ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2023 by Miserable George

      I met my 3 friends out at Lone Cabbage, and, they led me over the tricky route on out to Roscoe’s Chili Challenge. Happy to say, we got our old spot from last year!!! Setting up the tents was a chore, but we finally did it, and had a bite to eat, before heading out to check the grounds.

Not too crowded yet, but the locals would be filing in tomorrow. Some good local bands started later on, as the crowd grew. The weather was perfect, and we had a good night’s sleep.

Lots more action on Friday…lots of good music. The crowd grew, and the girls were getting frisky, so I was pretty busy with the cameras. We found one of our favorite eating spots as hunger caught up with us. It was nice to see ol’ Roscoe cruising the grounds, usually with a few babes in the golf cart.  The crowd assembled in front of the stage on Friday night, which made for some very “interesting” photos.

Saturday dawned clear and warm for the chili cookers, and cook they did…!!! Lots of chili…some HOT, and some mild. While they cooked,  the biker games were happening…slow race, weeny bite, and out-house races..!! OK, now time to taste all that chili…!!! It didn’t take very long for the crowd to scarf it all up…I stuck to the MILD stuff..!!! Next came the Mini-bike races in which one girl was injured, and left in an ambulance…hope she was OK. I did spend some time resting over at my camp spot, so, I missed a few events…old age is catching up with me!!! Good music all day and into the night. The crowd mingled in front of the stage… there was the paying tribute to our armed forces, and the singing of the National Anthem and a nice display of the American Flag. I checked out the crowd and met several of my old friends. Time now to hit the sack…gotta tear down all the gear and head for home early Sunday.

My THANKS to Roscoe, David, and all who made this event the success it always is…in the TOP TEN Biker Parties in the U.S.

An uneventful trip home with lots of pleasant memories.

Hey, thank a VET today, and may GOD bless you all…

Miserable George

MIKE LEWIS at ROSCOE’S by Miserable George

Recently, Roscoe’s Chili Challenge lost Mike Lewis, an important crew member from day one. He was a man that not too many of the party people really knew, but for sure, a very important part of the Roscoe crew.

For the most part, he handled the activity at the main gate, helped campers with firewood, and made sure that everybody was properly accounted for. He’s a man that we’ll all surely miss. On May 29, there was a memorial party at Roscoe’s to honor Mike’s life. A big crowd came out to remember Mike’s life and his many contributions to a party that we all love. Rest in Peace, Mike, you’ll never be forgotten.

Miserable George

Gerald “Pogo” Pogue by Miserable George

     For those who have been attending Roscoe’s Chili Challenge, we have very sad news today… long time EMCEE Pogo has been called home by the Lord. I received this news on April 3, 2021. Gerald “Pogo” Pogue had been EMCEE at the Chili Challenge for 30 years. He was a highly decorated Marine Corps Veteran. His antics at the big party were second to none, and he will be missed by all who attended. He assisted me many times in my efforts to cover the event for my many magazine associates, and I will miss him very much. Rest in Peace Pogo…may GOD have mercy on your soul…

Miserable George  

PRESTON…at Roscoe’s by Miserable George

     I was checking out the custom bikes under the tent, and this little honey said she’d like to pose….so we accommodated her. All I know is, her name is Preston, and she’s beautiful….enjoy!!!!

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2019 by Miserable George

 My friend, Jay and I, rolled into Roscoe’s Chili Challenge on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019, anticipating a crazy, action filled week-end, and, that’s exactly what we got!! It was the biggest “first day” crowd ever! Weather was good, however they did expect a cold front on Friday with possible showers, which we got Friday night. Most of the vendors were set up and doing business to the beat of live bands now performing almost non-stop, getting the growing crowd into a party mood!! As always, the body painters were busy the entire week-end, doing their usual fabulous work. A group of Vietnam Vets performed a “support tactic” that really grabbed me and many others as well. It’s because of men such as those, that we are all here today…GOD BLESS them, always. Opening ceremonies honored all branches of the Armed Forces, the National Anthem, Taps, the unfurling of a brand new American flag, as well as several patriotic songs….and, NO ONE “took a knee”…!!  Saturday started out with a corn-hole tourney, and across the way…CHILI was now being brewed…ahhh, what an aroma!! Next came the Outhouse Nationals, the burn-out pit, mini-bike racing, and a bike show…all leading up to sampling of the now-ready CHILI!!! AND…Jennie finally got me my de-caf coffee!! What a darling she was!!! More live music, then, trophy and awards presentations!! Famed MC, Pogo, had the ladies all fired up to the delight of the crowd, and, they even got Roscoe up on stage to give him a hand. The usual huge Sat. night crowd took over in front of the main stage, and, the PARTY was ON!!! I wanna thank Roscoe, David, Steve, (and Steve), and all the folks who helped make the Chili Challenge another fabulous success. If I forgot anyone, (or anything), I certainly do apologize. Thanks JAY for the loan of a huge tent, and all the help you gave me. Hope to see you all next year…

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S LITTLE HONEYS by Miserable George

In just a few short weeks, the 34th. edition of the famed Roscoe’s Chili Challenge will take place just outside of Lakeland, Fl. SO, we figured we’d send you a little “primer” just in case you might be “on the fence” as to whether you wanna go or not. Old School Biker Magazine will be there, and, who knows….YOU might just get into the magazine!!! Check it out…  See YOU there…???

Miserable George

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JAZZY…at ROSCOE’S Chili Challenge by Miserable George

This little darling was helping with parking at one of Roscoe’s neighbors yards.

I said we’d love to feature her with a bike…she said…OK.

