Pappy’s Last Ride by Miserable George

Several weeks ago, we lost a good friend…not only to me, but to almost everyone in our area. Glenn “Pappy” Edmondson lost his longtime battle with kidney failure and heart problems. He fought a valiant battle, but, GOD finally called him home…he was just 62 years of age, and a Vietnam Vet.

After every one of his frequent hospital visits, he was back on the road, ASAP…on his bike!!! The man had an iron will..!

On August 19, his many friends took him on his last ride, which ended at Lou’s Filling Station in Melbourne, amid a huge crowd,

there to not only pay last respects, but to remember all the good times too!! Lots of good food and drink, along with Tony Karaoke as well as many nice door prizes. AND, talk about pretty girls….well, they were all over the place!!!

I’m certain that Pappy was smiling down on Lou’s all day long…we could almost feel it!!!! He was quite a man!! We’re gonna miss ya Pappy…ride free on that Golden Highway, and may GOD rest your soul…

Miserable George & ValGal

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U.S. MilVets Lucky 13 Chapter Anniversary by Miserable George

I guess this time of year, one may wish for a cool weather day, BUT, it ain’t gonna happen!!!

So it was on Aug. 18, 2018, at Post 117, the day of the USMILVETS Lucky 13 Chapter Anniversary. Nice crowd in attendance, live music from County Road-2, plus, if you were hungry, a nice big chow wagon…good prices, big portions, and, a lovely server…! Adult beverages were being served at a central location outside, as well as in the Tiki Style Bar a few steps away.

It was an important day for one probate…he got patched…!! That’s always nice to watch..! Old Home Day for me, as I met several folks whom I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Post 117 is a beautiful spot in Malabar, with a large pond, lots of tables, a clubhouse…(with AC), all situated on an expanse of impeccable real estate, with plenty of parking area too.

We at OSB Magazine, want to wish the MILVETS as bright a future as possible.

Thanks for a really fabulous day…

Miserable George & ValGal

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RAMBLING ON SATURDAY with ValGal, & Miserable

I had never seen “Drifters” in person before, so, when Val mentioned that they were gonna run at Space Coast HD on Sat. Aug. 11, 2018, I agreed to pop in and see what it was all about. Small, stock looking cars basically ran, and drifted side-ways over a marked course…not turning the corners, BUT, sliding and DRIFTING around them…! Lots of noise and smoke, AND, there was an element of excitement!!

This, plus live music, liquid refreshment, food, and of course…a few babes too, made for an enjoyable time at SCHD. Big thanks to Tim Bishop for his hospitality, as well as the hot dog guys…thanks again guys.

    Our next stop this day, was at the Melbourne Mob’s 17th. Anniversary Party at their CH on Lincoln. Live band all day…fabulous food, as always, plenty to drink, and of course…the little darlings were prancing around all day too!! Nice crowd…the back field was literally covered with bikes, and, for a change…NICE WEATHER…!!! (But, HOT). The AC in the CH certainly provided some relief…as did the cute bar-maids!!! Oh yeah, there was a Dunk Tank outside too. That must have felt pretty good to the Brother who got “dunked” a few times!!

Our THANKS to the “MOB” for their hospitality too….

All in all, a pretty lively day for this old boy and ValGal. Remember…stand up for your country, and as always…ride safe…

ValGal and Miserable George

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Reading MC. 104th Anniversary Drags by Valgal

As many of you know I made a trip to Pennsylvania at the end of July… Well that just so happened to be when Reading MC. was holding their annual drag race for their anniversary, 104th this year… Congratulations!!

I was graciously given my friends car to drive that Saturday, July 28th so off I went…My friends from a long time ago are not bikers… So when I pulled up to the RMC clubhouse there were nothing but bikes everywhere… My unknown family, I was with my people 🙂

With a pep in my step I started to head to the clubhouse, hadda pee… I was asking around to see if anyone remembered Keystone MC from Emmaus, a few did but not in detail.  Wow how time flies by… Aaanywayyy…

The weather was nice and warm in a northern kind of way but still hot!… I hope you enjoy the photos i have taken… they will tell the story…


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Bike Day at the TIKI American Legion Post 359 by Miserable George

This was my first visit to Post 359 since their back deck re-build, and, I tell ya, I was amazed!!! The completed project now features about double the floor space, stage, and, 2 (count ‘em) 2 serving bars, plus a ramp for wheelchair access!! Everything built from weather-proof material, so, it will last. PLUS…in the works…additional parking space!!

Folks, this organization went out of their way to make a fabulous party venue…all for YOU!!! AND YES, there were several large fans to help with cooling during these hot spells we’ve been suffering through!!

As usual, the cooks did a fabulous job, especially with those famous half-pound burgers…they truly are the best!!

