Moving Wall Reunion 2019 by ValGal

Moving Wall Reunion 2019

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Moving Wall Escort 2019 by ValGal

Moving Wall Escort 2019

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Tonya by Miserable George


WMC Melbourne…Annual Biker Rodeo by Miserable George

May 18, 20019, saw the MOB in Melbourne gearing up for the 5th. Annual Biker Rodeo, to benefit  The Haven House for Children in Melbourne. Action began at about 4PM with the SCHD All-American Band. Yeah, it was HOT, and the love bugs didn’t make things any easier to swallow. BUT, that chicken and dumplings and all the other tasty food, WAS very easy to swallow!! Thanks to Sandra, and all the other ladies who came through with some GOOD chow!!!(As always). Plenty of cold ones were served up by the pretty, little bar- maids, Gena inside, and Annie outside…yeah, she was the “clown” with orange hair!!! There was a 50/50, and door prizes as well. The rodeo consisted of a slow race, plank ride, barrel roll, and the ever popular weenie bite. NOPE, I never did get the winners’ names!!! Call the clubhouse…I’m sure someone there has the names. As the mosquitoes began to get nasty, this old boy headed for home.

Good times…again…at the MOB in Melbourne…!!!

Hey, remember our troops, and, stand up for your country…!

Miserable George

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WMC Prisoner’s Benefit Run by Miserable George

   Back around 1997, WMC Brother, Chuckles, came up with an idea to make a stretch behind bars, maybe just a bit easier, by establishing the Prisoner Benefit Run. It was designed to raise funds which would be used to purchase much needed items which are used by inmates…items that we largely take for granted…toilet articles, certain articles of clothing, etc. Certain portions of these funds, could also be used for attorney fees, etc. The event became very successful, and has become an annual happening every April; this year, attracting a very large crowd to the Cocoa CH on SR 520. There was food, and drink…AND pretty girls, plus a large amount of BROTHERHOOD…very successful event all around, and, I was proud to have been invited…thank you, Brothers!!  

Hey, ride safe…see ya next time…

Miserable George

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Legion Post 359….BIKE DAY by Miserable George

    The forecast for Legion Post 359 Bike Day…May 4, 2019, was for showers and storms later in the day, and indeed, they came on…big time!! But, in the meantime, there was fun to be had at 359.

When I got there, the Spanks Band was already on stage, doing what they do best!! The chief cook had the grill covered with goodies, and, there was a nice line of folks, waiting to partake of the best burgers in Brevard County!!! Lots of the cold stuff to go around too!!

I noticed that the main parking lot has been enlarged…that’s the staff at 359…always looking out for us…thanks guys!!! Thanks too, to all the folks who picked up their Old School Biker Magazine at 359…we handed out several more while we were there!!

Hot weather, not-with-standing, folks were dancing up a storm…uh-oh…did I say “storm?” She blew in late in the afternoon…nasty!!! BUT, it was a FUN DAY anyway…always is, on BIKE DAY at 359…see ya all next time.

Remember our Vets, and, stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George

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ALLIE and a CHEVVY by Miserable George

 OK folks, we’re back…on a blistering  HOT day at the Hot Rod Garage of my friend, Jimmy. We were lucky today…no rain!!! Our little friend is Allie, wearing her favorite little PIN-UP Sailor dress, and, a brand new outfit she just got. We hope you’ll all enjoy the layout, and, with any luck…we just MIGHT get Allie in front of our cameras again sometime. 


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32nd Moving Wall & All Veterans Reunion by Miserable George

   This huge event, the 32nd Moving Wall & All Veterans Reunion, began with the assembly of motorcycles, and various other necessary vehicles, at the BCC Campus on Clearlake Rd. in Cocoa, Fl, on Sunday, May 5, 2019. ValGal covered this phase of the event, while I proceeded directly to my usual vantage point on high ground in the Pineda area.

As always, local law enforcement agencies expertly handled the immense amount of traffic associated with an event of this size. There were no tie-ups that I knew of, although, there’s always some grumbling by motorists that are held up by the very long column of nearly 800 motorcycles and support vehicles.

After shooting my pictures, I proceeded to Wickham Park to shoot the next phase…setting up the Wall, and other displays, associated with America’s conflicts, which showed the names of combat people who lost their lives protecting our country and our rights. Very sad to see those thousands of names. This ended my day at the Park, but, I would return the following Saturday for the actual reunion.

    Saturday, May 11, 2019, dawned bright and clear, with a scourge of the cursed Love Bugs, which had been invading our area for the past week…Mother Nature fought us, but, I think we won…at least THIS battle!!

I arrived at the park in time for the landing of 3 combat helicopters, after which, was the Presentation of the Colors Ceremony, opening prayers , and our National Anthem, a very solemn segment of the day’s activities.

Noted local DJ, Doc Holiday was doing his usual bang-up job with the music, and, I had the honor of meeting two WW2 veterans…God Bless ‘em!! By this time, all the vendors were set up, with all manner of military goods…there was food, drink, and snacks of every description as well.

Over in the Wall area, all displays were in order, and being viewed by a huge crowd, including many younger people…let’s hope that THEY never have to go through what the people on the Wall did…!

This year, as like last, the helicopters flew low over the pond behind the Wall, dipping their noses down in tribute…it was quite a sight…very moving…!!  

Now, it was time for this old boy to head for home…a home I could retain, thanks to the sacrifices of the many who are named on the Wall. GOD BLESS them all. Please, support our troops, and, stand up for your country!!! Ride safe…

Miserable George

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Glenn Williams Benefit by Valgal

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BIN RUN 2019 by ValGal

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