Twisted Minds, Inc. and Me by Valgal

Very few people know where/how my obsession with TMI started … Well it has been almost 5 years now since my head snapped up and I took notice. 

I made a flier YEARS ago for an event a friend put on called Crew Jam, well Nancie had Twisted Minds playing as one of the bands but I didn’t really care too much about music back then cuz I just had started our magazine.

This brings us to the vibrancy that was Jay Grose… As you all know I leave events a bit early. This is because I NEED to go… For ME.

 Well one day I was leaving a venue, I believe it was Moe’s, and Jay asked me to wait and listen to his friends play, it was TMI… Little did I know how much this day would change my life and the way I look at the music community today. They had me hooked!

WE FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS! This band, called Twisted Minds,Inc. Helped me get thru one of the saddest times of my life. We are so grateful to have them and all the friends we have made because of them. You can go see them and just BE. Jay tried to give me the ability to hear the music the way he did.(Not exactly)

Jasper, and the men from TMI, you will ALWAYS mean more to me than you will ever know…

OK… I have been hoarding A LOT OF PHOTOS over the last few years so here are some of the BEST OF THE BEST of TMI… Thank you for being there!


P.S There will be photos of current and past members…

BIKER  SATURDAY 2/4/23 at  POST 359 by Miserable George

      Well, here it is…February…the month that I DO NOT like…! The weather usually is not too nice, however, we were lucky on Feb.4, 2023, we DID have a beautiful day at Legion Post 359 Biker Saturday…not just weather-wise, but BIG DADDY’S BAND was featured, and they happen to be MY personal favorite outfit. Things started out a bit ho-hum as far as the crowd went, BUT, that changed real quick, and before ya knew it, the back deck was JAMMED!!! I figured it might be cooler. But the weather was almost perfect….beautiful sunshine all day. The food was yummy as were the two bar-maids out back…Shelly and Sarah…and, they were really busy all day. Some lucky guy hit the 50/50 for a nice bundle…ME…I never play that game…ya well…!!!

I tell ya, when Biker Saturday rolls around, get yer butts out there to Post 359 on US#1 just south of Titusville, a little bit north of the Generating Center, you’ll thank me!!!!

Don’t forget, thank a VET today, and ride safely…we’ll see ya next time…

Miserable George & ValGal


     In our area, Rusty is a pretty popular guy, and I was lucky enough to get an invitation to his birthday celebration held at Legion Post 359 on Dec.10, 2022. His actual birthday is Dec. 25, but for obvious reasons, he chose the 10th. to do his celebrating. He had a top notch band…Sease Fire…they put the crowd in a dancing mood for sure!!! Weather was clear and a bit cool, but that did little to slow this crowd down. Later in the evening, we all shared 10 pizzas. I’m not really sure how old Rusty is, but we wish him all the best…!

Miserable George and ValGal

CHARLES “SMITTY” SMITH by Miserable George

     In the Brevard County area of Florida, when you said “Smitty”, you were talking about one man…Charles “Smitty” Smith…owner of Spirat Enterprises…a shop where you could get just about ANYTHING pertaining to motorcycles…this man was a true legend as far as fixing, building, and supplying parts for American made motorcycles. Alas, even legends pass on, as Smitty did last July 23,2022…a sad day indeed. A celebration of his life was held on Nov.12, 2022, at Legion #81 in Melbourne, FL. A huge crowd attended, bringing pictures and stories to share with one-another. There was food, a band, and Brotherhood. I believe ol’ Smitty was smiling down on all his friends today…Smitty, we’re gonna miss you…Rest in Peace my friend….

Miserable George and ValGal

Beaver Bar FUN! by Valgal

I can not describe how much FUN it is to go and see your friends play music at such an awesome bar and event! Twisted Minds has done it AGAIN! Their show at the Beaver Bar after Midwest Cycles bike show was EPIC!!!  I managed to get a few bikes shot from the show!  The people were leaving the show only to pass MORE people coming IN to see Twisted Minds, Inc.! 

We here in Brevard County are so proud to share with you our Twisted Minds,Inc with you… They make family everywhere they go! Please go see them if you come to Cacklebery Campground this Bike Week They will also be at the Beaver Bar in Myrtle Beach Bike Rally! Make sure to stop in and tell them OSB sent ya! ENJOY! 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from TMI!


