Space Coast Chopper Show 2023 by Valgal

Well what a beautiful day to have a bike show!… No rain, not too hot, just perfect! That being said I don’t think the day could have gone any better.  Perfect attendance for the show, some gorgeous bikes! Friends everywhere I turned! Great Day!

Thank you Malabar Mo’s for keeping up with the people, Awesome job, good food.

Enjoy til next time… Valgal

Leatherneck’s 18th Annual Party by Valgal

Beautiful day to have a gathering of our awesome Marines! Leatherneck’s bash was another great success!… Yummy food and some great entertainment. Sure did miss those bike wash girls this year!

OH well maybe next year I will wash a few bikes for them LOL… See y’all next year!


Shovelhed ROCKS H&D Roadhouse by Valgal

I had such a fun weekend with all my friends and biker family! H&D Roadhouse was PACKED for the game and SHOVELHED was the best distraction !! Always getting the crowd involved and bringing people to their feet!… Dancing, whistling and hugging all my super great supporters is the best way to end the weekend! Please ENJOY the photos and leave a comment 😀

Congrats to Koral for getting the honor of Flower Girl for the wedding of some awesome people! Warren and Meg !!! 

We also have a Youtube Channel now so go check it out!

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ALL my Love


BIKER  SATURDAY 2/4/23 at  POST 359 by Miserable George

      Well, here it is…February…the month that I DO NOT like…! The weather usually is not too nice, however, we were lucky on Feb.4, 2023, we DID have a beautiful day at Legion Post 359 Biker Saturday…not just weather-wise, but BIG DADDY’S BAND was featured, and they happen to be MY personal favorite outfit. Things started out a bit ho-hum as far as the crowd went, BUT, that changed real quick, and before ya knew it, the back deck was JAMMED!!! I figured it might be cooler. But the weather was almost perfect….beautiful sunshine all day. The food was yummy as were the two bar-maids out back…Shelly and Sarah…and, they were really busy all day. Some lucky guy hit the 50/50 for a nice bundle…ME…I never play that game…ya well…!!!

I tell ya, when Biker Saturday rolls around, get yer butts out there to Post 359 on US#1 just south of Titusville, a little bit north of the Generating Center, you’ll thank me!!!!

Don’t forget, thank a VET today, and ride safely…we’ll see ya next time…

Miserable George & ValGal


Sunday, Jan. 8th. Was party time for Harry…(the “H” in H&D Roadhouse), and the weather could not have been better. The “House Band” was all set up and wailing out back where a banner crowd was building up. Harry’s Grease Pit was cooking up some super vittals …I just HAD to go off my strict diet for a hunk of that sausage with potato salad and cole slaw on the side…!!! Nice to meet up with my 2 “Roscoe” buddies as well…already planning this year’s trip…!! After stuffing myself, I went exploring the area out back which features a swamp area as well as a large pond which itself features a bunch of turtles and 2 ‘gators…yes…’gators, thriving a mere 200 feet off SR 520..!! H&D Roadhouse itself is located at 1811 E. SR 520, across from the Lincoln Car Dealership. So, how old is Harry…? Well, I think he said “early 60’s”…and, he’s lookin’ pretty good. Anyway, it was nice to bump into several of the old crowd again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harry….hope ya have MANY more!!!!  

GOD bless ya…!!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

BIKE DAY 1/7/2023 at American Legion POST 359 by Miserable George

     Well…wouldn’t ya know it…another cold snap…!!! This one was mild compared to Christmas, and the crowd DID turn out at Legion Post 359 on Jan. 7th, 2023…! It warmed up pretty nice, and as I said….there was quite a bit of action on that huge patio out back. The Whiskey JuJu Band stirred the crowd up real well…lots of dancers out there in no time. Again, some good food if you were hungry…I WAS…so, I indulged. Both bars were “manned” by some gorgeous bar-maids…my friend Sarah Williams was handling the action at the Riders Roost….!!! Ran into a few old friends as well. All in all, a good day to be outside, mingling with the riders….looking forward to the next get-together.

Hey…thank a VET today,  be safe, and ValGal and I will catch ya’ll later…

Miserable George and ValGal…..


     In our area, Rusty is a pretty popular guy, and I was lucky enough to get an invitation to his birthday celebration held at Legion Post 359 on Dec.10, 2022. His actual birthday is Dec. 25, but for obvious reasons, he chose the 10th. to do his celebrating. He had a top notch band…Sease Fire…they put the crowd in a dancing mood for sure!!! Weather was clear and a bit cool, but that did little to slow this crowd down. Later in the evening, we all shared 10 pizzas. I’m not really sure how old Rusty is, but we wish him all the best…!

Miserable George and ValGal

CFEC Toy Run by Valgal & Miserable George

The weather was perfect for this year’s toy run… Thank you to all the vendors that came to support… Shovelhed THANK YOU! Y’all played great music for the riders that came to give presents to the needy children of Brevard County… But can I stir up some issues? 


*NEVER has anyone had an event the same day as the Brevard County Toy Run! (Why would they compete against children in need you ask?)

*No Pre-event meet up…Like the mall! We can still meet up!

NO SUPPORT! WHY? There are still CHILDREN IN NEED in Brevard County! I had fun at this year’s event but… It needs some TLC…

I did not put this out there to berate anyone… they did a great job, but more needs to be done to attract people… The amount of children needing help this Holiday is more than ever! WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER FOR THEM!… We will advertise this event for FREE next year. (No one ever asked!)

Until then, thank a veteran and have a great Christmas!