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I had a blast last weekend! Looks like this weekend will be equally as fun! Here are some of the pix I got bee-bopping around Brevard County… ALP 359 for some ribs and music by Hypersona then off to Benders for a little bike show and to show off the AWESOME new owners… Thank you for letting Lou’s spirit continue there… We LOVE it! Big Daddy Band was playing at Sully’s on Saturday and TMI was playing there on Sunday… We have THE BEST bands in Brevard Co. than anywhere in Florida!

Emily went out for me on SundayFunday at Sully’s and snapped a few pix for us…

 Thank you Emily! (Make sure to go to Tetra Horizon for your MMC! 

Enjoy and I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend…


2021 CFEC Toy Run by Valgal

What a GREAT DAY!!! CFEC Christmas Toy Run 2021 was an awesome success!… We had the best weather of the year for this great day of giving for the kids in Brevard County! Friends gathered to give toys and socialize with friends and RIDE!!! Of course we couldn’t have done this without YOU!!!

And last but not least… THE MUSIC! It was Spectacular! As ALWAYS Shovelhed was fabulous and Twisted Minds Inc. melted faces… These two bands have done more beneficial work than ANY band I have ever seen! They are stand up, honest musicians that LOVE what they do and love helping people! You can see it while they are on stage… Twisted Minds, I am so proud to be part of the TMI Family and I love each and every one of you so much! I hope you enjoy these pics… My Dad has his own article in OSB too so check it all out! 

I love you all and Have a Merry Christmas!


2021 Biker Bash by Valgal

Well the first thing I have to say about this great event for Nana’s House is… IT WAS COLD AF!!! And I bet y’all agreed LOL… Besides the chill in the air, the night was a great success!… As of now over 11K has been raised!  Loved seeing the brothers get together to support such a great cause, all proceeds go to Nana’s House. Ask Big John if you missed the bash but still want to donate to a good cause!… 

The music was awesome!  Of course with Frank O.G playing you KNOW it’s gonna be good!! Thank you to DCF~Dakota, Chris and Frank.

We look forward to this event every year! Next year will be EPIC! Maybe I will even do a Club bike bike show LOL… who knows but you can bet I will be there! See y’all then!

ML&R If you want copies of certain shots let me know by text or call…

Valgal 321-525-0307


November Bike Day at American Legion Post 359 by Valgal

With Miserable George at Roscoe’s y’all were stuck with me this month LOL… I LOVE BIKE DAY!!! The weather was a little chilly but WAY better than melting in the heat… The band was awesome as always, Thank you ! Food ran out quickly and I missed my cheeseburger! Love them…

Please visit American Legion Post 359 when you are in the area… GREAT group of people… See y’all next Bike Day!! 


Unchained Kings…a new twist… by Miserable George

      Anyone who ever attended a Motorcycle Club event kinda expects something….well….topless…right??? Well, at the Unchained Kings event on Oct. 23, 2021, there were NO topless occurrences of any kind!!! The whole event was set up as a sort of circus theme, with different acts taking place as the evening progressed…the main act on stage was Indigo Foxxx…a guy and gal combo who performed a host of interesting little capers, including card tricks, hypnotism, piercing, fire applications, escape artistry, and tricks on a bed of nails…all things that you would not expect at a MC Party…! There were also the Brisngr Fire Dancers, performing in memory of a fallen comrade, along with a moment of silence. Along with all this, there were the JessPaints321 Body Painters. I will admit that there were many ladies prancing around with “interesting” costumes, plus a contest for the best appearing “ghoul” , BUT…no skin…definitely a “new twist” on MC party entertainment, BUT, very enjoyable. There was a bunch of very tasty food, and of course…lots of “cold stuff”. It was fun to watch the girls get “strung up” on stage too. I had a blast, and I’d like to thank the Unchained Kings for their hospitality…a good bunch of people!! Pop in there sometime on a Wednesday evening.

OK…be safe…thank a Vet today…

Miserable George


Here is a message from Hillbilly himself about the 18th Annual… Couldn’t have said it any better!… Awesome party!