Our Twisted Minds, Inc. by Valgal

Ok friends I need to introduce to you my brothers… The members of the band Twisted Minds, Inc. Jasper is the lead singer, Glen is on guitar with Ricky as well, Frank OG is on bass and Chris is the drummer. These men have been KILLING IT in Brevard County for years!… To my Daytona friends… PLEASE go out of your way to see these guys at The Beaver Bar this Sunday! AND at Cacklebery Campground for Bike Week!
What you will see when you do go is a group of friends entertaining their FAMILY! These guys are so true and dedicated to the craft but that you can read when you pick up a copy of LiveWire Magazine at Sully’s Backstreet in Melbourne…
I of course speak with my photography, so here are just SOME pictures I have taken over the years since they entered my life… I need these boys to fill a huge hole in my heart and they do a GREAT job with Love Support and ROCK AND ROLL!!!


Gerald “Pogo” Pogue by Miserable George

     For those who have been attending Roscoe’s Chili Challenge, we have very sad news today… long time EMCEE Pogo has been called home by the Lord. I received this news on April 3, 2021. Gerald “Pogo” Pogue had been EMCEE at the Chili Challenge for 30 years. He was a highly decorated Marine Corps Veteran. His antics at the big party were second to none, and he will be missed by all who attended. He assisted me many times in my efforts to cover the event for my many magazine associates, and I will miss him very much. Rest in Peace Pogo…may GOD have mercy on your soul…

Miserable George  

Brent in the beginning…

I would like to introduce a good friend of mine… Brent Dwyer, he is an up and coming bike builder… Keep your eyes on him, he is learning from some REAL old school men…


So I kinda like motorcycles .I’m guessing you do also or you wouldn’t be reading this..I won’t take up a bunch of your time so I’ll get straight to the point… BUILDING MOTORCYCLES! Really is there anything else ? Shhhhh don’t say a big ass cause that’s a given….

One of my very best friends Valgal gave me an opportunity to Introduce you to my long bike build so that’s what you’re gonna get to read about right here in Old School Biker mag… each month from now till the bikes finished. ..

I had built a 1970 ironhead years ago that was stretched 4″ with 40 deg rake and 15 over front end…I always dug the way it looked and wanted another long bike in my stable so when RoadSide marty told me he had a title ,frame ,trans and motor 1976 .That needed a good home.I said the time is now…..

I quickly flipped a motor I had stashed away and me n Gus were off to Pensacola to get the pile marty had for me..I had been stashing parts for just such a build for years..A 21″ round spoke spool invader along with a 25″ over springer ..I was off to a good start..I got an old OEM star hub and laced it to a 18″ NOS Dixie rim..Wrapped in a 400 Champion tire … We’re gonna use a Knucklehead oil tank and the reason why will be revealed in the next few months. Internal throttle and riser less bars , foot clutch and foot breaks because in my worthless opinion no chopper should have clutter on the handlebars. We have already started divorcing the rockers and hand shaping the heads..This will be a complete motor build from the crank pin up and were going to be doing all the machine work right here in the garage..Matter of fact other than paint and chrome were going to be doing all the work ourselves.. Custom controls, frenched in seat, tank and tail light..

We’re going to be hardtailing the OEM frame then stretching and raking it..We will be showing you how to rebuild a motor from the pin up and a complete 4 speed tear down and rebuild. Maybe we will even get into making a glass pan for your ass and some pipe building 101..Short story, stay tuned each month to see the progress and share in learning some cool shit along with me from the grandmaster himself Gus Karnes.

Thank u you Val and everyone else at OSB for all the love .. 

Till next month beat pavement and remind your friends how much you value them..

Kisses fuckers.

H&D  ROADHOUSE by Miserable George

…..a tribute to our friends who have brought us so much joy…

Like you all, I’m stuck in the house, and what better way to make use of all my time, than to put together a piece to pay tribute to H&D Roadhouse. These images are from the various gatherings we’ve attended at Harry and Debbie’s establishment on SR 520 East, just across from the Lincoln dealer. There is an element of sadness here, in that some of the folks you’ll see are no longer with us, but, I’m sure they are all smiling down, and watching over us all. We pray that this terrible situation we are experiencing presently, will soon go away, and hopefully, we’ll all come out on top. When things DO finally clear up, let’s all get out there and welcome Harry and Deb back into business. They’ve helped many of us down through the years…let’s NOW help them…!!! GOD bless you guys…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

JUST A BIT OF NOSTALGIA by Miserable George and Valgal

ValGal and I cooked up this idea to kinda help our readers pass the time of day, now that a lot of you are more or less confined to your homes. The images represent a wide array of subjects that might interest a wide array of readers. Not all will recognize every picture, but we’re hoping that at least SOME of you will. We pray that this mess will be ironed out very soon, and things will get back to “normal”…! Thank a Vet, stand up for your country, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George