BIKE DAY at AMERICAN LEGION POST #1 by Miserable George

     Well, there was one thing besides the gorgeous weather that drew a good crowd at American Legion Post #1’s Bike Day on Jan. 12, 2020, and that was the Twisted Minds Inc. Band…(TMI) These guys are fabulous…! The dancing area was vibrating all day long…yep, a brief passing shower didn’t deter this group and/or their loyal followers. To further excite the crowd, there were drawings for a prize basket, and bucket of cheer, plus the usual 50/50. Lucky was there hawking his unique doo-dads made from MC chain, and, in the pavilion, there was food and plenty of bar action as well. Lots of convenient parking too for both bikes and 4-wheelers. A very unusual rendition of the National Anthem too, and guess what….no one “took a knee”…real AMERICANS here, folks…!!!

Our thanks to the whole crew at Post #1 for a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon!!

Hey, stand up for your country, thank a VET, and…GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Miserable George

Remembering Pearl Harbor at Post 359 by Miserable George

I was just 7 years old when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and I just can’t seem to actually remember any of it. 78 years later…today, Dec. 7, 2019, we all remembered at Post 359’s Bike Day. Of course, the younger folks didn’t recall that horrible day in our history, but, there were a few older ones there who did. There was a moment of silence to commemorate that “Day in Infamy”…The large crowd also witnessed  the presenting of a $1000 check to aid the Vietnam and all Wars Vets Moving Wall Association, by the Nam Knights MC, Brevard County Chapter, plus short talks by Veterans Assn. officials. This was a day dedicated to Veterans…as well it should be!! As always, good food and drinks were available, a 50/50, and the live band, “Mid-life Crisis” supplied excellent entertainment. As always, lots of pretty ladies prancing around…a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon…!!

Hey, stand up for your country, thank a Vet, and God Bless America…!!

Miserable George & ValGal

WARM-FULL-SAFE by Miserable George

After weeks of 80 plus temps, Warm-Full-Safe-2019, got blasted with cold, wet, and miserable weather…however, that did not seem to deter the large group of riders who roared into Legion Post #1 on Nov. 17, 2019.

Hot food and warm space heaters helped deter the cold, although, many riders preferred COLD refreshment!!! There was an auction and a motorcycle raffle to try your luck, plus a 50/50 drawing, AND, the Henderson Bros. Band…and yes, people were dancing!!!

All proceeds went to the National Veterans Homeless Support organization, to help provide a pleasant Christmas for homeless Vets. This was the 10th. year for this event, and, despite the nasty weather, I’d say was a success!!

Folks, we just cannot do enough for our Veterans, because, without them, we may not even be here…!!

GOD BLESS them all..!

Stand up for your country, thank a vet., and stay safe…

Miserable George

NAM  KNIGHTS…Run to the Legions by Miserable George

 Although there were a few scattered showers in the area, the weather was almost perfect for the “Run to the Legions”, sponsored by the Nam Knights of Brevard County. The run started at 359-200-348-1, and ended back at 359, where the live band, “Mid-life Crisis” entertained the large crowd. There was a Bike Show, food, 50/50, a Liquor Basket raffle, dancing, lots of cold stuff to go around, AND,  a whole host of good lookin’ ladies. I mean…what ELSE do you need…??? Folks, if you want a fun afternoon, keep track of the biker events at Post 359, on US#1, just north of Pinto’s Lounge. Remember our troops, and stand up for your country…hope to see ya’all out there soon…

Miserable George

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American Legion Reunion by Valgal with Photos by Miserable George

What better way to spend a great day than at Fox Lake Park enjoying the American Legion Reunion hosted by Post 359? Brotherhood was thick at this event, friends that ride gathered with friends that don’t and spent the day talking about old times and new… I love feeling safe and welcome when I go to events where there are a lot of people I don’t know… Everyone made us (Miserable George) feel very welcome… Thank You all for a great time and awesome food! I hope everyone enjoys our photos and if you want some let us know…