With all the running we, and she did, this was about all we could muster up. If anyone out there happens to know Jazzy, please tell her we did our best to get her a feature. She’s a Sweetheart!!!

Thanks to Chopper Dave for the use of his machine…


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ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2018 by Miserable George

 We rolled in about 10:15 AM Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, and what a pleasure it was…seeing all the people already there and all set up for an all-out FUN week-end!! I got my rig all set up, and traversed the grounds, looking for early photo-opps!!! AND, I got ‘em too!!

I was surprised at how fast the crowd was increasing, and preparing for the forth-coming week-end of FUN and FROLIC!!!

I turned in early to save my strength for what lay ahead…(little did I know!!!) Anyway, Friday dawned somewhat murky, pre-conditions for the big front that was heading our way, and, it arrived in a BIG way, with a down-burst, heavy rain, and at least 3 tornadoes sighted in the Lakeland area!! Needless to say, my camping rig was all but destroyed, bedding soaked, tent ruined, causing me to have to sleep in my truck for 2 days!!!! NOT GOOD for an old guy!! Surprisingly, right after the storm, the crowd DID  gather in front of the stage area…band was playing, vendors were selling, food and wares…everything back to normal. A storm did little to keep these bikers from having fun!! A welcoming ceremony took place, including a huge American Flag display, as well as banners representing all branches of our Military. The National Anthem was presented as was sounding of TAPS…very inspirational…!

    Saturday dawned sunny and a bit cooler…Corn-hole tourney going on, chili cookers getting set up, and a steady stream of riders at the gate…waiting to enter and join the action.Biker games were starting, including slow races, weenie bite, and the ever-popular Out-house Races…lots of action, after which, it was time to sample all that sweet smelling CHILI. Whew…time to cool it a bit, take a seat, listen to the bands, check out the babes that MC Pogo was interviewing on stage…that guy is an artist!!! Later, awards were given out for Corn Hole, body paint, and of course…the best chili. All this mixed in with arm wrestling, custom bike awards, pole dancing, and another Flag Ceremony, and several “beauty contests”…!!! Folks…something for everybody!!

I’d like to thank Roscoe, David, Liz, Steve, and the whole staff for their hospitality and a job WELL DONE. Hope to see you all in 2019…

Miserable George
Old School Biker Magazine

“LITTLE GIRL” at ROSCOE’S by Miserable George

I met this beautiful lady at Roscoe’s Chili Challenge…she goes by the name “Little Girl”. She’s from the Pompano Beach area. I named her “The Jewel of Trinidad”, and I guess you can see why!!!

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2017 by Miserable George

We pulled into ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2017 on Thursday morning at 10AM, and, the place was already bustling with activity…bikes moving in and out, campers setting up for the week-end, vendors preparing for business, the sound man hooking up the system…etc!!! Looked good!!! Best part was, the food vendors were open!!! After setting up our camp, my partners, Jay and Donny, and I, made a bee-line for John’s Heavenly Hotdogs and pigged out!!! Later, I traversed the perfectly manicured camping area, looking for people that I might know…and…I found them!!  It’s nice hooking up with friends that you’ve not seen in about year. I might add, that the weather was perfect!! Also, time for this old guy to rest up for a big day on Friday!!

    No actual events planned for Friday, but, there was live music, and a pretty steady stream of riders entering, and searching out that “perfect” camping spot! I might add here, that the main camp area was serviced by 50 Potra-lets, as was the more “primitive” area across the bridge, and the main vendor and activities areas in front of the stage. The units were serviced regularly too!!! Several good eating stands, a bar for adult beverages, as well as

MANY merchandise vendors…jewelry, biker related items, T-shirts, a lady sewing on patches, a man doing pin-striping, and a very interesting Kettle Corn thing, ,managed by 2 gorgeous babes, turning out bushels of pop corn!! I probably missed a few…sorry!!

    Saturday morning saw the on-going horseshoe matches, plus…of course…the cooking of the chili. Li’l Hank had the big Roscoe cauldron bubbling away in no time!! Meanwhile, across the yard, Geoff was getting the biker games started. Slow race, weenie bite, and of course, the biggie…the Out-house Races!! Pretty soon,

the aroma of fresh cooked chili took over, and the crowd formed long lines to get some and DIG IN!!! Again, several different varieties of home-made RED to suit everyone’s taste!!

And again…I over-did it!!! AND…free beer to wash it all down!! Following the scarfing down of the chili, the mini-bikes started warming up for some exciting racing…in a new location this year, but, none-the-less exciting. One guy got knocked clean out…he was OK, but a bit rattled!!! After a period of rest and relaxation, there was arm wrestling, a tattoo contest, a body paint contest, and this year…yes…a “Beauty Contest”, plus lots of pole dancing. Trophies and awards were given out for all the competitive events. The official welcoming events included the National Anthem, and playing of “Taps”, plus a display of all the U.S. service banners…a very emotional tribute to our Armed Forces…no “kneelers” here!!! Live music continued till the wee hours, and, all too soon, another edition of Roscoe’s Chili Challenge was history!!  We had a blast, and, working with Don Rogers from Easyriders Magazine was a pleasure too!!  My thanks to David, Roscoe, Pogo, Mike, Geoff, Steve, Liz, and the entire crew who made this a Chili Challenge to remember. Also “Little Girl”, Laura, Kim, Tammy, and Kayla, and all the other ladies who really sparked up my time at the big party. If I forgot anything…please forgive me! Looking forward to my 27th. party next year. Hey, ride safe, remember our vets…

Miserable George

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