December 12, 2021 dawned bright and clear, despite predictions of rain…no rain all day!!!! The Unchained Kings MC gathered at Miracle City Harley-Davidson to form up the group that would visit several locations during the day to distribute toys to needy kids in the Titusville area. Santa was right there too, and made a host of kids very happy!!!

There was no sorting of items…they were all right there on the truck for the kids to pick from!!! First stop was the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida; second stop was Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Care Center; and, while there, the riders circled the front area while revving up their machines in a show of motorcycle exhaust roaring…the kids LOVED that; next was the Boys and Girls Club in Cocoa which offered much assistance in where to take Santa and his truck load of toys in the area off Fiske Blvd. One little girl saw Mr. Claus, and screeched all the way….”SANNA CLAUS…SANNA CLAUS….I had a few tears on that one!!!! Next was a special visit to a family of five near that same area. Folks, it had the same results in every visit…bright-eyed, enthusiastic, and very happy kids…all who had their choice of toys, and from what I could see…they were all satisfied…the way it should be!!!! Last stop was the King’s Clubhouse for a much needed snack!!! A HUGE thanks to the Unchained Kings MC for a tremendous show of Christmas Spirit…Thanks to ValGal also for dropping off a bag of toys at Devereux…All in all , a fantastic way to spend a warm, Florida day!!! GOD bless you all…Merry Christmas… Bro, Gastank went down, but is OK, with a fractured ankle…

Miserable George

2021 CFEC Toy Run by Valgal

What a GREAT DAY!!! CFEC Christmas Toy Run 2021 was an awesome success!… We had the best weather of the year for this great day of giving for the kids in Brevard County! Friends gathered to give toys and socialize with friends and RIDE!!! Of course we couldn’t have done this without YOU!!!

And last but not least… THE MUSIC! It was Spectacular! As ALWAYS Shovelhed was fabulous and Twisted Minds Inc. melted faces… These two bands have done more beneficial work than ANY band I have ever seen! They are stand up, honest musicians that LOVE what they do and love helping people! You can see it while they are on stage… Twisted Minds, I am so proud to be part of the TMI Family and I love each and every one of you so much! I hope you enjoy these pics… My Dad has his own article in OSB too so check it all out! 

I love you all and Have a Merry Christmas!


CFEC TOY RUN by Miserable George

     I met ValGal at Merritt Square Mall on Sunday morning, Dec. 5, 2021 to aid in covering the new Central Florida East Coast Charities Inc. Toy Run. I must admit, I was disappointed at the number of bikes there, preparing to ride to Club 52 in Melbourne…at the old Dog Track…the Run’s destination. There was no police escort…if you were going…you were on your own. I left ahead of the group and arrived at CLUB 52, and found a huge parking area with a scattering of bikes, plus an assortment of vendors. At that point, I wasn’t really too enthusiastic…HOWEVER…a short while later, the motorcycles started to roll in, and the parking lot really started to fill up…!!!

Entertainment consisted of Doc Holiday, The Shovelhed Band, plus TMI…now, THAT’S a bunch of headliners for sure!!! NOW, I was ENTHUSIASTIC!!! Lots of food available, plus cold ones too!! That’s where the longest line was!!!  At this point, the place was BUZZING!!! Plenty of place to sit as well…that’s what this old guy needed..!! While chatting with Doc, I found out that he will be retiring from the DJ business next Sept…folks…I hate to see HIM go!! He was always #1 in my DJ book…!!! Met lots of old friends too. Gotta thank The Unchained Kings for their un-ending hospitality…a fine group. Even though I was pretty tired, I left for home with a smile on my face…the whole day did a turn-about, and ended up a complete success! Lots of toys for the needy kids..!

Thank you to all who participated.

Merry Christmas from Old School Biker Magazine…

Miserable George and ValGal!!!!

SCMA Toy Run 2020 by ValGal and Miserable George

SCMA Toy Run 2020 was a great success!… Beautiful weather all day for this event…

Food was awesome and because of YOU some kids won’t go without this Christmas…

This year is going to be hard for everyone at the holidays so helping out is so important… Bikers ALWAYS have each others back when the going gets tough! I love all my friends, family and faithful followers…

Please enjoy these photos… We do it for YOU! 


The MOB-For the Kids by Miserable George

Saturday, Dec. 15th., started out rainy and miserable, but, as the day progressed, the weather DID improve somewhat to the point of…”no rain”…!!

ValGal and I met up at the MOB’s clubhouse in Melbourne, where the live band “Cowboyz N Alianz” was already jammin’, and the aroma of fresh food wafted out of the clubhouse, mixed with the giggles of the many pretty babes trotting around the yard…hey, party ingredients , if you ask me!!!!Not to mention the lovely GINA, manning the inside bar. “Animal” had a hand in cooking today…his special brand of potatoes were sensational!!! Lots of sweet goodies too…if…yer into that!!! I’m NOT!!!

This event was staged to acquire toys for the kids of downed Brothers, as well as other local little ones in the area, and by the looks of the pile on the sign-in table, it was a success!!

As always, we wanna thank all the WMC Bros and Sisters who helped to make our day an enjoyable one.

Remember our vets, and, stand up for your country!!!

GOD Bless America!!!!

Miserable & ValGal

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TOY RUN….2018 by Miserable George

Merritt Square Mall Starting point

Dec. 2, 2018 dawned bright and mostly clear…a bit cool in the early hours, but, warming up FAST…perfect riding weather. AND, ride they did…

well over 500 machines…laden with goodies for the less fortunate kids of Brevard County.

They assembled at Merritt Square Mall, right in front of Macy’s huge store…we thank you Macy’s for THAT!!! We made the rounds to the strains of some old-time country music, provided by a mobile DJ.

I left a few minutes ahead of the main body, to secure a spot along the route to the ending point…Post #1, just north of Titusville.

There was no police escort this year, so I had to capture increments of the column as it was broken up by traffic lights along the way. I got my shots from almost ½ mile away, with my long lens, on a high spot on 405 near US#1. The column came into view as it topped the 405 Draw Bridge.

Then, it was on to American Legion Post #1…! By the time I got there, the bikes were all parked…on just about every available square foot of property at #1…a fabulous sight indeed!!

Many vendors of all kinds, 2 live bands, Doc Holiday, and the friendliness of the staff at Post #1. Many toys were collected, so a bunch of kids will have a Merry Christmas!! There was an auction, and of course…the 50/50 drawing.

Folks, by this time, this old boy was bushed!! We’d like to offer our thanks to the entire staff of Post #1…you people are 2nd. to none, and to all the countless folks who pitched in. Special thanks go to Space Coast Motorcycle Alliance and Robin Bailey for a flawless day. Maybe this was “step #1” to getting things back to where they were in the “old days”. As long as we keep getting the cooperation we got on Toy Run Sunday this year…this event will thrive, as it certainly must, to keep our future leaders(the kids) happy.

We thank GOD for a safe day, and for the fabulous weather.

Hey, remember our vets and fighting men and women all over the world, and…stand up for your country!!!

GOD bless you all….
Miserable George & ValGal

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