A BENEFIT FOR BRIAN by Miserable George

H&D Roadhouse comes through, yet again……


Most of us will never experience what Brian Tafoya is experiencing right now….waiting for a new heart…!

And again,

Harry and Debbie and the crew at H&D Roadhouse, pulled out all the stops by providing a venue for this huge benefit party to help Brian with all the expenses connected with with this up-coming operation.

There were many door prizes to bid on, a 50/50, non-stop music(live) all day, food and drink, AND…babes…man, I tell ya…if only I were 30 years younger..!!

Even the ol’ weatherman cooperated, with a top notch beautiful day. We certainly wish Brian all the best…may GOD be with him through this ordeal. AND…a huge THANK YOU to H&D Roadhouse. Hey, be safe out there, and, stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

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Annual Memorial Run. Remembering Family & Friends by Valgal

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More of Lauren by Valgal

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Lauren on Adam’s Chopper by Valgal

The engine and drivetrain are Ultima. 113 ci 120hp engine, 3.35″ Primary belt drive. 255 mm Rear tire, Air Ride rear suspension. Custom Hydro dipped with candy orange paint.

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This past July, Cliff was stricken with a massive stroke, and blood clots, and is now under treatment at Holmes Regional…his bill will be astronomical, and so, a benefit was held at Legion Post #1, on US#1, just north of Titusville, Fl., on Sept. 15, 2018.

The huge crowd participated in an auction, 50/50, a raffle, and was treated to a car and motorcycle show. Hungry….?? There was a big food van there to take care of THAT!!! Entertainment was supplied by the Vintage Band, featuring singer, “Brittany”, who belted out a real mean song. Her rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” had me ‘Tearing Up” just a bit…!!!

Cliff’s lovely daughter, Brittany Bonnichsen, hustled around the grounds all day long, making sure everything was running smoothly…AND…it did…!!! Awards were presented to winners in the car and motorcycle competition.

The out-door bar and lounge was jumpin’ all day, with welcome fans to cool it down a bit!! All in all, a fun day for a very worthy cause. Cliff, we wish you all the best for a speedy recovery…

Miserable George & ValGal

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LIZZY and a ‘32 Three Window by Miserable George

With a good weather report to go by, we set the White, ‘32 Three Window Coupe up in Jimmie’s yard…our stunning model was ready too, BUT, it was not to be!!! Along with a few distant rumbles of thunder, the big drops started to fall, and we had a major shower on our hands, AND, all over the car!! SO, we decided to shoot pretty, little Lizzy making herself busy inside Jim’s garage…just puttering around, (to our delight)…!!! We took a lunch break, and returned to some better weather in Jim’s back yard…finally!! As you can see, Liz did a bang-up job making that pretty car look even prettier!! It’s a 1932 Ford, 3-window coupe, powered by a Ford 351 Big Block racing engine, coupled to a C6 Automatic tranny, and a Ford 9” rear. It also features power windows and seats, and AC…AND…it’s FAST…!!! Yeah, it was a HOT day at Jim McKeon’s Hot Rod Garage, in Cocoa, Fl. Hmmmmm, was it the weather, or, something else that made it so hot!!!  I’ve drawn a conclusion on that, but, I ain’t talkin’…!!! Our thanks to Jim and Liz for a FUN DAY!!!

Miserable George

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VETERANS FOR HOPE…Legion Post 359…by Miserable George


This was an event that I had looked forward to for awhile now, and the weatherman really cooperated. Afternoon thunder showers are the norm for our area, but, not today…it was perfect…a bit warm maybe…but nice. We were honored with the presence of Barry Roberts, American Legion Chaplain, and Chris Hamrick, 12th. District Commander. Mr. Roberts did give a very inspiring talk about the needs of Veterans, after which a donation was taken up…a long line actually formed to get to the donation jug….you don’t see THAT very often…!!! Music was provided by the SCHD All American Band, along with HD’s Tim Bishop. Also, the Hamburger Man was there again, along with lots of other goodies to whet your appetite , plus 2 outside bars on the huge, new patio deck, which by the way, was packed with vets and friends. One thing I really liked, was the huge American Flag hanging up alongside the deck, and the playing of the National Anthem….no kneeling here folks!!! All in all, a very entertaining and inspirational day. Remember our Vets…always, and GOD bless them…

Miserable George & ValGal

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Pappy’s Last Ride by Miserable George

Several weeks ago, we lost a good friend…not only to me, but to almost everyone in our area. Glenn “Pappy” Edmondson lost his longtime battle with kidney failure and heart problems. He fought a valiant battle, but, GOD finally called him home…he was just 62 years of age, and a Vietnam Vet.

After every one of his frequent hospital visits, he was back on the road, ASAP…on his bike!!! The man had an iron will..!

On August 19, his many friends took him on his last ride, which ended at Lou’s Filling Station in Melbourne, amid a huge crowd,

there to not only pay last respects, but to remember all the good times too!! Lots of good food and drink, along with Tony Karaoke as well as many nice door prizes. AND, talk about pretty girls….well, they were all over the place!!!

I’m certain that Pappy was smiling down on Lou’s all day long…we could almost feel it!!!! He was quite a man!! We’re gonna miss ya Pappy…ride free on that Golden Highway, and may GOD rest your soul…

Miserable George & ValGal

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U.S. MilVets Lucky 13 Chapter Anniversary by Miserable George

I guess this time of year, one may wish for a cool weather day, BUT, it ain’t gonna happen!!!

So it was on Aug. 18, 2018, at Post 117, the day of the USMILVETS Lucky 13 Chapter Anniversary. Nice crowd in attendance, live music from County Road-2, plus, if you were hungry, a nice big chow wagon…good prices, big portions, and, a lovely server…! Adult beverages were being served at a central location outside, as well as in the Tiki Style Bar a few steps away.

It was an important day for one probate…he got patched…!! That’s always nice to watch..! Old Home Day for me, as I met several folks whom I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Post 117 is a beautiful spot in Malabar, with a large pond, lots of tables, a clubhouse…(with AC), all situated on an expanse of impeccable real estate, with plenty of parking area too.

We at OSB Magazine, want to wish the MILVETS as bright a future as possible.

Thanks for a really fabulous day…

Miserable George & ValGal

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