CREW JAM XXV by Miserable George

The weather was a bit “iffy” for the big CREW JAM-XXV, held this year at Lee Wenner Park in Cocoa Village…on the Indian River, right next to the 520 Causeway Bridge.

Crew Jam is one of the larger family type events in the area, organized by Nanci Risola, and, as always, it drew a very nice crowd.

No admission to get in, just a donation for food, etc. Two live bands…”Twisted Minds”, and “Risola Blues Jam”, kept the gang hoppin’ all afternoon.

My friends from Ohio enjoyed the party too!! We closed out a few odds and ends concerning Rebecca Avery’s latest book…nice area for that little photo shoot…thanks to all concerned. I was glad to see ValGal there too…down from a magazine-bike-babe-shoot in Orange City!!!

That’s always a busy day for Nanci Risola too…that lady never stops…all day long…making certain that everything is running smoothly!! I always have a blast at this event…GOOD photo opps!! Lots of lovely ladies, dressed for HOT weather…YEAH!!! As always…the food was very tasty, and kept coming all afternoon! Kudos to the cook…sorry, never DID get his name, but, he did a good job!!

Looking forward to JAM XXVI…put it on your “to do list”…!!!

Hey, ride safe, and support our troops…!!!

Miserable George

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Readers Tat’s

Readers Tat’s

Karen Lewis by Greg Harris
Bobby by Kim Hollywood
Augie Jones by Matt Zimmerman
Jen by Kim Hollywood
Farrel Bernstein by Csaba Zurick
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RIP Batman ADAM WEST passes at 88

Adam West, best known for the 1960s series Batman, has died at the age of 88.

The actor died on Friday night (June 9) in Los Angeles with his family surrounding him.

Adam passed away following a short battle with leukemia. “Our dad always saw himself as The Bright Knight and aspired to make a positive impact on his fans’ lives. He was and always will be our hero,” the family told THR in a statement.

In recent years, Adam voiced the role of a character who was appropriately named Adam West on the Fox animated show Family Guy.

Ride on Batman.



Awhile back, Val and I traveled north to Palm Coast to shoot a drag bike(Featured in OSB), and while we were there, in rolls this 1960 Pan-Shovel, built by Larry Krouse, and now owned by Maniac Roberts. No, I have no idea why they call him “Maniac”…!!!

The 74 CID motor is 1960, set in a 1961 hardtail frame…no stretch, but, some moulding. The motor boasts solid lifters, S&S carb.,and an Andrews 480 cam. Power gets to the road through a mainly stock 1960 HD Tranny. Bike also features an antique taillight, and a hand made ostrich skin seat…neat!!!

Gracing the machine is our model for the day….Lauren…!!!

Miserable George

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