Biker Bash 2022 by Valgal

With the year coming to a close in 2 months it is getting cooler to ride and we have some awesome events coming up to share! The Biker Bash this year was great as usual… Nana’s House will surely appreciate all the help! Thank you to Shovelhed for supplying the AWESOME MUSIC for this event. As Always the guys put on one HELL of a show. And thank you to the waitress that we had at our large table… Great, fast service… and our crew is picky but she pulled it off…

A new Bike Night is coming VERY SOON… Keep your eyes open and keep reading Old School Biker!

Love y’all ~ Valgal

WMC….Valentine’s Day Massacre By Miserable George

Back in 1929 in this country, the mobs fought constantly for control of all the various ways to make money during Prohibition, and on Feb. 14th., 1929, members of the “Bugs” Moran group were gunned down in North Chicago. This became known as The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Now, for one reason or another, the Warlocks MC…Brevard Co. Chapter, chooses to commemorate this date with an annual party at their clubhouse on SR 520, in Cocoa, Fl. As luck would have it, the weather turned beautiful, with warm temps, and no rain, leading to a nice group in attendance. Lots of the cold stuff, plus a breakfast documented food menu of eggs, waffles, biscuits and gravy, and, sausage….very tasty…all of it…!!! We bumped into several old friends, which is always nice. My thanks to WMC…Brevard Co. Chapter, for an enjoyable evening. Ride safe, and thank a VET today…

Miserable George…Old School Biker Magazine

2021 Biker Bash by Valgal

Well the first thing I have to say about this great event for Nana’s House is… IT WAS COLD AF!!! And I bet y’all agreed LOL… Besides the chill in the air, the night was a great success!… As of now over 11K has been raised!  Loved seeing the brothers get together to support such a great cause, all proceeds go to Nana’s House. Ask Big John if you missed the bash but still want to donate to a good cause!… 

The music was awesome!  Of course with Frank O.G playing you KNOW it’s gonna be good!! Thank you to DCF~Dakota, Chris and Frank.

We look forward to this event every year! Next year will be EPIC! Maybe I will even do a Club bike bike show LOL… who knows but you can bet I will be there! See y’all then!

ML&R If you want copies of certain shots let me know by text or call…

Valgal 321-525-0307



Right about now, I believe a lot of folks are saying the same thing that I am….”Where has the time gone…??” A lot has happened in the past 20 years…new members have been added, and sadly, Patches have been burned as well. As they say…”Time marches on”…!! 

ValGal and I HEMI’d down to Melbourne under threatening skies and several fleeting showers, arriving there just as the band, SHOVELHEAD were setting up…in the rain..!!! Thankfully, the rain ended shortly thereafter, and the rest of the night was rain-free, at least while we were there!! As always, the food was tasty and plentiful, including a huge pile of pizza!!! Plenty of cold stuff to drink, and some games to keep one busy, along with a “trick bicycle”…very  hard to ride, BUT, it CAN be done. Of course, there was no shortage of gorgeous ladies too!!! All in all…a FUN time at the MOB!!! We’d like to thank all the Brothers for the work they put in to assure that everyone has a GOOD time!!! Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

ANIMAL…..A PATCH BURNING by Miserable George

     January 16, 2021 was a sad day…it was the day that the Warlock MC burned yet another patch of a departed Brother…this time, Animal…taken from us in a motorcycle accident. But, as they say…he died doing what he loved.

The Melbourne Mob  hosted what I believe was their biggest crowd ever for the burning of a huge cross, crested with Animal’s patch. It being a very chilly evening, the fire DID provide some much needed warmth. Brothers attended from far and wide, despite the weather. There was a lot of fabulous food and drink, and recorded music, thanks to our friend, Chuckles.

Brothers, friends, all you people who ride…please be careful out there, and, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

A BENEFIT FOR KNUCKLES…WMC by Miserable George and Valgal

     We all hope that it will never happen to us, but, if it does, it’s nice to know that you can depend on Brothers and friends for help. On a drizzly Saturday evening, Dec. 19, 2020, just such a crowd of Brothers and friends gathered at the Warlock Clubhouse in Cocoa, Fl. to lend a much needed hand to Brother Knuckles. There was good food, pretty ladies, cold drinks, piped in music, and a mystery raffle prize. I never did find out what that prize was!!! I’m hoping that no one had a wet ride home!!! All the best to Brother Knuckles….

Miserable George & ValGal

Biker Bash 2020 by Valgal

Great night spent at Brevard Warlocks for the annual Biker Bash. Weather seemed to hold off the wet stuff for the night which brought friends from all over.  I saw people I have not seen in many years which warms my heart.  Cheese burgers, pork, sausage and beans was just some of the food available, always good food! I hope everyone had a good time and ride safe y’all… ENJOY!


Nineteenth Anniversary Party at the MOB by Miserable George

     We were lucky on Aug. 8th., 2020, we didn’t get the usual afternoon showers, and this prompted a large crowd to congregate at the MOB in Melbourne, Fl. for their 19th. Anniversary Celebration. Yes, they had a terrific  band, ”Occasional Astronauts”. As usual, the food was fantastic, and lots of it, with Sandra’s very tasty chicken & dumplin’s…of course, I ate too much!!! I hadn’t been out and about for awhile, so it was nice to bump into old friends again. Yes, as advertised, there WAS a wet T-shirt contest…well, not exactly, it was more like a quick flash, but, they were all winners. First place lady got a big bottle of hooch. Ended up with 10 contestants …I was surprised!!! All in all…a damn good party!! Hey, thank a vet today, support your local MC club, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal   

See ValGal’s pix HERE

JOEY FANTASTIC ….1949-2019 by Miserable George

Joey Fantastic joined his late wife, Christine, on that eternal ride along the Golden Road, on September 10, 2019. Joey was one of a kind…that’s the best way I could describe him. Although not a close personal friend…we were friends for many years. I never heard a harsh word spoken about him…he was loved by everyone. Rest in Peace, Joey…you will be missed by all who knew you. Christine and you are together again…forever…
On October 12, a crowd gathered at the MOB to pay their last respects to Joey Fantastic, and, send him on his way…

Miserable George

A Patch Burning at the Mother Chapter by Miserable George

The Bike Week gathering at WMC, Lockhart, is usually a fun time, however,

this year, it was a somber day of remembering…

remembering that is, of five Brothers who had passed on to the Freebird Chapter.

Among them was Grub Freeland, founding father of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Grub was a Navy Vet who served on the Aircraft Carrier, U.S.S. Shangri-La, as well as duty in Vietnam. He, truly, will never be forgotten.

It was a huge crowd who came to remember the Brothers who had passed, and, during the service, a toast was drunk to honor them all. The fire was lit, and during the burning, as in most burnings, certain figures emerged from the flames…I wonder if anyone else saw them, as I did…?

Thanks to all who made this day one that we’ll always remember. GRUB, and all the Freebird Bros…Rest in Peace…

Miserable George

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