Nineteenth Anniversary Party at the MOB by Miserable George

     We were lucky on Aug. 8th., 2020, we didn’t get the usual afternoon showers, and this prompted a large crowd to congregate at the MOB in Melbourne, Fl. for their 19th. Anniversary Celebration. Yes, they had a terrific  band, ”Occasional Astronauts”. As usual, the food was fantastic, and lots of it, with Sandra’s very tasty chicken & dumplin’s…of course, I ate too much!!! I hadn’t been out and about for awhile, so it was nice to bump into old friends again. Yes, as advertised, there WAS a wet T-shirt contest…well, not exactly, it was more like a quick flash, but, they were all winners. First place lady got a big bottle of hooch. Ended up with 10 contestants …I was surprised!!! All in all…a damn good party!! Hey, thank a vet today, support your local MC club, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal   

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The MOB-For the Kids by Miserable George

Saturday, Dec. 15th., started out rainy and miserable, but, as the day progressed, the weather DID improve somewhat to the point of…”no rain”…!!

ValGal and I met up at the MOB’s clubhouse in Melbourne, where the live band “Cowboyz N Alianz” was already jammin’, and the aroma of fresh food wafted out of the clubhouse, mixed with the giggles of the many pretty babes trotting around the yard…hey, party ingredients , if you ask me!!!!Not to mention the lovely GINA, manning the inside bar. “Animal” had a hand in cooking today…his special brand of potatoes were sensational!!! Lots of sweet goodies too…if…yer into that!!! I’m NOT!!!

This event was staged to acquire toys for the kids of downed Brothers, as well as other local little ones in the area, and by the looks of the pile on the sign-in table, it was a success!!

As always, we wanna thank all the WMC Bros and Sisters who helped to make our day an enjoyable one.

Remember our vets, and, stand up for your country!!!

GOD Bless America!!!!

Miserable & ValGal

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