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WELL NOW, it appears to be that time again to ruffle some feathers and lose some followers by the amount of social media butthurt that might commence….

1) I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS!! I don’t care about the war in Syria, I don’t care about Isis, the Taliban, Iraq, oil profits, Russia, Putin, etc etc etc. I just don’t fucking care. If you come at me with some bullshit of “well it effects your life bla bla bla”….listen, I don’t fucking care. I choose to not give a damn about it. I choose to live my life to the best that my mediocre abilities will take me, and I choose to focus on things that bring joy to my life. Whatever happens with the political state, I will adapt and adjust accordingly, but I’m not going to be some sniveling piss ant whining on social media that I don’t like the president, or his actions, because again, say it with me now people, I DON’T FUCKING CARE!

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LAW RIDE 2017 Local Bikers Support Law Enforcement by Miserable George

Although, Saturday, April 8, 2017 started out a bit on the nippy side, it soon developed into a perfect, warm, day for the Law Ride, and, ride they did!!!

Well over 300 motorcycles assembled at the area surrounding the Police Memorial,

on SR 405…Ace DJ, Doc Holiday was already at work, filling the air with the music as  only HE can!!! He told me…one of these years…he too will ride this run!!

After an invocation, and presentation of the colors, it was kick stands up, for the 15th. Annual Brevard Sheriff’s Law Ride, which included a tour of the Space-X area of Kennedy Space Center…something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I did the best I could with pictures…you know…one hand holding a camera…one hand on the wheel of the HEMI, as well as keeping an eye on the traffic…not an easy peasy task…!

After the tour, it was a short rest at the open area adjacent to the VAB, some more quick pics, then, off to the Police Memorial again, for food, and a quick walk-through of the Memorial itself…very interesting. Lots of vendors outside, a live band, a good crowd, all the ingredients for a successful event.

My thanks to the Officers for cooperating with me, so I could do my job, and Alan Rainey…yer the MAN!!!  Put this event on YOUR list…you’ll thank me…!!  

Miserable George

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Remembering Donnie ”Cool Don” Grant

We lost a good friend recently…Donnie”Cool Don” Grant…I just knew him as “Donnie”.

He was kinda on the quiet side, a U.S.Marine Corps veteran from the Korean Conflict, an avid motorcycle rider, and a long-time, very loyal supporter of our local motorcycle clubs.

A nice group of his friends gathered at H&D Roadhouse, on April 8th. For a celebration of Don’s life. He made his presence known at H&D Roadhouse, many times…usually with a smile on his face. I used to kid him about being the only rider in Brevard County who was older than me…!!

We were good friends…I’ll certainly miss him, as will a lot of others in the area. RIP Donnie…we’ll all join you on that Golden Road some day…

Miserable George

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Bike Shoot by ValGal at Billy Lane’s “Sons of Speed” Bike Week 2017

Valgal caught these beauties at Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed event during Daytona Bike Week 2017.


Billy Lane Video by ValGal


We are expecting more infor on the “Twins” and we will post it here when we get it, so check back…


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Tanner Jam Rock the Cure 2017 to Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Tanner Jam Rock the Cure (named for our Grandson Tanner Fallon 11 years old) was a huge success this year.  

The contributions from local bands, businesses, friends and family helped us meet and exceed our goals.  Each year the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation does a Charity walk, An estimated 94% of the funds raised for this walk go directly to research, not Administrative expenditures or executive wages.

That is why we choose to put forth our best efforts for Tanner, who is afflicted with this disease, that shortens the lives of kids and young adults.  this year we raised $13,500.00 during Tanner Jam !!!   and over $20,000.00 is what Tanner’s Team (that is you and everyone who was involved the most or in the slightest way) expect to present the Foundation with at the walk.

This money will one day make a breakthrough that will extend children’s lives into their teens and beyond.  We cannot thank our community enough for the love you have shown Tanner from his Mom and Dad, sisters and Brothers we thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of our hearts, God bless you.   

Larry and Maureen Fallon


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