COCOA WARLOCKS  MC..37 years!!! By Miserable George

It was my pleasure, on January 12, 2019, to be invited to the Cocoa Warlocks’ 37 year Anniversary Party at the clubhouse in Cocoa, Fl. I got there a little after 7PM, and the place was just about parked full…!! Despite the chilly weather, bikes lined both sides of the street by the CH…!! The cooks were busy out front, cooking up goodies on a large grill, while inside, a huge crowd was doing their best to partake of the burgers, salads, pork, sausage, and many different kinds of sweets…cookies, cake, etc…!! It was all barmaid, Gina, could do to keep the cold ones coming…!!! All the ingredients of a damn good party!!! Several WMC Chapters were present, as well as out-of-townwers; I met a bunch of Bros and Sisters whom I hadn’t seen for quite awhile. All in all, a nice way to spend a few hours. My congratulations to the Chapter, and best wishes indeed to the Warlock Nation. Thanks for having me…

Miserable George

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BIKE DAY at POST #1 by Miserable George

It had been quite awhile since I had hit Bike Day at Legion Post#1, on US#1, just north of Titusville Fl. Although a bit on the cool side, the weather wasn’t really too bad, and it made for a nice turn-out of scooter ridin’ bros and sisters. The food was something different: 3 BIG tacos for $6…your choice of beef or chicken…you add the fixin’s. I gotta say, they filled me up!!! The band, “Mid-life Crisis” was pounding out the sounds, with a few cute female vocalists…even had some shufflers out there…warming up I guess!! The usual 50/50, and a “Basket of Cheer” drawing made some riders pretty happy.

    We’d especially like to thank POST #1 for their contribution to our(OSB magazine) cause!!! A big help…thanks again…!!  I left there with a full stomach and a smile on my face…the results of a really nice party!!! Remember our troops, and stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George

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HARRY & DEBBI….H&D ROADHOUSE… by Miserable George

This place has had several owners, as well as names down through the years…Pelican Creek Pub, Smokehouse Saloon, and, others which escape me. Owners too, the last one before Harry, was Tony…further back than that…I’m at a loss. Harry and Deb acquired the place in 2011, and labeled it H&D Roadhouse.Almost immediately, the place gained momentum as a friendly biker bar. Improvements were made to the building in general, as well as the back yard, a deck was built, plus a tidy little serving bar. Weeds were cleared to improve parking, and a new, huge sign went up out front.

H&D became an ending spot for poker runs and many, many, benefit events for unfortunate bikers who needed a lift up. Food was available at all events…no charge…bands were invited to play, and show their stuff…and yes…a new backyard stage has just been put into operation.

Every third Saturday is BBQ day…donations appreciated. There were Hoe-Down, and Hula Hoop nights as well.

Harry and Deb had to struggle through a recent family tragedy, the tragic loss of daughter Rachel. Friends were there to help, but, the scars still have not yet completely healed. Through both thick and thin, Harry and Deb have persevered …always ready to lend a hand. These are REAL PEOPLE…people whom you’ll get to love, the better you get to know them…so…stop in sometime…

1811 E. SR 520, Merritt Island, FL…

have a cold one, and get acquainted with this fabulous couple and their friendly staff…you’ll thank us here at OSB Magazine. GOD BLESS YOU, Harry and Deb, and may good fortune be YOURS…you guys are THE best…!!!!

Miserable George

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Even though a cold snap had blown into our area, a few brave souls actually rode to the annual Christmas celebration at H&D Roadhouse, in Merritt Island, FL. A nice, cheery crowd attended to partake of the live band…”The All-star Band”, plus the fabulous food, cooked up by owner, Harry Vigliano and his buddy, Scott, plus, some donated goodies. Hey…all delicious!!! Virtuoso sax-man, Jay Mollica sat in with the band for a few numbers, and by the way…Jay hauled his horn in on the back of his bike!!! All in all, it was (as always) a heart warming get-together. A BIG thanks to Harry, Deb, and ALL the H&D crew and friends for making this a joyous party…ValGal and I enjoyed it to the MAX!!! From all of us at OSB Magazine, and H&D Roadhouse…Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyous New Year…GOD bless you all….

Miserable & ValGal

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Wreaths Across America…2018 by Miserable George

Despite a very dismal weather day in Brevard County,

the Wreaths Across America event at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery, on Sat., Dec. 15th., was a tremendous success!!

A huge crowd made their way from the out-lying parking areas, to the center of the activities, to witness the delivery of the MANY wreaths by a large semi truck, escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders…very inspirational…!! There was the Presentation of the Colors, several talks by military dignitaries, and the singing of the National Anthem by a sweet teenage girl, delivery of the Special Commemorative Wreaths by a horse drawn carriage, and Taps to end the program. All this, during a nagging drizzle, which thankfully ended as the folks began placing the wreaths on the graves.

