Willie’s Old School Choppertime Bike Show Biketoberfest 2019 by Valgal

Willie’s Old School Choppertime Bike Show

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Bruno’s ’53 Pan Best of Show at Chop-A-Billy Show by Valgal

Turner Cycles Chop-A-Billy Bike Show by Valgal

2019 has come and is almost gone already… Biketoberfest always means the beginning of fall… we here in Florida wish the weather would remember that…. Hot as Hell this year but at least it didn’t rain on us til late Friday night…

Turner’s Cycles had a GREAT turnout for their Chop-A-Billy Bike Show that OSB Magazine sponsored on Friday afternoon… Bruno Guillory took Best of Show with his 1953 Pan head… His beautiful bike will be featured this month in the web site issue AND in the next print copy!… Check out the pictures of all the winning bikes, like and share too… they worked hard on these bikes and it shows!… Thank you to everyone for showing your support for both Wendell Turner and Me (Valgal) we work hard to bring you the events and fun going on around Brevard county and surrounding areas…



Jerry Gayle’s 1961 Panhead by ValGal

Jerry Gayle’s 1961 Panhead

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Awhile back, Val and I traveled north to Palm Coast to shoot a drag bike(Featured in OSB), and while we were there, in rolls this 1960 Pan-Shovel, built by Larry Krouse, and now owned by Maniac Roberts. No, I have no idea why they call him “Maniac”…!!!

The 74 CID motor is 1960, set in a 1961 hardtail frame…no stretch, but, some moulding. The motor boasts solid lifters, S&S carb.,and an Andrews 480 cam. Power gets to the road through a mainly stock 1960 HD Tranny. Bike also features an antique taillight, and a hand made ostrich skin seat…neat!!!

Gracing the machine is our model for the day….Lauren…!!!

Miserable George

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