TMI and Shovelhed Benefit @ Sully’s by Valgal

Well bikers and bands did it AGAIN!!! TMI and Shovelhed and hundreds of family and friends showed up at Sully’s Backstreet in Melbourne to help out one of our own… AGAIN I was amazed at the show of support for Eric and his family… Robin and her crew from Richard Phillips Downed Biker Fund for taking charge of all the raffle baskets always runs smoothly… Skittles a SPECIAL THANKS to you for all you do for these events… We love you and couldn’t do it without you… John the M/C We love you too!

TMI… I can’t even begin to say how FANTASTIC y’all are… You get up there and we get to watch our brothers do what they do BEST!!! MELT FACES! Every show is better than the last… Still have to get some words right but… We ALL love you guys so much for your selflessness… Special thanks to the girls of TMI too. Meesh, Jill, Cindi Y’all are the best!

Shovelhed… You have become part of this awesome family and we love you guys so much… You have stepped up and become an awesome asset to this community… Your music is spectacular and I know most of the words LOL… I look forward to seeing you again…

And Leah from Sully’s Backstreet… Thank you for your continued support of us crazy bikers… We love it at your bar and will Always be there to support events… We Love You !

According to the photos I got and some I have seen of me… WE HAD A BLAST!!! I hope y’all like the pix and Thank you Hillbilly… You were right!

RIDE FREE ~ Valgal

ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2021 by Miserable George

Well, if you arrived at RCC on Thursday, you know what I’m about to tell you!!! My friends, Jay, and Donny and I met up at Lone Cabbage and proceeded on to Roscoe’s on Nov. 4th. We were greeted warmly at the gate, and got our same camping spot as last year. I got a bunch of pictures, we ate, and hit the sack. About 11PM, the rains came and never stopped until Saturday morning…!!! The tent I was using became water logged…dripping all night long. I was lucky that my cot was in a spot that didn’t get dripped on…!!! Everything else…DID get dripped on, my clothes, my suitcase, my shoes…..everything…soaked…!!! OK, the deluge finally stopped on Sat. morning, as I said, and the program proceeded somewhat normally…the sun actually came out…!!! The chili cookers were cooking, the biker games proceeded as usual, and in no time, it was time to eat chili. The grounds were muddy, and flooded in spots, but things seemed to move along pretty well. Straw was laid down in the worst spots…that helped!! About 2PM, I started to get very tired…Jay and Donny had left, and I decided I better leave too. I missed several good events, but it couldn’t be helped…I was just too tired to push on. I wanna thank Roscoe and the whole crew for their warm hospitality…hey, we tried..!!!

Miserable George

Unchained Kings…a new twist… by Miserable George

      Anyone who ever attended a Motorcycle Club event kinda expects something….well….topless…right??? Well, at the Unchained Kings event on Oct. 23, 2021, there were NO topless occurrences of any kind!!! The whole event was set up as a sort of circus theme, with different acts taking place as the evening progressed…the main act on stage was Indigo Foxxx…a guy and gal combo who performed a host of interesting little capers, including card tricks, hypnotism, piercing, fire applications, escape artistry, and tricks on a bed of nails…all things that you would not expect at a MC Party…! There were also the Brisngr Fire Dancers, performing in memory of a fallen comrade, along with a moment of silence. Along with all this, there were the JessPaints321 Body Painters. I will admit that there were many ladies prancing around with “interesting” costumes, plus a contest for the best appearing “ghoul” , BUT…no skin…definitely a “new twist” on MC party entertainment, BUT, very enjoyable. There was a bunch of very tasty food, and of course…lots of “cold stuff”. It was fun to watch the girls get “strung up” on stage too. I had a blast, and I’d like to thank the Unchained Kings for their hospitality…a good bunch of people!! Pop in there sometime on a Wednesday evening.

OK…be safe…thank a Vet today…

Miserable George

Billy Lane’s SONS OF SPEED by Miserable George

     Well, once again, Old Man Weather put the “blocks” to us as far as HEAT was concerned. Sat., Oct. 16 was BRUTAL at New Smyrna Speedway in Samsula, Fl. for Billy Lane’s 2021 Biketoberfest edition of the Sons of Speed Old Time Motorcycle Races!! Nice crowd on hand for a Biketoberfest event.

Rev, Al gave the Invocation, we pledged allegiance to the flag, and, they were off. I tried my best to keep up with scoring, but didn’t do a very good job!!! There was just one mishap as the riders were returning to the pits after a heat. Jody Perewitz was bumped by another rider, and she went down. Thank the Lord, she was OK, but her bike was damaged to the point where she couldn’t continue…the throttle control cables were rendered useless. She told me…”That’s Racing…!!” What a girl…!!!!The program ran straight through without an intermission, and these were the results as I got them: Michael Lange-Stock 45…EBay Jake-Hot 45…Single-Winner-take-all-Billy Lane…Stock 61-Michael Lange….Hot 61-Michael Lange…Wildcard-Winner take all-Michael Lange . So, that was IT!!!! Race was over just after 4PM. I was BEAT…had to have help getting up the high bank on turn 4 to get through the gate!!! I think next race, I’ll just sit in the Grandstand and do what I can from there!!

