80s in the Park

It was late march 2013 around midnight, Kyle, Lucy and Richard Hendry had just spent 3 days at a local country music festival. Tried and covered in dust, they made their way home. IN the car Lucy mentioned how great it was that so many people in Brevard came to the event.

Richard thought out loud : I wonder what other type of music event the area would support?” and without missing a beat Lucy replied

“I don’t know….maybe rock the park or 80s in the park?”

 Kyle shot his father a look that told Richard that they would be up all night. After Lucy went to bed, Kyle and his father stayed up for hours, researching bands, buying the domain and on sunrise the next day – 80s in the park was born. Most people credit Kyle and Richard with brainstorm but they are the first to tell that really – Lucy was one! Now, they also offer that maybe if she had known what would happen next, she might have kept silent because its been a long, long ride.

The event started in the Hendry’s kitchen that night in 2013 as 2 days with a couple of 80s bands, by September that year – just 6 months later – it had become a 20 band,3 stage event with actors from 80s films, TV, celebrity look a likes, a horror film festival and the biggest 80s event on this side of the world. Covered by 25 media outlets and drawing ticket holders from as far as Melbourne Australia and 3 other countries.

Each year since, 80s in the park, like the decade it represents – has be all about change. In 2014, they added an extra day and began the best VIP after party that ticket holders have ever seen, in 2015 they added yet another day and a spotlight on new artist stage and in 2016, they had more parties and special events then every before. 80s in the park has now evolved into a up close and personnel event experience like none other in world. At no other 80s festival can ticket holders mingle and drink with headlining band members, swim in the pool with them and enjoy the music from the decade that made us so close as at 80s in the park.

This year the 2017 event had taken another leap forward with the addition of the first ever – ROCK CONVENTION, featuring special guest Dan Spitz;founding member of Anthrax, Simon Wright; legendary Drummer of AC/DC and DIO, Rachel Bolan of Skid Row, Jack Starr of Burning Starr, Video Vixens Bobbie Brown and Brandi Bandt and many more while bring to the main stage a few of the biggest bands they’ve had including JACKYL , LYNCH MOB, HOUSE OF LORDS, ENUFF ZNUFF, TED POLEY OF DANGER DANGER, RANDY JACKSON OF ZEBRA, LILLIAN AXE, EVERY MOTHERS NIGHTMARE, JETBOY, JUNKYARD, PHIL LEWIS OF THE LA GUNS, GENE LOVE JEZEBEL, NOVA REX AND MANY MORE. And this year they have convinced Greg Billings to get Tampa’s Favorite home town 80s band back together – STRANGER!. Plus 4 VIP after parties, a free Victory Casino Cruise on Friday with special band on board and more.All to make their 5 year show the very best 80s event anywhere.

Ticket prices are still non par with the 80s 3 day GA tickets are only 59.00 and include all bands, the rock con and more. VIP is 169.00 for 4 days of amazing 80s rock

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Vietnam Vets Wall Reunion 2017

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 was the 30th Vietnam and All Vets Reunion at Wickham Park, Melbourne, Fl.

Val and I got there just before the Massing of the Colors…always a very inspirational ceremony, made up of many of the local vets groups, clubs, and Legion groups…some of the participants were too young to have experienced war, and let’s pray that they never have to.

After all the groups marched in and assembled in the grassy area just in front of the main stage, there was a prayer, singing of our National Anthem, and the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. Flag.

Two combat choppers landed in the LZ just across from the main stage to the rear…that really attracted a lot of attention!!

By now, the scores of vendors in the main area were doing what looked like a pretty brisk business, both for food, drinks, and a huge array of military gear…pins, shirts, caps, etc.

We strolled over to the Wall area, and took in several of the military displays set up there. One was a tribute to all of the Service Dogs that served and were killed in combat…I had no idea there were so many…!!

Lots of people were tracing names from the Wall onto sheets of paper, while some knelt in silent prayer by the name of a loved one lost in the conflict.

A very moving environment at the Wall, for sure. Walking back to the stage area, we witnessed a Huey Chopper hovering over the pond near the Wall. My guess is, he was paying tribute to the men remembered on the Wall…Valerie cried at that one…

After that, we grabbed a bite to eat, and called it a day. Thanks to everyone who helped organize this 30th. Reunion, to the entertainers, the bands…AND…Doc Holiday!!! A very entertaining, and inspirational day…God Bless America…

Miserable and ValGal

Traveling Memorial Wall Escort 2017

Watch this Huey take a bow to the Wall in this Video!

“Whup-whup-whup-whup…Thousands of American troops in faraway places have thanked the Almighty when they heard that familiar sound. It meant help was on the way, and as it grew louder and came closer, even when the  chopper tilted down and blew dust or rain or razor grass into their faces, they welcomed it.” – Ernest B. Furgurson  SMITHSONIAN.COM

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Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall Escort 2017

As Val and I approached the assembly area for the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall Escort event of April 30, 2017, at BCC  on Clearlake Rd., we could readily see just how large an event this was gonna be!!

Motorcycles were streaming onto the grounds steadily the whole time we were there! Police officers from several local communities were there to assure a smooth running exodus from the BCC Grounds, south on U.S.#1, to the Wall site at Wickham Park, in Melbourne, Fl.

Just after Val and I left to secure our photo shooting spot at Pineda Crossing Bridge, the huge column began its swift, steady, well managed journey to Wickham Park. I’m told that there were  851 machines in the actual column!! It seemed like a lot more, as it took about 30 minutes or so to pass our photo spot!!

Upon arrival at the park, work immediately began on the setting up of the iconic structure, but, with the many hands offering help, the task was completed in record time. Cold drinks were served, as well as  food for all the helpers. Now, would begin a solid week of patriotic activities at the Park. A big THANK YOU to all who helped…without your help, this event could not take place. GOD bless America!!

Miserable George

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