BIKE DAY AT POST 359 by Miserable George

     The weather being what it was on April 1, 2023…Bike-Day at Legion post 359, really drew in a CROWD…!!! We ran into quite a few old friends. The live band, Radar Red had the crowd jumpin’, and as usual, a long line at the food table…today a special….fresh corn on the cob. THAT really went over BIG…!!! Today must have been “Dog Day”….lots of pups in attendance with their masters and mistresses….more than I had seen before. Of course, THAT had ValGal all excited…she LOVES doggies…!!

Truly, another fun day at 359…the weather was PERFECT, with a cool breeze wafting through the area all day long Folks, thank a Vet today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George and ValGal

POST 359…BIKE DAY 9/3/2022 by Miserable George

     Bike Day on Sept.3,2022, at Post 359 was a blast, as usual!!! Nice crowd, good food, two working, full service bars out back on the huge patio area, and I guess, everybody on edge waiting for the big launch…..which never happened…!!! Yup…another scrub…!!! It’s anybody’s guess when that will finally happen..!! Music by the “Loaded Dice Band” kinda made us forget about the launch and the traffic out on US#1…good job guys!!! Several people got lucky winning some loot from 2 drawings, and by now, there were dancers on the floor. The fickle weather held, but it was HOT!!!! Yeah well, summer in Florida..!!  Folks, keep an eye out for these first Saturday Bike Days at 359….always a live band, good food and drink, friendly crowd…hey…what more do you need??? Hope to see everyone next time. Thank a VET today…

Miserable George & ValGal

Legion Post 359….BIKE DAY by Miserable George

    The forecast for Legion Post 359 Bike Day…May 4, 2019, was for showers and storms later in the day, and indeed, they came on…big time!! But, in the meantime, there was fun to be had at 359.

When I got there, the Spanks Band was already on stage, doing what they do best!! The chief cook had the grill covered with goodies, and, there was a nice line of folks, waiting to partake of the best burgers in Brevard County!!! Lots of the cold stuff to go around too!!

I noticed that the main parking lot has been enlarged…that’s the staff at 359…always looking out for us…thanks guys!!! Thanks too, to all the folks who picked up their Old School Biker Magazine at 359…we handed out several more while we were there!!

Hot weather, not-with-standing, folks were dancing up a storm…uh-oh…did I say “storm?” She blew in late in the afternoon…nasty!!! BUT, it was a FUN DAY anyway…always is, on BIKE DAY at 359…see ya all next time.

Remember our Vets, and, stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George

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VETERANS FOR HOPE…Legion Post 359…by Miserable George


This was an event that I had looked forward to for awhile now, and the weatherman really cooperated. Afternoon thunder showers are the norm for our area, but, not today…it was perfect…a bit warm maybe…but nice. We were honored with the presence of Barry Roberts, American Legion Chaplain, and Chris Hamrick, 12th. District Commander. Mr. Roberts did give a very inspiring talk about the needs of Veterans, after which a donation was taken up…a long line actually formed to get to the donation jug….you don’t see THAT very often…!!! Music was provided by the SCHD All American Band, along with HD’s Tim Bishop. Also, the Hamburger Man was there again, along with lots of other goodies to whet your appetite , plus 2 outside bars on the huge, new patio deck, which by the way, was packed with vets and friends. One thing I really liked, was the huge American Flag hanging up alongside the deck, and the playing of the National Anthem….no kneeling here folks!!! All in all, a very entertaining and inspirational day. Remember our Vets…always, and GOD bless them…

Miserable George & ValGal

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