Thanks Billy Lane for your hospitality…Miserable George

WILLIE’S TROPICAL TATTOO CHOPPER SHOW Biketoberfest 2021 by Miserable George

     The weather around Brevard County, Fla. had started to cool down….just a tad, however, the big chopper show at Willie’s Tattoo on US#1 in Ormond Beach must have attracted that hot weather and brought it back again!!! On Oct.14, 2021, it was HOT!!! There is a good side of that, however, the girls cut back on their clothes, and at Willie’s…..THEY DID!!!! I gotta say however, the array of choppers there just  MIGHT have out-done the babes…(sorry girls…but…it  is a motorcycle show!!!) For Biketoberfest, I’d say that the crowd was UP…!! I ran into several friends that I hadn’t seen for several years…that’s always nice. I had the company of ace photographer, JACKMAN all day…we helped each other spot babes… oh, and BIKES too!!! Lots of food and cold stuff on hand, and I never did get the name of the band…sorry guys. ValGal and I stuck it out to the very end…got pics of all the winners. Glad to see ol’ Willie up and around too…!!! Next show there will be Bike Week, 2022…watch for it. Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…

Miserable George and ValGal

POST 359…BIKE DAY 10/2/21 by Miserable George

     This must be the “nice weather time” in Brevard County, because Bike Day on Oct. 2, 2021 at Post 359 was perfect. Nice crowd out back on the pavilion, one HOT band…KARALYN & the Dawn Patrol, plenty of super food, (I had a very tasty lunch) and 2 outside bars doing a GOOD business!! I don’t know where they come from, but those bar-maids were CAPTIVATING!!!  Every table in the place was occupied, plus standees. Oh yeah, I like the new fans too. Folks, if you haven’t as yet popped in there on the first Sat. of the month…do it next month…you’ll thank me. Hey, thank a VET today, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA…Ride safe…

Miserable George

LEATHERNECKS MC-17th ANNUAL 2021 by Miserable George

     Well, I gotta say, the weatherman could NOT have been more generous to the Leathernecks MC on Oct. 2, 2021….the weather was PERFECT…maybe a tad warm. A banner crowd piled into the grounds on Forrest Ave. in Cocoa, Fl., ready for a full day of plain old FUN, and, that’s what they got!! The red-hot band, TMI belted out an afternoon of fabulous sounds, the food was hot and ready, and the Bike-wash babes….well, they were hot too and busy all day. There was a 50/50(which was donated back), and a drawing for some weaponry, plus some surprise baskets. Lots of old friends there as well as several new ones that I had the pleasure of meeting, also several local MC clubs were represented. I’d say that the Leathernecks 17th. Annual was a huge success!!!


Miserable George


Folks, it’s THAT TIME of the year again…time for Roscoe’s Chili Challenge…rated in the TOP TEN of biker events in the entire U.S.A. Make your plans now, for Nov. 4-5-6, 2021, and git on over to Lakeland, Fl. for THEE BEST week-end you’ll ever experience!!! Sadly, we will all miss MC…POGO, and chief gate-man, MIKE, but I’m sure they both will be watching with all the other Angels from above. RIP, and may GOD BLESS you both.    That will give you all the info….Hey…see YOU there…??

Miserable George


Here is a message from Hillbilly himself about the 18th Annual… Couldn’t have said it any better!… Awesome party!


On behalf of the US MILITARY VETS MC I would like to thank all my brothers for coming out . TMI for their amazing, continued, faithful support for the 3rd year straight!  You alway knock it out of the park, especially with your busy weekend schedule, to squeeze us in between gigs. The Dragon Slayers MC , Leathernecks MC , the Armed Forces MC for their donation as you couldn’t attend, all of our local friends and those that we consider family for coming out and making our 18th year annual celebration yet another successful event . The Patrick Space Force base for sending the color guard for the 911 tribute. All the bartenders at camp holly keeping everyone “hydrated” 😉 and the members of LUCKY 13 for all the hard work involved today and every day!  Love each and every one listed and many more as I’m sure I missed someone along the way , again thank you for a great day… 

Hillbilly ~ US Military Vets


Right about now, I believe a lot of folks are saying the same thing that I am….”Where has the time gone…??” A lot has happened in the past 20 years…new members have been added, and sadly, Patches have been burned as well. As they say…”Time marches on”…!! 

ValGal and I HEMI’d down to Melbourne under threatening skies and several fleeting showers, arriving there just as the band, SHOVELHEAD were setting up…in the rain..!!! Thankfully, the rain ended shortly thereafter, and the rest of the night was rain-free, at least while we were there!! As always, the food was tasty and plentiful, including a huge pile of pizza!!! Plenty of cold stuff to drink, and some games to keep one busy, along with a “trick bicycle”…very  hard to ride, BUT, it CAN be done. Of course, there was no shortage of gorgeous ladies too!!! All in all…a FUN time at the MOB!!! We’d like to thank all the Brothers for the work they put in to assure that everyone has a GOOD time!!! Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Miserable George & ValGal