BIKE DAY at POST 359 on 8-5-23 by Miserable George

This is the time of year for crazy weather, and man….have we been getting just THAT…!!! BUT, today, 8-5-23 at American Legion Post 359 was different…at least, it started out that way!! It was HOT, but the BIG DADDY BAND attracted a nice crowd….if anybody’s gonna do it…THEY will..!!! We ran into some friends whom we hadn’t seen for awhile…THAT’S always nice. The food was very good…as always…and, Shelly, that sweet little bar-maid, was busy keeping the cold ones coming. Judging by what was parked in back…someone even arrived on a beautiful Farmall “H” tractor…!!! The band DID attract a dancer or two…even in the heat…!!! The fans were running, but like one guy said, they were just blowing hot air!!!!

Well, whatever, it was a fun afternoon…I always look forward to it. Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…..!!!!

Miserable George

BIKE DAY AT POST 359 6-3-23 by Miserable George

The place was surrounded by nasty looking clouds all day long, BUT, no rain…!!!! Nice crowd at Bike Day, and they allowed 4-wheelers in the big parking lot. As always…good food, a live band…Whiskey JuJu…had a lot of folks dancing.  My lady-writer from Ohio was visiting with her friend…nice to see her again. After some food and a lot of photos, this old guy was ready to head home.

Thank a VET today, and may GOD bless you all…

Miserable George

BIKE DAY AT 359 July 2, 2022 by Miserable George

Well, ValGal was under the weather this week-end, so the old man(me) covered Legion 359 Bike Day. I got there a bit early, so the crowd wasn’t too large as yet, also, the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating, but as time passed, they started rolling in. The live band….Sunrise Whiskey Band started playing, and that kinda got the crowd to stirring a bit!!! I had missed lunch, so, I indulged in the tasty food they had available. By now, the place was just about filled up, and, the weather was holding its own…good!!! I’d like to mention the new Restrooms outside that are now accessible, and 359 now has a membership drive in full swing. Folks, remember, the first Saturday of the month is BIKE DAY at Legion Post 359, on U.S.#1, just north of Pintos. Our thanks to 359 for jumping on our “bandwagon”, so, watch for their ad in future issues of Old School Biker Magazine. It’s THE place to be on the first Saturday…live music, two full service bars on the huge deck out back…lots of room for dancing…a place for FUN…!!! Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!!

Miserable George

November Bike Day at American Legion Post 359 by Valgal

With Miserable George at Roscoe’s y’all were stuck with me this month LOL… I LOVE BIKE DAY!!! The weather was a little chilly but WAY better than melting in the heat… The band was awesome as always, Thank you ! Food ran out quickly and I missed my cheeseburger! Love them…

Please visit American Legion Post 359 when you are in the area… GREAT group of people… See y’all next Bike Day!! 


National Veterans Homeless Support by Miserable George

     It was when a group realized how sad the holiday season could actually be for homeless veterans, that the NVHS was formed. Events such as today’s gathering at American Legion Post #1, just north of Titusville, Fl., helped to raise some of the funds needed to provide for these veterans.  There was a Poker Run, which ended at Post#1, where there was hot food  waiting, plus live entertainment by the TMI (Twisted Minds Inc.) Band. Also on the agenda, were raffles and an auction, which featured some pretty valuable merchandise, plus a 50/50. From what I could see, the sizable crowd was really enjoying themselves, while providing for the homeless vets. Post #1 provides its guests with a huge pavilion, plus a bar and tables, both inside and out…all this plus beautiful weather accounted for the large crowd. Want a fun day…? Keep your eyes peeled for the next event at Post #1…tell ‘em Old School Biker Magazine sent ya…

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgal’s Pics –

Bike Day at the TIKI American Legion Post 359 by Miserable George

This was my first visit to Post 359 since their back deck re-build, and, I tell ya, I was amazed!!! The completed project now features about double the floor space, stage, and, 2 (count ‘em) 2 serving bars, plus a ramp for wheelchair access!! Everything built from weather-proof material, so, it will last. PLUS…in the works…additional parking space!!

Folks, this organization went out of their way to make a fabulous party venue…all for YOU!!! AND YES, there were several large fans to help with cooling during these hot spells we’ve been suffering through!!

As usual, the cooks did a fabulous job, especially with those famous half-pound burgers…they truly are the best!!

The Spanks Band had the ladies hopping around out there, despite the over powering heat, and the Jello-shot girl did her job well!!!

Also present was Mack, the former FOX 35 Weather Baby…8 months old now, and almost ready to walk!!

Folks, if you’re looking for a fantastic party place, American Legion Post 359 on U.S.#1, just north of Port St. John is your spot!!

Bike Day is always the 1st. Saturday of the month…good food, good music, babes, drinks, the works…! We’ll be lookin’ for ya.

Ride safe, and, stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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POST 359…Tiki Party

   Feb. 3rd. Was kinda “iffy” as far as the weather went, but, that didn’t stop a large gathering of riders and other friends from whooping it up at the first week-end Tiki Party at Legion Post 359, just north of Port St. John, FL. This particular day was extra exciting, as there was a drawing for a 55” TV!! The live band-”HIT ‘N RUN”- was a factor in the crowded dance area!!! Good show, guys!! My favorite cook was there too, making some of the best burgers in Brevard County!! The Tiki Bar out back was bustling, as usual…was it the drinks, or the cute bar-maid…maybe, BOTH!!! Anyway, this is a place where friends and “old soldiers” gather every first week-end of the month, to enjoy adult beverages, dance, and simply have a good time!! Keep it in mind for next month…OK? As always, ride safe, and as I said before….”Stand up for your country!!”

Miserable George

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American Legion Riders Post 359 Bike Days at the Tiki Saturday 9/3/2016

Featuring: Big Daddy Band
Chicken or Burgers on the grill with fixin’s – $6


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