Ride For Lou by Jay and Mike

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DADDY-O PARTIES by Miserable George

Several years ago, out on Merritt Island, there lived a man we’ll call Daddy-O.

He’s gone now (RIP), but when he lived, he was a great friend of ABATE, and indeed, all bikers.

Once a year, he threw a tremendous party at his digs…I should say, “estate”, on Merritt Is. There was beer, soda, food, like you wouldn’t believe…sometimes a whole pig…!!!  Many…and I mean…MANY riders attended, not only to eat and drink, but, to admire his “toys”…antique cars, Corvettes, motorcycles, trikes, the spacious grounds…everything to make an ordinary day a very special one.

Sad to say, some of the people pictured here are gone now, and I hope you will all bear with me…They were good times back then…Please enjoy the pictures, and the memories…

Miserable George

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Freedom Guns Presents the All-in-One Concealed Weapon Course

The All-in-One Concealed Weapon Course

this course will include:

  1. The 4 hour concealed weapon permit course
  2. One hour of training on our state of the art simulator
  3. Up to one hour training at the American Police Hall of Fame Range which will include range time, targets and a 50 round box of ammunition.

Package Cost is only $199.00

Schedule now for upcoming courses while we still have openings!

If you have previously taken the CWP course from us ask about a discount rate for the additional training.

CHILI AT THE BIN “Bikers In Need” by Miserable George

   No question about it…I LOVE chili, SO, the BIN “Bikers In Need” Chili Cook-off was a must for ValGal and myself.

Jan. 21, 2017 was a perfect day for cooking chili…hey…ANY day is perfect for making a batch of chili…!! The serving table was all jammed up with crock-pots, filled with the bubbling red stuff…some hot, some mild…all good!!! You could vote for your favorite; I never DID find out who won…!

There were several donations which were auctioned off to benefit the Downed Biker Fund, one being a lighthouse painting from me..!! The other was a real nice leather jacket. No one claimed the 50/50 prize, so that entire amount was put into the fund as well.

It was a very relaxing type of day…lots of place to sit, in the shade too!! My thanks to the gentleman who bought our donated painting, and to all the riders who came out to support the BIN. Hey, ya never know when YOU might need their services…they’re always there to help…!!!

Miserable and ValGal

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Benefit for Mick at H&D Roadhouse

ValGal’s Pics

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Miserable George’s Pics

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