~ Valgal


THREE ANGELS BALL by Miserable George

As usual, this time of the year, weather is a huge factor in the success of an outdoor event, such as the THREE ANGELS BALL Poker Run, which ended at Legion Post 117 in Malabar. This year, the weatherman DID cooperate!!! It was blistering HOT, but, no rain…at least at Post 117…not sure about out on the run, however…!! Nice crowd…over 100 sign-ins, plenty of parking and lots of picnic tables, plus, paddle boats on their large pond. There was bidding on a bunch of prize baskets, door prizes, a  50/50, and of course, poker run money, all donated back by each of the winners…thanks folks. Food was good, and plentiful, with 2 locations for the cold stuff!! Also, two corn hole areas which were busy all afternoon. Thanks too, to Doc Holiday and a solo performer for some (always) excellent entertainment…!! Sorry, I never did get the solo man’s name…I stood the overpowering heat as long as I could, then, I hit the road for home. Good day all around. Hey, support the under-privileged kids of Brevard County through THREE ANGELS….thanks…!

Miserable George

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Legion Post 359….BIKE DAY by Miserable George

    The forecast for Legion Post 359 Bike Day…May 4, 2019, was for showers and storms later in the day, and indeed, they came on…big time!! But, in the meantime, there was fun to be had at 359.

When I got there, the Spanks Band was already on stage, doing what they do best!! The chief cook had the grill covered with goodies, and, there was a nice line of folks, waiting to partake of the best burgers in Brevard County!!! Lots of the cold stuff to go around too!!

I noticed that the main parking lot has been enlarged…that’s the staff at 359…always looking out for us…thanks guys!!! Thanks too, to all the folks who picked up their Old School Biker Magazine at 359…we handed out several more while we were there!!

Hot weather, not-with-standing, folks were dancing up a storm…uh-oh…did I say “storm?” She blew in late in the afternoon…nasty!!! BUT, it was a FUN DAY anyway…always is, on BIKE DAY at 359…see ya all next time.

Remember our Vets, and, stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George

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Legion Post 1…2019 Bike Day by Miserable George

Saturday, April 13th. dawned hot and beautiful…perfect for Legion Post #1 to hold their Bike Day.

The Space Coast HD All-stars Band was playing, and did draw quite a few dancers…even in the heat!

Inside the spacious pavilion, there were fans to cool it a bit, and lots of tables, plus the bar and…FOOD!!! Outside, 2 lovely bike washers were hard at work, as was the gorgeous Alexsis, PR Lady for Miracle City HD, informing everyone of the brand new dealership in Titusville…!!

There were door prizes, an auction, and of course…the 50/50…!  All in all, a very pleasant way to wile away a few hours on a beautiful Spring day in the Sunshine State..!!

Folks, support your Vets, stand up for your country, and ride safe…see ya next time…OK?

Miserable George

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TOY RUN….2018 by Miserable George

Merritt Square Mall Starting point

Dec. 2, 2018 dawned bright and mostly clear…a bit cool in the early hours, but, warming up FAST…perfect riding weather. AND, ride they did…

well over 500 machines…laden with goodies for the less fortunate kids of Brevard County.

They assembled at Merritt Square Mall, right in front of Macy’s huge store…we thank you Macy’s for THAT!!! We made the rounds to the strains of some old-time country music, provided by a mobile DJ.

I left a few minutes ahead of the main body, to secure a spot along the route to the ending point…Post #1, just north of Titusville.

There was no police escort this year, so I had to capture increments of the column as it was broken up by traffic lights along the way. I got my shots from almost ½ mile away, with my long lens, on a high spot on 405 near US#1. The column came into view as it topped the 405 Draw Bridge.

Then, it was on to American Legion Post #1…! By the time I got there, the bikes were all parked…on just about every available square foot of property at #1…a fabulous sight indeed!!

Many vendors of all kinds, 2 live bands, Doc Holiday, and the friendliness of the staff at Post #1. Many toys were collected, so a bunch of kids will have a Merry Christmas!! There was an auction, and of course…the 50/50 drawing.

Folks, by this time, this old boy was bushed!! We’d like to offer our thanks to the entire staff of Post #1…you people are 2nd. to none, and to all the countless folks who pitched in. Special thanks go to Space Coast Motorcycle Alliance and Robin Bailey for a flawless day. Maybe this was “step #1” to getting things back to where they were in the “old days”. As long as we keep getting the cooperation we got on Toy Run Sunday this year…this event will thrive, as it certainly must, to keep our future leaders(the kids) happy.

We thank GOD for a safe day, and for the fabulous weather.

Hey, remember our vets and fighting men and women all over the world, and…stand up for your country!!!

GOD bless you all….
Miserable George & ValGal

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