Benefit for JP at Lou’s Filling Station by Valgal

Although the weather was nasty for most of the day people STILL showed up at Lou’s Filling Station in Downtown Melbourne in support of a great friend…

On his way to see the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall a few weeks ago our friend JP was in an accident… While in the hospital for broken ribs he then got an infection and was moved to ICU with a lot of complications… He is still in ICU and in fear of losing a lot… We all came together, as biker families do, to see if we can help a brother out!

Awesome pulled pork and chicken done on the smoker for all to enjoy…  Raffle tickets and donations came pouring in to help!… Thank you to Lou for the food and fun…

JP we want to see you back in the backyard soon! GET BETTER WE MISS YOU!!!


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Jerry Gayle’s 1961 Panhead by ValGal

Jerry Gayle’s 1961 Panhead

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Space Coast Early Intervention

Space Coast Early Intervention’s motto is

“We believe that every child of every ability deserves individualized instruction”

These were such great people and such a super organization!  We had so much fun on the poker run to generate awareness and funds for this center. Please visit their website to find out more information or make a donation

Thank you again to Lou’s Filling Station for all you do, we love you 🙂


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Holiday Fun at Lou’s Filling Station by Valgal

Well with 2017 gone and a new year ahead I hope by now all my readers have tried Lou’s Filling Station in Downtown Melbourne.  We have so much damn fun there it isn’t funny… The food is excellent and they also have a great selection of draft beers. The pork is smoked on premises by none other than JP, the resident smoke conductor.

Ya never know what you may run into when you visit Lou’s… one night we had a burning of the NFL junk… Yeah and we even made smores! Yummy.

Christmas was an awesome time with the gift exchange and karaoke fun with Tony Karaoke. And every year Lou drops the ‘BALL’,  The LFS version of the New Years Eve ball that drops in Time Square.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Lou’s make a day of it soon and keep your eyes open for poker runs and other events going on at Lou’s.


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Boycotting the NFL

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Post Hurricane Benefit Runs by ValGal and Miserable George

Hope everyone made it thru the hurricane OK!

The events that were canceled came back up quick so here they are.  

I bounced back and forth between Lou’s Filling Station and H&D Roadhouse Saturday and Sunday to the benefit runs for loved ones lost and those still struggling.

Here are the pictures I took of all the fun happening in OSB World.  Enjoy and Please ride safe!

ValGal and Miserable George

Valgal’s pics

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Miserable George’s pics

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John Kuno’s -1963 Nova by ValGal

John Kuno’s -1963 Nova
383 Stroker
200 Shot Nitrous

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Sock Hop at Lou’s Filling Station by ValGal

Sock Hop at Lou’s Filling Station 6/1/2017

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The first 50’s Night at Lou’s Filling Station located in downtown melbourne was a smashing success!


Tony Karaoke
Tony Karaoke

Tony Karaoke was on hand to deliver his karaoke experience to the crowd.

Come out next month and be part of the fun. Lou’s Filling Station 50’s night will be held on the 1st wednesday of the month at 7pm.

Lou’s Filling Station
411 E New Haven Ave
Melbourne, Florida
Call (321) 952-5584

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