The Spanks Band had the ladies hopping around out there, despite the over powering heat, and the Jello-shot girl did her job well!!!

Also present was Mack, the former FOX 35 Weather Baby…8 months old now, and almost ready to walk!!

Folks, if you’re looking for a fantastic party place, American Legion Post 359 on U.S.#1, just north of Port St. John is your spot!!

Bike Day is always the 1st. Saturday of the month…good food, good music, babes, drinks, the works…! We’ll be lookin’ for ya.

Ride safe, and, stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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Dragon Slayers MC National by Miserable George

The Dragon Slayers 10th. Anniversary in Brevard, along with their National Party took place on August 3rd. at the Best Western Motel in Cocoa Beach, Fl.

The band, Twisted Minds, Inc. were already wailing away when I got there, and, the food was ready, so…I sat down and chowed down…!!!

Out of the nice crowd, several folks were in the pool…I envied them. Others were milling about the spacious grounds, renewing old friendships with Brothers as well as Bros from several of the other clubs present.

I gotta thank the Brothers who allowed me access to the balcony through their room…got some good shots from there. A big thanks too, to all the ladies who posed, especially Jami and Sharon, as well as the beautiful “Bicycle Babe”, Amber. All in all, a real bang-up affair, to be sure.

Thanks Brothers for having me.

Hey, ride safe, and stand up for your country…

Miserable George

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North Brevard WMC Third Anniversary Party by Miserable George

In my many years of covering motorcycle club events, I’ve been to many different venues, but, on July 7, 2018, I hit a first! The North Brevard Chapter, WMC held their Anniversary Celebration at the SHERWOOD GOLF CLUB…just SW of Mims, Fl. The place was huge and unique, to say the least, and easily accommodated a nice group of 1%er Bikers and their friends. There was a huge club-room, with a nice bar, expertly managed by beautiful barmaid, Tory, pool tables, and lots of tables to just relax, while upstairs, was the main lounge where the fabulous food was served! DJ, Chuckles, and solo performer, Drew, kept us all entertained.

Outside, the weatherman treated us to a fabulous day of clear skies, although, a storm area passed a few miles south, we never got a drop. I’m thinkin’ that the two Lincolnshire Brothers from the U.K. really enjoyed THAT!!!

We’d like to thank Trucker, Chip, Randy, and all the North Brevard Brothers (and Sisters)  who poured out the hospitality, which by the way, prevails at all Warlock events! A very satisfying and fun day, for sure!!

Hey, ride safe, and stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George

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CREW JAM #26 by Miserable George

Man, it’s hard to believe that this year was #26 for this fabulous party!!

Held again at Kelly Park, just off the Beach Line (528), it was, again, a perfect spot for families to venture in and relax. Several big shade trees, and a nice pavilion offered some relief from the scorching sun, but, at least there was no rain. The Banana River offered some beautiful views of the Port area, and a ship or two…a beautiful panorama out over the water…I always loved this area. The food was fabulous and plentiful, with cold water and soft drinks. Entertainment was practically non-stop…the HOT bands kept everyone keyed up and eager to shake it a bit!!!!!

This is a gathering that I believe everyone looks forward to, I know I do. A perfect way to relax on a sunny, summer, afternoon!!

Thank you Nancie and crew, for your un-ending efforts to make this gig a success!!! Hope to see ya again…next year…!!!

Miserable George

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H&D Anniversary Party by Miserable George

Sat., June 30, 2018 started out looking OK, weather wise…HOWEVER…as the day progressed, that nice weather turned bad, forcing BIG DADDY’S Band to quickly move inside, from the brand new back-yard band stand, into the safe and dry confines of H&D Roadhouse, where the big Anniversary Party was in full swing!!

Boss Harry was out front “patting” together his own custom, hand made hamburgers….no “ready-mades” for H&D, these were the real thing!! The girls were hawking 50/50’s, and Jello-shots, and people were putting the dance floor to good use!!

I actually DID run into an old friend from like, 16 years ago, who did a little photo shoot with me back then…she looks even BETTER now!!! As the day progressed, the weather actually DID improve…even saw 2 or 3 bikes!!!!

Hey, we certainly wish Harry & Debbie all the best of luck with their enterprise….

we call it…”The Best Biker Bar in Brevard County”…

pop in sometime…you’ll see.

Thanks to the staff too, who always treat us like royalty.

Ride safe, and, stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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I’ll always remember this man as a cool, soft spoken, gentleman, who was nearly always pointing his camera at someone or something

at many of our area events. Along with this, he was an avid biker, and attended as many events as his health would allow.  

But, recently, GOD called him home, and on June 30, 2018, at North Brevard Funeral Home, a farewell service was held…family and friends in attendance. It was sad for us, but we know he is now in a better place, with no more pain. Rest in Peace my friend….

Miserable George & ValGal

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