I saw many tears among the participants, but I believe for many, it brought at least SOME closure…GOD bless our military…both living, and those who have crossed over…this is truly a very inspirational event…

Miserable George

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The MOB-For the Kids by Miserable George

Saturday, Dec. 15th., started out rainy and miserable, but, as the day progressed, the weather DID improve somewhat to the point of…”no rain”…!!

ValGal and I met up at the MOB’s clubhouse in Melbourne, where the live band “Cowboyz N Alianz” was already jammin’, and the aroma of fresh food wafted out of the clubhouse, mixed with the giggles of the many pretty babes trotting around the yard…hey, party ingredients , if you ask me!!!!Not to mention the lovely GINA, manning the inside bar. “Animal” had a hand in cooking today…his special brand of potatoes were sensational!!! Lots of sweet goodies too…if…yer into that!!! I’m NOT!!!

This event was staged to acquire toys for the kids of downed Brothers, as well as other local little ones in the area, and by the looks of the pile on the sign-in table, it was a success!!

As always, we wanna thank all the WMC Bros and Sisters who helped to make our day an enjoyable one.

Remember our vets, and, stand up for your country!!!

GOD Bless America!!!!

Miserable & ValGal

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Shriners Toy Run 2018 by Valgal

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TOY RUN….2018 by Miserable George

Merritt Square Mall Starting point

Dec. 2, 2018 dawned bright and mostly clear…a bit cool in the early hours, but, warming up FAST…perfect riding weather. AND, ride they did…

well over 500 machines…laden with goodies for the less fortunate kids of Brevard County.

They assembled at Merritt Square Mall, right in front of Macy’s huge store…we thank you Macy’s for THAT!!! We made the rounds to the strains of some old-time country music, provided by a mobile DJ.

I left a few minutes ahead of the main body, to secure a spot along the route to the ending point…Post #1, just north of Titusville.

There was no police escort this year, so I had to capture increments of the column as it was broken up by traffic lights along the way. I got my shots from almost ½ mile away, with my long lens, on a high spot on 405 near US#1. The column came into view as it topped the 405 Draw Bridge.

Then, it was on to American Legion Post #1…! By the time I got there, the bikes were all parked…on just about every available square foot of property at #1…a fabulous sight indeed!!

Many vendors of all kinds, 2 live bands, Doc Holiday, and the friendliness of the staff at Post #1. Many toys were collected, so a bunch of kids will have a Merry Christmas!! There was an auction, and of course…the 50/50 drawing.

Folks, by this time, this old boy was bushed!! We’d like to offer our thanks to the entire staff of Post #1…you people are 2nd. to none, and to all the countless folks who pitched in. Special thanks go to Space Coast Motorcycle Alliance and Robin Bailey for a flawless day. Maybe this was “step #1” to getting things back to where they were in the “old days”. As long as we keep getting the cooperation we got on Toy Run Sunday this year…this event will thrive, as it certainly must, to keep our future leaders(the kids) happy.

We thank GOD for a safe day, and for the fabulous weather.

Hey, remember our vets and fighting men and women all over the world, and…stand up for your country!!!

GOD bless you all….
Miserable George & ValGal

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Space Coast Harley Davidson DIRT TRACK RACES by Miserable George

Sat., Dec. 1, 2018, was the inaugural race on Space Coast Harley Davidson’s brand new dirt racing course, situated just across from the main showroom and stage, on their huge venue off I.95 in Palm Bay.

There were 3 classes:
Kids (up to 100CC)
-Adults(100CC and above)
-and HD(Sportsters).

OK, not the classes that the hard-core dirt racers are familiar with, but, a good start for this competition. One stand-out, was an 8 year-old girl, named Ella Dreher, a member of the Dreher Racing Family. Hey, here’s a little girl with possibilities….that kid could RIDE!!

Yes, the racing area DOES need a few up-grades, and I’m sure these will come in time, but, the action today was loud and dusty, with a few spills, (nobody was hurt), and winners did receive trophies and other prizes. There was a regular “riders meeting”, the usual forms to sign, and, mandatory helmets, plus an ambulance standing by… I really enjoyed the competition.

Also on the grounds, were many vendors, bands, and a toy collection center, plus free food and drinks. Hey…something to keep an eye on folks…I’m gonna!!!

Race results:
1st. Avery Dreher,
2nd. Ella Dreher,
3rd. Carter Dreher….

1st. Richie K.,
2nd. Dustin,
3rd. Jim Smyth, and

1st. Chris Crash,
2nd. Franco,
3rd. Jack the Ripper.

Miserable George & ValGal

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Veteran’s Day at American Legion Post 1 by Valgal

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