expert in black & white photography, as well as digital enhancement, as several of the photos show!! Paula…keep up the good work…we need images like yours, ALWAYS…!!! You tell it like it is…God Bless You, keep that shutter clickin’….

Miserable George

WAYNE  CARPENTER’S Panhead by Miserable George


    I shot this one-of-a-kind Panhead chopper back in 1999 at beautiful Ballard Park in Melbourne, Fl.

It was built by Wayne Carpenter, of Southern V-Twin, in Melbourne, Fl. Sorry, but, I don’t have the specs, but as you can see, the paint, and all the work is absolutely flawless.

I have no idea where this machine is today, but, you can call Wayne, at Southern V-Twin…321-255-1600. He built an engine for me several years ago, and, it was perfect!!!

Miserable George

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Steel City (Freemansburg) HIllclimb & Bike Show by Miserable George

Back about 1937, a bunch of biker guys started what is now Freemansburg HIll Climb and Bike Show.

We always just called it “the Hillclimb”…! Bushkill Valley MC started running it around 1951 at its present location across from the RR tracks at 2248 Riverside Dr., Bethlehem, Pa. It’s the old “back road to Easton”, as we called it.

My photo equipment was kinda limited in those days, but I did the best I could…no digital, of course!! I guess, it was more of a big beer and babe party in those days, and every June and September, we really looked forward to it…the “climb” and the after parties too!!

Google up “Freemansburg Hillclimb and Bike Show”…very interesting site. Wish we could still make it up there…

Miserable George

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A.N.U.S…..One wheeled Motorcycle Racing by Miserable George

       Long-time biker, Sidecar Willy and a friend, thought about this racing conception while having a beer at the Cabbage Patch Bar, long about 1991.

As they discussed this idea, Willy made sketches on a bar coaster, which he took with him when they left. After much planning and designing, they came up with a working model, which was plagued with problems such as balance and the shifting of center of gravity, during acceleration, and deceleration.

Placing of skids, front and rear, and handlebars, as well as a place for the rider to sit, were problems which were finally worked out, and a working model got a test run at Bike Week, 1991….it was a success…sort of.

Continued working and engineering finally got them the machine they wanted, plus notoriety…other guys were getting on the band wagon…a new sport was born!!! Today, it’s gone world-wide. Google up A.N.U.S…for the full story, I think you’ll like it…

Miserable George