Roscoe’s Chili Challenge #29 by ValGal and Miserable George

It’s no big secret about some logistical changes that had to be made at the big Chili Challenge this year. Camping areas were changed, entrances and exits were switched, the event was cut by one day…! As word got out BEFORE the event, I believe it scared a few people away! Well,

I’m here to tell you all, the Chili Challenge was a huge success,

despite a few minor changes. Additional  camping ground was purchased, which was more than enough to accommodate everyone, and despite shortening the party by one day…you STILL got your money’s  worth.

My friend, Jay Mollica rode out with me…I of course, took my truck…thanks to Jay for the company. Jay, by the way, is a PRIMO sax player, as I’m sure most of you know!!

We were invited out on Thursday, a day before opening…got a good camp site, met a lot of new people, shot almost 1000 photos, squeezed a few chicks, ate good at Heavenly Hotdogs…(Thanks John & Andrea!!), and generally had a blast.

Weather was good till Saturday evening, when the cold front moved in, and we got spritzed a bit!! Good chili, good events, good people, I think the photos can tell the story a lot better than I can.

Our BIG THANKS to Roscoe and his terrific staff for a

job well done…hope to get there again in 2015!!!

Miserable George

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Biketoberfest 2015 at Cacklebery Campground by ValGal

Beautiful day to party like a rockstar up at Cacklebery Campground for Biketoberfest … Bikes, babes and beer is just what a biker needs.

Big Daddy Band playing awesome tunes all day Saturday with a wet tshirt contest and lots of other things to do between sets.

I love the atmosphere at this event… No Yuppies here! There was one particular vendor with lots of swap meet fare for us old school peeps… bike week here will be bigger than ever so make sure you put this on your bike week calendar for 2016!


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Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Bike Show Biketoberfest 2015 by ValGal and Miserable George

Ya know, there are rumors floating around that the 2015 Biketoberfest Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Ol’ School Chopper Show, may very well be the final one for Biketoberfest’s to come.

Never fear…regular Bike Week, it will still go on. We talked to Willie about this, and he’s still not 100% sure of what he’s gonna do. Well, if this year’s show was the last for Biketoberfest…I went out with a BANG…! Many, many eye catching, hand built, one-of-a-kind machines, graced the big lot out front, many of them sometimes decorated by a beautiful lady…!!

Oh yes…there were lots of eye catching babes there too…most of them willing to pose for a few pics, IF ya didn’t get too pesty.

A real treat again this year, was the presence of ace bike builder, Dave Perewitz, who also provided hand made trophies for some of the various winners.  Our friend, ROGUE…(check spelling), was on the grounds too, as was the legendary Billy Lane…lookin’ good, BIlly..!!

And, as always, the inimitable Roadside Marty did his fabulous job as MC, as only HE can do it…Lots of older Vets there enjoying the action too…always glad to see those men out and about. Let’s NEVER forget those men and what they sacrificed for our security.

Big thanks too, to Big Rick and the Troublemakers Band…always nice to talk with Rick…Good job, guys. That’s it for now…til Bike Week, 2016…ride safe…

Miserable George

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