ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2023 by Miserable George

      I met my 3 friends out at Lone Cabbage, and, they led me over the tricky route on out to Roscoe’s Chili Challenge. Happy to say, we got our old spot from last year!!! Setting up the tents was a chore, but we finally did it, and had a bite to eat, before heading out to check the grounds.

Not too crowded yet, but the locals would be filing in tomorrow. Some good local bands started later on, as the crowd grew. The weather was perfect, and we had a good night’s sleep.

Lots more action on Friday…lots of good music. The crowd grew, and the girls were getting frisky, so I was pretty busy with the cameras. We found one of our favorite eating spots as hunger caught up with us. It was nice to see ol’ Roscoe cruising the grounds, usually with a few babes in the golf cart.  The crowd assembled in front of the stage on Friday night, which made for some very “interesting” photos.

Saturday dawned clear and warm for the chili cookers, and cook they did…!!! Lots of chili…some HOT, and some mild. While they cooked,  the biker games were happening…slow race, weeny bite, and out-house races..!! OK, now time to taste all that chili…!!! It didn’t take very long for the crowd to scarf it all up…I stuck to the MILD stuff..!!! Next came the Mini-bike races in which one girl was injured, and left in an ambulance…hope she was OK. I did spend some time resting over at my camp spot, so, I missed a few events…old age is catching up with me!!! Good music all day and into the night. The crowd mingled in front of the stage… there was the paying tribute to our armed forces, and the singing of the National Anthem and a nice display of the American Flag. I checked out the crowd and met several of my old friends. Time now to hit the sack…gotta tear down all the gear and head for home early Sunday.

My THANKS to Roscoe, David, and all who made this event the success it always is…in the TOP TEN Biker Parties in the U.S.

An uneventful trip home with lots of pleasant memories.

Hey, thank a VET today, and may GOD bless you all…

Miserable George

Biketoberfest at Willie’s Tropical Tattoo ChopperTime 2023 by Valgal

Another GREAT old school chopper/bike show in the books for Willie Jones of Tropical Tattoo at the ChopperTime event! The crowd was perfect and so was the weather! Saw friends there old and new from near and far this weekend! Even met a bunch of cool NEW friends! 

Miserable George and I love coming to cover Willie’s twice a year, we would never miss it! 

Best bike show EVER!!!

OK see y’all for Bike Week 2024

 Love y’all, ENJOY! ~ Valgal

Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper time, Biketoberfest 2023 by Miserable George

      Here it is, 2023 Biketoberfest in Daytona…10/19 and the weather is absolutely PERFECT…no better day for Willie’s Chopper Time Show…! ValGal and I rolled in around 11AM, and I started shooting pics of a gorgeous lady… the Publix parking lot, no less!!! I hoped that was an omen of things to come..!!! The crowd was down a bit because it was Biketoberfest…NOT regular Bike Week. We made our rounds, checking out all the custom scoots, and the babes!! Ran into a bunch from Reading, PA. who went to the same party I went to when I lived up north..!!! Like old home week!!!AS the day progressed, the winners lined up to show their bikes up front…ValGal got those shots. I went to the back where there were some nice shadows which made it a bit cooler. All in all, a fabulous event, after which we stopped at Pappas Restaurant for our regular “after Willies” meal…a perfect way to end the day.

Hey, thank a VET today, ride safe, and we’ll see ya’ll next time.

Miserable George & ValGal

Sorry, I never did get the name of the  band…..

BIKE  DAY…POST 359 Oct. 7, 2023 BY Miserable George

     Bike Day on Sat., Oct. 7, 2023 was a huge success(again) for ME anyway!!!! Plenty of beautiful photo opps…! The live band, RADAR RED was sounding off as I arrived at the rear patio of Post 359. The crowd was filtering in…and soon the place was filled up. I had my usual meal,  then started gathering photos  for Old School Biker Magazine. I finally got a pic of Shelly the Bar Maid…out from behind the bar!!!! The 50/50 winner donated back $50 from her winnings…NICE!!! I finally got that gorgeous Keyboard player in the band to pose for a solo shot…!!! The weather was very pleasant all day long, but looked like it MIGHT turn bad by late afternoon, so I called it a day. I believe ValGal headed out for home as well.

Hey, thank a VET today…ride safe…and we’ll see ya next time…

Miserable George & ValGal….

Saints&Sippers tidy up Mims

We have such wonderful people in Brevard County! We are supporting Saints & Sippers Coffee because they are such an awesome company. 

THEN I found out JUST how awesome they are! ~Valgal

Welcome to Mims sign restoration, sponsored by Saints and Sippers Coffee! 

When we moved into town, we noticed an overgrown “Welcome to Mims” sign that we hadn’t noticed before. We wondered why it had not been properly maintained. We contacted the town and learned that it had been erected years back by the Mims Garden Club, which is no longer an active organization. We asked if the town could clean it up, but they declined, as this sign is on a state road, not a town road. We then contacted our congressmen, who put us in touch with the appropriate state department. We learned that the sign was never approved, and was erected without authorization. The state was willing to send out DOT right away to have the sign taken down. We requested to keep the sign, and offered to clean it up ourselves. The state then agreed to ‘look the other way’! – So we took to it, chopping down the overgrown mess, scraping and scrubbing the mold and old paint from the sign, repainting, pulling weeds, turning soil, and with the help of our 4 year old son, replanting new plants and flowers, as well as laying down fresh mulch. 

We are proud to call Mims our home in the beautiful North Brevard County.

 Saints and Sippers Coffee!

Celebrating Bob “Ditch” Ross by Sandy Saint

What a great turn-out for Bob Ross’s Memorial run on Saturday…

The photos in this article were taken by a great photographer, Sandy Saint… Please enjoy Sandy’s view of the run from a SIDECAR 😀 Thank You!

I started this run at H&D Roadhouse on Merritt Island, then continued to the end at Slingers to see my friends from Twisted Minds MELT THE HOUSE!

There are big things going on in OSB world… Stay tuned and please SHARE SHARE SHARE!


2023 Smokeout by Kass from Motogypsies

Thank you to Kass and the girls from Motogypsies for these awesome photos from the 2023 SmokeOut! One day we will make it up there for this great event…

Maybe next year!


Cochise’s Blue Plate Show by Valgal

What a GREAT DAY in Daytona! The weather was the best it has been in a while… Winter is coming !!!

Cochise Chop’s Magazine has been putting on his Blue Plate Special Show for a few years now and was determined to make it this year! Super glad I did!

Walking around and looking at the oldies, but goodies sure takes you back to the ‘good old days’ and you miss the simplicity of life in those days… But we take a deep breath and just tackle what life throws at us the best we can. As you will see in the photo’s, fun was had by all!…. 

Shovelheads were parked out front of the Famous Boot Hill Saloon and parking space filled up quickly. No bands to yell over, just great conversation with friends old and new… Big shout out to Orange John the awesome drag racer and all the friends from Pennsylvania… Enjoy the photos and please share our website to one and all!

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Love y’all, Valgal!

PS. We will do this every year now!