On behalf of the US MILITARY VETS MC I would like to thank all my brothers for coming out . TMI for their amazing, continued, faithful support for the 3rd year straight!  You alway knock it out of the park, especially with your busy weekend schedule, to squeeze us in between gigs. The Dragon Slayers MC , Leathernecks MC , the Armed Forces MC for their donation as you couldn’t attend, all of our local friends and those that we consider family for coming out and making our 18th year annual celebration yet another successful event . The Patrick Space Force base for sending the color guard for the 911 tribute. All the bartenders at camp holly keeping everyone “hydrated” 😉 and the members of LUCKY 13 for all the hard work involved today and every day!  Love each and every one listed and many more as I’m sure I missed someone along the way , again thank you for a great day… 

Hillbilly ~ US Military Vets


Right about now, I believe a lot of folks are saying the same thing that I am….”Where has the time gone…??” A lot has happened in the past 20 years…new members have been added, and sadly, Patches have been burned as well. As they say…”Time marches on”…!! 

ValGal and I HEMI’d down to Melbourne under threatening skies and several fleeting showers, arriving there just as the band, SHOVELHEAD were setting up…in the rain..!!! Thankfully, the rain ended shortly thereafter, and the rest of the night was rain-free, at least while we were there!! As always, the food was tasty and plentiful, including a huge pile of pizza!!! Plenty of cold stuff to drink, and some games to keep one busy, along with a “trick bicycle”…very  hard to ride, BUT, it CAN be done. Of course, there was no shortage of gorgeous ladies too!!! All in all…a FUN time at the MOB!!! We’d like to thank all the Brothers for the work they put in to assure that everyone has a GOOD time!!! Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

BREVARD COUNTY LAW RIDE 2021 by Miserable George

I don’t believe the weather on May 8th., 2021 could have been more perfect for the 20th. Annual Brevard County Law Ride. They formed up on the grounds of the Memorial Museum on Rt. 405 just east of US#1. I was told that there were 539 bikes signed in…fabulous!!! DJ, Oddball was supplying the tunes, Presentation of the Colors was by the Brevard Sheriff’s Honor Guard, and now, it was time to RIDE!!! I had assumed my position at the east end of the Max Brewer Bridge in Titusville to get shots of the column of bikes which seemed “never-ending”…!!! I joined in at the end of the column, and we proceeded out to Kennedy Space Center where we jumped on the Shuttle Runway. Folks, THAT was a blast…!! There was no stopping at the VAB this time, just on down to 405, where we headed west, past the Visitors’ Center, past a huge solar power center, through the black smoke of a controlled burn over the drawbridge, and back into the Museum area where lunch was waiting. I’d like to thank the Officers who cooperated with me and got me into the fast moving column…no problems anywhere along the route…! Brevard County deputies and some from surrounding areas….thanks for a job well done…!!

This old man hopes that he’ll be around for the ride next year…!!!

Miserable George


     Man, I tell ya, the weather on Feb. 27, was perfect for a car show, and there was a really good one on the grounds of the Valiant Air Command just beside Tico Airport. Plenty of real classics to drool over, with a scattering of military jet aircraft and prop jobs as well. There were food stands and two old school DJ’s playing songs I haven’t heard for quite awhile. Never did get their names…sorry. There was activity on the North-South runway at Tico too…something else to pique your interest. It really was a fun time, but this old guy can only hustle around for…not too long a time!!!!! It’s always an interesting visit at Valiant Air Command museum too…which we did…!!! Stand up for your country, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George

PROJECT VET RELIEF by Miserable George

      We finally caught a warm day on Jan. 31, 2021 for the Project Vet Relief, held at American Legion Post 359 on US#1, just north of Cocoa, Fl. When I arrived, there was a LONG line at the food table, a hot combo was playing, folks were dancing, and it had all the promises of  a pretty successful event. Hot food…cold drinks…and a bunch of attractive ladies added to that promise..! The raffle tickets for the customized AR-15 were SOLD OUT…!!! Motorcycle activity in the main parking area was hot all day long, with several well known clubs represented. I hadn’t been out much because of the COLD weather, so, this party felt GOOD!!! Nice to bump into several old friends too. All in all, a pleasant way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for more up-coming events at 359. Stand up for your country, thank a vet, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal